1D Fanfics!!

Hey x I write 1D FanFictions but if you want anyone else I will
Do them but I just won't do all of them. If you want a fanfic just comment
Your name, hair colour, eye colour and the boy you want x

Love you all x
Millie xxxxxxxxx


3. #1 Niall Fanfic For Sophie

You are in a park in London with your boyfriend Niall, he has some very exciting news!

"So what do you want to do today Soph?" Niall said as he stares into your sea blue eyes. "Umm, just watch the ducks an be right here with you!" You reply as be kisses you gently on your cheek. "You're so amazing." He whispers in your ear as you both sit down on the old park bench. "I live you so much Sophie, promise to never hate, not forgive, not love me ever." Niall says as he strokes your hazel coloured hair. "I promise Niall, baby." He kisses you passionately for a minute or so while holding the back of your neck close. You start to cry. "What is it baby? What's wrong? I love you, please tell me!" He asks quietly and gently. "It's just something that happens in college today. But I'm fine." You say as you dry your tears. "We'll you'd better be because I have some great news!" He smiles at you and lifts your face to look him in the eye. He stands you up, he reaches Into his pocket. He kneels to the ground, pulls out a ring and says "Marry me Sophie, You'll never have to cry again. I love you And that's all I really know and all that matters. So marry me Sophie and love me forever." He says while crying a bit. You smile at him and say "Yes yes and yes! Niall I love you!" You jump into his arms and tears run down your face. He hugs you and carries you bridal style back to the apartment.

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