1D Fanfics!!

Hey x I write 1D FanFictions but if you want anyone else I will
Do them but I just won't do all of them. If you want a fanfic just comment
Your name, hair colour, eye colour and the boy you want x

Love you all x
Millie xxxxxxxxx


8. #1 Liam Fanfic For Nicole

"Nicole, you look fine!" You hear your boyfriend Liam shout up the stairs at you. "Hurry up. We're Gonna be late!"
You look at the time, 7:45. Wow! You were going to be late! You were meant to be there by 7:50pm! "Sorry Liam! I'm super sorry!" You shout as you run downstairs, burst out the front door and run to the car in the rain. "It's okay baby!" He looks at you and smiles. He strokes your long, brown, wavy hair and looks into your eyes and smiles. "You look wonderful!" He says as he pulls away
From the driveway.

Liam is sexy when he drives, you say to yourself. He sighs and makes himself more comfortable, it makes him look hot! "So which turn-off is it babe?" He asks you cocking one eyebrow up. "Um I think it's the next one, or the next next one." You tell him. "Oh no, I have no idea which one... Lets just turn off here and ask someone." He says slowly, keeping his eyes on the road. "Okay baby, as long as you know what your doing!" You say cautiously.


"Liam, we have been on this road for an hour. Where are we?" You ask him softly, putting your hand on his thigh. "I don't know where we are. I'll pull over and have a look."
He parks up against a tree and a river. To you, the river looked beautiful against the moonlight. But to Liam, he really wasn't in the mood for rivers. "WHERE THE HELL ARE WE?!?" He shouted at a tree. He kicked the tree; "OUCH!" He shouted. You laughed, it was quite funny, you have never seen him this annoyed. "Liam! Liam baby! Calm down!" You shout to him. He walks towards you, grabbed your arm and pulled you forward to the river bank. "Sit down!" He said quietly in your ear. You sat down, smiling at how handsome he looked in the light of the moon. You watched him run to the car, grab a bag from the car and come running back with the bag.
He pulled out a blanket, candle and matches. He set the blanket down and you sat back down on it. He lit the candle and put it safely in the middle of you both. "It's so beautiful, the moon." You say softly. "Well yes, but when your standing here, Nicole, the moon is nothing but a small star in the sky. YOU are beautiful"
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