Summer Love

It was the first day of Summer. I can't wait to spend the summer in London with my best friend! We were also auditioning for X-Factor! Well, I was, she was just there I guess. When something goes terribly wrong, we get to stay with... some... interesting people.

-Lexie Horan

*Let me know if you want to be in the story. Space is limited. I am only going to pick 3 people. Please include your name. I will pick which part you are*
Thank you.



1. Meet Taylor


my name is Taylor Stanley. I have moved from the small town in South Carolina, United States, to the big city of London, England. I moved here with my best friend, Katherine. She hates Katherine, so I call her Katie. I am going to be auditioning for the X-Factor UK, in one week. I am super excited. I know exactly what I am going to sing. "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift. People say I sound like her, because of my country accent. I smiled at that thought. Taylor Swift is one of my biggest idols in music. I really like her. She's just so.... honest. Anyways, I better get to practicing. Again. And it's almost time for dinner. Ahhh.





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