One more night

Does age matter in love? Is love really blind? Can you fall in love with a person after they break your heart again and again? Can you love someone who is 21 years older than you? or is that just a silly crush...
HEY!!! I'M SIM!!!! This is all about mine and my best friends life...salha.. our life which is hectic and full of Celebrities! lets see what happens in a life full of lust, love, heartbreak and tragedy


3. Year 8... the beginning

Salha’s P.O.V


It was just like any other day. I slumped out of bed and groaned whilst hitting snooze on my alarm. It was 5 in the morning but I had to give into my guilty pleasure…cooking. It used to be a secret passion of mine, baking cakes, but after a while my mum saw potential in me. To be frank I really cannot be asked to go and train to be a chef… I can’t really be bothered to do anything. I’m hundred percent sure that I will take over my dad’s business… well that is of course if my dad doesn’t give in to my cute little siblings * sarcasm *

Anyways I’m sure you don’t want me blabbering on about my boring life story but still let me tell you a few facts about myself as I am soooo dead interesting. I’m 13 years old and my birthday is on the 19th of September. My favorite colour is blue and I’m well known for my stylish looks i.e. my perfect buns (not the muscles guys J). Anyways let’s continue with the story.

So right now at this moment I’m walking towards the bus with my annoying brat of a sister… Sarah. She just started school in year 7 and its just plain annoying. I’m sick of all the comments on how we both look the same. I guess I’m just going to have to get used to it like I did in primary school -_-

I’m on the bus now and some random guy is perving on me… or should I say he’s popping ;)

Anyways let me just give you a quick update on my love life … it fucking sucks L I mean everyone else has such a perfect love life and I’m just a loner L But at least I have Simran, Shania, Tara and Sarah to be single with me J

So I’m at school walking up the bloody T BLOCK!!! I mean I love Ms. Walsh don’t get me  wrong but why the hell did she have to be a stupid maths teacher -_- T13 AS WELL!!!!!! (top floor)

The funny thing is I’m just casually walking in when I see Simran with a big beam on her face. I just return the beam and engulf her in a big hug not really knowing what all her excitement was… I was just about to ask her when the bell went and Miss came in. As it was supply normally we didn’t care but knowing simran she did. She said she’ll tell me later. Now little did I know that that later would be 4 years…

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