One more night

Does age matter in love? Is love really blind? Can you fall in love with a person after they break your heart again and again? Can you love someone who is 21 years older than you? or is that just a silly crush...
HEY!!! I'M SIM!!!! This is all about mine and my best friends life...salha.. our life which is hectic and full of Celebrities! lets see what happens in a life full of lust, love, heartbreak and tragedy


6. Maroon 5 and brazil


So hey my lovely poops! i just thought ill introduce myself! I'm Sim! simmy ! Sim...card? whatever u wanna call me! so basically the 'meet simran' thingy chapter is actually true so I don't think i need to actually give any more info about me :D but yeah... anyhow! I'm from England! London!!!!!!!!!!!! And unfortunately I'm in the horriblest... if that's a word... time of my life... HIGH SCHOOL! Anyhow! please comment, like favorite if you can please! I'll love you forever! I'm thinking of publishing this story on quotev as well so please spread the word I WILL LOVE U FOREVER AND I DON'T CARE IF THAT MAKES ME SOUND...LIKE A STALKER!  Anyhow please check out my bestie Salha's story which is called 'when everything changes' her account name is gummy bear! i think her story is much better than me but she just wont admit it pf-ft. Anyhow I'm gonna stop talking now and let you enjoy this sadly short chapter :'( they will get longer as the story goes on i promise x i love u my poopies!!!!


Sim's P.O.V

I watched Salha’s face as she realised what it was.

“Simran you didn’t” She was crying tears of joy and all I wanted to do was go and give her a big hug… so I did.

“I did… Salha you deserve it… and don’t worry you’re not going alone… I’m frikin’ going with you”

Yes I had gifted her a ticket to the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. But that’s not all I gave her. I also gave her a ticket to watch Maroon 5 live at concert in Brazil… but the best part is, is that it’s a VIP ticket so we get to meet them as well. You’re probably thinking well then why is she over-reacting it’s just maroon 5… Well for Salha it isn’t just maroon 5 it’s more than that…


Salha’s P.O.V


Maroon 5 tickets… let me correct that MAROON 5 VIP TICKETS! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’m in love with Adam Levine and Simran knows that. However she is the only one who knows that. I love him with all my heart and I’m serious. I know that we will never ever become a couple in reality but a girl can dream right?




The next thing I knew was that we were leaving today.

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