One more night

Does age matter in love? Is love really blind? Can you fall in love with a person after they break your heart again and again? Can you love someone who is 21 years older than you? or is that just a silly crush...
HEY!!! I'M SIM!!!! This is all about mine and my best friends life...salha.. our life which is hectic and full of Celebrities! lets see what happens in a life full of lust, love, heartbreak and tragedy


10. it is them...

*mild swearing just to warn ya guys ;)*

Sim’s P.O.V


I’m scared. What if he makes me fall in love with him again? Yes I’m talking about THE Niall Horan from One direction. I dated him a few months back. We only lasted for a few months, but I still kind of love him. He cheated on me about 3 times. I even witnessed him for two of them but he still tried his best to convince me that she kissed him first. The funny thing is that it was the same girl all 3 times. Funny right? Salha assured me she wouldn’t let him do anything to me, but that wasn’t what I was terrified about. I was terrified that I might do something to him … even worse myself… but worse than that Salha. I slumped back in my chair and the awful song WMYB blasted through the speakers. Who am I kidding I freaking love that song! I didn’t want to look up but I really wanted to go up on that stage and punch Niall in the face. I knew his solos off by heart and whenever he started singing I could hear that his voice was trembling. I’m guessing he saw me… and I was right. But I never looked up even once. The only times I did look up was to support and cheer on my boy best friend. Hazza A.K.A Harry. I really wanted to go and hug him but I knew if I hugged him I’d have to hug the rest, who I love as brothers except from Niall, and there would be an awkward moment between me and Niall and I might end up killing him. Finally those horrible 30 minutes were over. Salha was holding my hand the whole time and let me cry on her shoulder for 30 minutes which was really sweet of her. Harry then started to talk.

“To finish off with we want to sing the special song Moments. We know it all sets you’re tear buds off so we want to apologise in advance if any of us run of the stage crying and hug any lucky one of you”

I looked up and he winked at me. Typical Harry.

I then turned to give each and every boy a smile, except from that two timing rotten pig of a boyfriend Niall, and when I got to Louis I saw that he only had eyes for one person. Salha. I decided not to say anything. Maybe he mistook Salha to be me. We do kind of look alike from the side when we do the duck face ;)



Salha’s P.O.V


I felt so bad for Simmy. She only came to this concert for me and now her ex-boyfriend was on the stage literally crying in every song, which was probably making her feel guilty, making her cry even more. Jerk. The worst part about it all was that boy… Louis I think his name is was staring at me throughout all the songs. Was there something wrong with my face or something? I decided to shrug it off and continue to hold Sim close to me. The boy’s started to sing Moments and the next thing I knew Simran got up walked on the stage. The music stopped everyone went silent. Harry came behind her and whispered something in her ear. She nodded. He gave her his microphone. She walked up to Niall. Oh No!

I ran up onto the stage and tried to stop her but it was too late. She slapped Niall. By this moment he was crying like a 2 year old. He was on his knees.

She took a step back. Put her hand in front of my face to silence me then shouted in the Mic.


She then turned around to face the audience and smiled.

“Girls. That’s how you treat a scumbag of a boyfriend. In my case ex-boyfriend”

There was a moment of silence until like always I decided to make a remark that I normally get away with.


I started to whistle and look around when I realised that I kinda didn’t get away with it. Harry gave me a death glare then started to clap. One by one everyone in the audience got up and started to clap. I smiled a big foolish smile and took a bow. Ha-ha they were applauding me. Then Zayn gave me a look and whispered in my ear,

“They’re not clapping for you smartie pants they’re clapping for Sim”

A paint of red splashed across my face. My face dropped. Of course they were applauding Sim’s act of bravery.

Then Harry smirked and faced me and said,

“Now that’s what you call an awkward moment”

I smiled a weak, fake smile and slowly shuffled my way of stage. By now I must have looked like a walking tomato but Y.O.L.O bruv.

The boy’s started to walk off stage and the security guards started to come on stage.

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