One more night

Does age matter in love? Is love really blind? Can you fall in love with a person after they break your heart again and again? Can you love someone who is 21 years older than you? or is that just a silly crush...
HEY!!! I'M SIM!!!! This is all about mine and my best friends life...salha.. our life which is hectic and full of Celebrities! lets see what happens in a life full of lust, love, heartbreak and tragedy


12. awkward....

a/n sorry for not updating for ages :'( but here u go!


Sim’s P.O.V


I was quite proud of myself. I don’t know where that confidence came from but I went for it and slapped him. I kinda felt bad for him. Oh who am I kidding that felt frikin’ awesome and I didn’t have one tiny trace of remorse written on my face. Probably because I didn’t feel it mwahaha. I feel evil. As the boy’s started to walk off the stage 2 security guards came up. I’m guessing to escort me. That’s when it hit me. Oh god what have I done? I can’t leave Salha by herself I decided to make a runner. Bad decision. One guy held one of my arms and the other held my other.


They started to drag me away and I realised I still had the Mic. And I started to scream into it,

“Harry save me! They’re trying to rape me! Harry!”

The whole audience started to laugh and I just gave ‘the look’

“This isn’t funny!” I pouted my lips and continued calling for Harry.

I heard running and smiled to myself. I looked around to see someone else who had blond hair and blue eyes.

“I said Harry not jerk face”

Niall just came closer to me and I started to scream again.

“Officers save me! Niall’s trying to rape me!”

One of the guys just gave me a weird look

“A minute ago we were trying to rape you and now an international superstar is trying to rape you. To hell with you Girl” (Imagine him saying that in Jasmin’s voice ROTFL)

“Leave her. He deserved the slap” A husky voice exclaimed.

I smiled and turned around to see Niall. ERGH. I looked around him and saw Harry moon walking back off the stage. He mouthed a sorry and I indicated that he was dead meat.

“Yous lot sure?” One of the officers asked looking like he wants to just go home and sleep. He kinda reminded me of Homer Simpson:


“Yeah” Niall looked me deep in the eyes. His hand still resting on my lower back. Why haven’t I moved yet?

“I deserved it”

The men looked at each other and let go of me. I rubbed my arms. Should I say thank you. He was still looking in my eyes. I didn’t even move my lips before he said,

“You don’t have to say thank you… I don’t deserve one.” And with that he left me on the stage thinking about what just happened. The whole audience awed but I just walked quietly back into my seat ignoring the whole world.

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