One more night

Does age matter in love? Is love really blind? Can you fall in love with a person after they break your heart again and again? Can you love someone who is 21 years older than you? or is that just a silly crush...
HEY!!! I'M SIM!!!! This is all about mine and my best friends life...salha.. our life which is hectic and full of Celebrities! lets see what happens in a life full of lust, love, heartbreak and tragedy


11. A/N

Sorry my poopies this is not a chapter but...

do you guys even like this story? i mean i just want some feed back because if you don't then i might take it down... so please guys favorite! like! and if you're in a good mood! please please please become a fan! I'm not forcing you x


so yeah if you do ill love you forever! hehe not saying i don't love you already *innocent angel face* he he ;)


well yeah thanks guys and I'll be uploading later on today!!!!!


lots of love! the one and only simmy x Sim x simran x or whatever you wanna call me :D

BTW check out Tom law!!! he's amaZAYN! gonna go to his concert on the 16th!!!!  who else is going?! if you are comment below! I'd love to talk to you :D




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