The Carrot

Hanna and her friend Grace are excited to go to a one direction concert they won backstage passes but what happens when the carrot gets involved? read to find out....................


7. Louis

Louis POV: She was so pretty, funny and smart, i really think i like Hanna, i was so lucky she was actually sat on my lap! She smelt so good, must have been the nicest purfume ever, its wierd i never normally fall for a fan cos all they see it a pop star that they love and know everything about but Hanna was different.

She jumped lightly off my lap and stood there waiting for us to get out, i folloewd her out and the boys were not far behind. I looked over to see Niall and Grace holding hands and walking over to us and i aske him "you a item then?" after i said i realised it seemed a bit rude, that normally happens... but Niall replied rather cheerfuly "yeah i have my own girlfriend, finally" i saw grace blush and then they kissed infront of us, "ugh get a room" Hanna said in a jokey voice.

The girls went off to get ready in their hotel room, they were meating us in our room at 7 so i had to get ready...

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