The Carrot

Hanna and her friend Grace are excited to go to a one direction concert they won backstage passes but what happens when the carrot gets involved? read to find out....................


4. Louis Tomlinson

God Louis was the fittest bloke i have ever seen, he was just stood there with no shirt on casually acting like normal being really friendly and sweer, he complimented my outfit and said i had the prettiest eyes he has ever layed eyes on.

He is the biggest flirt i have ever met! "Ow sorry i think there is a hole in my pocket and there is something spiky on my leg" he said whilst pulling down his trousers. "Louis you stripping for these innocent ladies?" Liam said rather charmingly. "We dont mind" I blurted out, word vomit.Louis gave me a cheeky wink and i felt myself blush.

"Well i think its time to start the concert girls, you can stand in the wings, you get the best view, our bums" Louis said proudly. We walked off and sat on a chair in the wings.

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