The Carrot

Hanna and her friend Grace are excited to go to a one direction concert they won backstage passes but what happens when the carrot gets involved? read to find out....................


8. Hanna

Hanna's POV: "So Grace, you and Niall?" i asked curiously, "Well we were sat talking in the car and he just put his hand on mine and said that i was the most down to earth girl he has ever met and i was so easy to get on with" She replied. Inside i knew i was rather jealous but i tried desperatly not to show it "Im so happy for you" I smiled back at her.

"Well im going to go and have a shower and wash my hair" I say to grace whilst i pick up my towel and head towards the door. While i was in the shower i stood there thinking about Louis i couldnt move it i really liked him, he was so sweet, funny and easy to get on with, I really like him but i cant say i love him, not yet.

I got out the shower and put my high waisted shorts on with some tights and a really nice top curl my hair into loose curls and put a bit of natural make-up on, then we go.

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