The Carrot

Hanna and her friend Grace are excited to go to a one direction concert they won backstage passes but what happens when the carrot gets involved? read to find out....................


6. Hanging out with one direction

After the concert i guess we just chatted for a bit and mucked about, me and grace were staying in a hotel for the weeked and they closed the door at 9 so we started to say our good byes when we were interupted by Louis saying "hey we can drop you back it would be no trouble", " are you sure, but wait we came in graces car?" i asked more as a question. Louis replied with " Well Grace and Niall can go back together, im sure they will enjoy that" they both go bright red but nod in agreement.

Louis car was so small it was three seats in the back but one was taken up by CD's and the heaviest books ever, Liam drove us and Zayn bagsied the front seat and harry and louis stole the back seats. So i just stand there looking at them stubournley when louis opens the door and says "coming?" i reply with "no seats left" he looks at me with puppy dog eyesand says "sit on my lap then". So i hurry in the car and sit on louis lap hoping we dont get pulled over by the police.

"This is our hotel" i say 10 minites up the road. "oh wow what a coincidence this the same hotel we are in" Zayn said cheerfuly, i look at the car infront, its niall and grace i see their shadows kiss and i think awwee and the boys look like they are thinking the same thing.

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