The Carrot

Hanna and her friend Grace are excited to go to a one direction concert they won backstage passes but what happens when the carrot gets involved? read to find out....................


1. Journey

"AAAAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" i heard from my bedroom, Grace had just arrived God she was early, and loud. "Give me 20 minites" I shout back to her. I stumble up from my bed wishing i could stay but i grab a towel and go to the bathroom and take a quick shower and wash my hair. Oh and by the way me and Grace are 17 and I have long Blond hair with eletric blue dip diy ends and Grace has black hair with suttle red dip diy ends. I have my shower get out and quick blow my hair over with the hairdryer. "I'm ready!" I shout out to Grace grabbing my bag and i run out to meat her. "We're gonna meet one direction" we chanted, i can't beleive it was only a month ago we entered that silly competition but we won! Grace was the more sencible one who had passed her driving test strait away so she drove us there, we played our CD all the way to Birmingham singing soooo loudly, we just couldnt control our excitment!

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