Last Breath.

I am George Sterton, i'm 15 and this is my story. A story of how my life was before and how it was now. I was in the war....


5. The nightmare.

I woke up, LATE! But the sargent didn't mind, he just told me to hurry up!  When we got outside, there were only five of us. The sargent said that they had gone to pack, pack for what?

" Things have come up, the army has wrote a letter saying that they need emergancy reinforcments, which is you guys. You will be leaving in 3 hours, be ready, remember every thing that the camp has taught you. " The sargent examined us for a few seconds then said " Well go, the army needs you!" He salluted then walked off.

I was in shock, could today be the day everything goes wrong? Where mum and Violet get a letter home saying I was killed in action? I packed my things once again, it was easy this time, the camp wasn't my home not even the feeling I got when I walked into school.

I packed and went to stand outside with all the other troops leaving the camp, probably going to their deaths. Then we were all told to all get into the troop carrier and were whisked away through towns and fields untill we finnaly reached the war zone.

All I could hear were the banging sounds of guns and exploding bombs. I wanted to wake up from this nightmare! But I didn't know how. somehow I knew it wasn't a dream, but believing it made me less scared an less focused on the war zone.

We got out all 30 of us and walked towards a ladder down towards the trench. As we walked further and further into the war zone I saw men and young boys, dirty and the look on their face was as if they knew at any moment they could be shot in the head and ripped from humanity in a second. It was sickening, why would people even dream about this? The man behind this is surely a cold hearted, man with no family or anyone to live for except glory. Why would it even slip into your mind holding a gun and aiming it at someones head, then BANG!!! you've taken someone's life away. All the soldiers here, not just on  the opposite side, but everyone here is a murderer. I'm about to join them, not for the glory of shooting someone's head but for this country...Britain.

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