Last Breath.

I am George Sterton, i'm 15 and this is my story. A story of how my life was before and how it was now. I was in the war....


3. Packing my bags.

25th January 1939.

Dear Diary,

The soldiers also said that I had to be at the local church this afternoon with all my kit. They told me to go outside for a moment while they talk to my mum. Ofcourse I didn't actully go outside. I stood in the hallway with the door open so I could hear their every word.

I don't think I wanted to know what they were saying. They said to my mum this was a serious matter and that she shouldn't be too upset if I don't come back. Mum started crying, I felt like crying too. I don't think you would like some random person in your house, taking you away from your family, friends and normal life and taken to a war zone. Then them telling your mother that there was more chance of me falling in a pit of bombs then coming home. Well they didn't say that but that is more or less what they meant. After all I am only fifteen, I shouldn't really be going to war untill I am 18.

After that happy fact of my future, my mum and I packed my bag. She kept pausing and looking at me...I suppose knowing I won't be coming home probaly ever can't be nice espicelly your son. But how do you think I feel? After all I am the one going to war!

I eventually finished packing and went down the stairs to say goodbye to Violet and mum. Mum kissed me and said goodbye and told me i'll be fine, I was a brave boy and she'll miss me. I started crying too, I was going to war, but before the pain of dying I had to say goodbye. Violet was even crying, she said she was sorry for all the bad things she had said to me and to think of her,mum and dad while I was away.

I chose to walk to the church myself, so I didn't put myself or mum and Violet in any more pain. When I was walking to the church, I saw to young children a brother and sister playing in the street, just like me and Vi used to do. I cryed even more, I was going to miss being at home. I take everything for granted and then I had to walk away from it all.

 We all had to sign up and give our name. Then get in the warrior armod veihcle, there was about 20 of us in each one. I saw none of my friends from school, it was like everything was dissapering right infront of me, it hurts badly.

We stopped at a camp after about a 6 hours drive. We got out and were shown to our bunks. The Sargent Major said we would be staying here for 2 weeks while we were trained then on reserve for when the army needed us.

We were ordered to be in bed by 5:00pm because we had to get up at 5:00am.

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