Last Breath.

I am George Sterton, i'm 15 and this is my story. A story of how my life was before and how it was now. I was in the war....


2. News turns bad.

24th January 1939.

Dear Diary,

Mum woke me up today, she told me to come down the stairs. When I did two men were standing there, mum was sitting at the table with a letter in her hand, crying. I didn't know why. Then it hit me yesterday wasn't a bad dream or something miner, it was big, so big mum was crying.

Mum told me that I had to go to war....

She said since dad wasn't here, he had died from cancer when I was 10, the man of the house had to go. Because dad wasn't here, I got the jist it was going to be me. Just as I noticed how precious my family was, I now have to go to war. Most soldiers i've heard don't come back....EVER.....

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