Last Breath.

I am George Sterton, i'm 15 and this is my story. A story of how my life was before and how it was now. I was in the war....


8. Me,

I was George Sterton, 15 years old. My dad died when I was ten. I lived with my mum and my sister Violet. I went to war at 15 and didn't go back home. As I said my life wasn't exciting, it wasn't amazing either. But it's a life to remember. I was killed in action on the 27th January 1939. I killed one person, in that process I was shot in the back. I fell to the floor hoping someone would help me, but no-one came. If dad was here he'd say good job, you tried your hardest and that's all that matters.I'm proud of you son.

I love my family unfortunitly, I reliased how important family was when I was taken to an army camp. Don't make that mistake. Life's too short, mine was anyway.

This is George Sterton writing my diary for the last time. How I am writing it if i'm dead? That's for you to find out....

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