Last Breath.

I am George Sterton, i'm 15 and this is my story. A story of how my life was before and how it was now. I was in the war....


4. Army Life.

26th January 1939.

Dear Diary,

I got up at 5:00am, sooo hard to do. We had to get dressed and be outside for training, this stupid boy, must of been younger than me, asked if we were having breakfast the Sargent made him do a extra two laps of the camp.

We all had to start running aound the camp, then the pace got faster and faster and faster untill SPLAT!!! I was on my face in mud. The Sargent came over I thought he would give me a beating, he didn't he said "go and clean yourself up son," I wasn't going to say no and keep running in an mask of mud.

The showers were outside? And cold all it did was get the mud off me, it was only supposed to do that, but I do need luxary once in a while. Next we had to do push ups, sit ups and all the other up and down things you can do.

It didn't stop there we then had to learn how to use a gun, I know, and yes I was rubbish...But I did hit A target.. When I say A target I mean the tree behind THE target.

After that we had the rest of the day off. I wrote a letter to mum saying,


Dear Mum and Violet,

I am fine we learnt how to handle a gun, I am feeling more manly every second. I will speak soon. Please do write back.

All my love,



Anyway, I went to bed at 5:00pm again.

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