Love Doves<3

An awesome story about love... read it YOULL LIKE IT!<3


1. Then and Now.


I took my skateboard and started riding it around a block. My neck was sweating as the bright sun beated against my face. I sat down for a while and drank some water. I looked out into the distance as Niall comes up behind me and grabs a hold of my shoulders.

          “BOO!” he screamed into my ear.

          “AAAAHH!” I shrieked.

          I crossed my arms and looked at him as he laughed his guts out. I started giggling, I pulled him next to me as he put his arm around me. I layed my cheek on his hot shoulder as my other cheek became a rosy pink from the sun.  

          After a long day, he picked me up and started running through the wet grass. The sprinklers came on and he twirled me around in the moonlight. I laughed and kissed him on the cheek quickly. Then I jumped out of his arms and ran as goosebumps grew on my arms and legs. I hid behind a fat tree. He called for me.

          “Alexa!! Come out come out wherever you are!”

          I giggled. He heard me. He ran quietly to the tree and rotated my way, stuck to the tree like glue. I laughed and gave him a hug. Then I realized the shiny black limo came to pick us up.

          “Come on, the limos here ;)” he smiled and took my hand as we started running toward the limo.

          The chauffer got out of the limo and opened the door for us. Inside I stared at nialls best friends.

          “Hello love.” Louis said to me as I got into the limo.

          “Hey babe.” Harry said after.

          “Good afternoon guys.” I said as my eyes sparked with the lights.

          I stared out the window silently looking at all the lights of london. We got to a pub and went into the Turtle Room with the guys. We all hung out and had drinks and had a good time. But then it was time for me to go back home.

          I said goodbye to niall and gave him a kiss on the cheek like I always did. I waved to the guys and then went outside for my mum to pick me up.

          As we headed home I turned up the music. Kiss You by one direction was playing. I was so happy I got to meet them and be in a realationship with Niall.  Then I got the flashback.


          I was 16 at the time. I had just gotten home from school in march. My mum had told me she had a surprise for me. So I finished homework and went downstairs to make myself a sandwich.  My mother stood there holding an envelope with something inside.

          “Whats in the envelope?” I curiosly asked as I got the bread.

          “Oh just something…” She replied.

          She slowly put the envelope on the table next to me. I opened it and gasped.

          “ONE DIRECTION TICKETS?!” I screamed. I laughed and jumped and gave her a huge hug “thank you thank you thank you !”

          About 2 weeks later it was the day of the concert. I rushed inside from school. I put on all my one direction stuff and told my mum I was ready. I took a fuzzy elastic from my rist and pulled back my brown shiny hair into a messy bun.

          My mum hopped into the car and set the GPS to the concert address. I had butterflies in my stomach.

          “Did you see I got you the meet and greet and also backstage passes?” she said smiling.

          “N-No?!!” I said in a high pitched voice excitedly.

          Once we were inside and had our tickets checked and got drinks and stuff, we got our seats.  It was packed! I was slowly watching the stage as ONE DIRECTION came onto the stage.

I screamed. The whole stadium was filled with screaming girls. Including me and my friends.

          I jumped around and danced and then came the time for the meet and greet. Niall sat there with a CD and a sharpie marker in his hand. My eyes teared up. My eyes met his. Its like for a second we had a spark of love inbetween us.

          “Hello!” I said with a HUGE smile on my face.

          “Hello love.” Niall told me

          My heart fell into a pool of warmth. I sank into a world of love. And then….


(to be continued)

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