He's The One For Me-1D Fanfic

Louis is my brother. Yes, you all may think I am the luckiest girl ever but it's hard. Especially when you fall in love with his bandmate...


2. Chapter Two

I woke up in bed next to Niall. He was propped up on his elbow and looking down at me. I furrowed my eyebrows. "Wha..." I mumbled. Niall put his finger to my lips.

"You fell asleep on my shoulder last night on the way back from Nandos and I carried you up. All the other boys are here too and I didn't want to leave you. Anyway, you're beautiful when you sleep." Niall replied. I blushed bright red. I leaned up and crashed my lips against his. He put his hand on my waist and made the kiss deeper. I pulled away and Niall kissed my nose. "Amy...I...I love you..." Niall whispered. 

"I love you too Niall and I have done since I met you." I whispered back. Niall replied by kissing me. He pulled away and played with my hair. I traced my hands up and down his abs. "You, Niall Horan are perfect." I mumbled. 

"You are even perfecter!" Niall mumbled back. I kissed his nose and he moved his head up so that I was kissing his lips. 

"What about Louis?" I whispered. 

"He'll have to understand because I am not letting you go!" Niall murmured and pulled me closer to him. He nuzzled his head into my neck and wrapped his arms around my waist. I wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed his golden locks. He looked up at me and smiled.

We got up and I got changed out of my dress which I had slept in and Niall got changed out of his lounge pants and pajama top. I put on some leggings and an over-sized jumper and some Uggs. Niall put on some chinos and a white t-shirt and threw on a cardigan. He grabbed my hand and we walked downstairs into the living room.

Louis looked at our hands and gave me a questioning look. I flipped up two fingers at him and walked through to the kitchen with Niall. I smelled a full English breakfast cooking and I saw Zayn at the oven, making everyone's breakfast. "You better be making a lot. I'm hungry!" Niall shouted, making Zayn jump. "Yes, enough for everyone!" Zayn said. Perrie walked in, looking tired and hugged Zayn from behind. She rested her chin on Zayn's shoulder. 

"Smells good." she grumbled and kissed his neck and went through to the living room where everyone else was. 

We all ate our breakfast and got changed into our swimsuits so that we could go swimming outside. After I was changed Niall walked in, wearing some trunks. I looked at his abs and grinned. He walked over to me and put his hands on my hips. He gently pecked me on the lips and pulled me outside over to the pool. I jumped in and Niall jumped in next to me. I went speeding off, Niall not far behind. 

We all climbed out of the pool and Niall grabbed my hand. We ran and grabbed a towel and dried off. We were hungry again so we went and got more food. We grabbed some popcorn and everyone watched a film together. Me and Niall were curled up on the sofa together and we fell asleep like that.

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