He's The One For Me-1D Fanfic

Louis is my brother. Yes, you all may think I am the luckiest girl ever but it's hard. Especially when you fall in love with his bandmate...


4. Chapter Four

I stood up and walked into my room to get changed. I pulled on my American flag t-shirt and my bright blue skinny jeans. I shoved my Uggs on my feet and brushed my hair quickly. I put my make-up on and walked into Niall's room. He had his chinos on but not his top. I silently ran up to him and blew gently on his neck. He shivered and looked around. "Hey princess!" he smiled. He wrapped me in his arms. I kissed down his neck, making him moan slightly. Giggling, I moved down his body and kissed his abs. I came back up and wrapped my arms around his neck. He gently kissed my nose and threw his top over his head. 

"Aw, why'd you put that on?" I pouted, plucking at his t-shirt. 

"Because I don't want any other girls seeing what is only yours." he smiled. 

"Good point."

"It obviously is, I said it!"

Louis came bursting through the door and Eleanor stood at the door. "Time to go lovebirds!" he chirped. 

"Hey El!" I smiled. 

"Hi Amy!" she replied, returning the smile.

"Let's go!" I shouted, grabbing Niall's hand and pushing Louis out of the door. We walked outside and we were engulfed by fans. Niall stopped to sign a few autographs and pose for a few photos. People seemed a bit shocked to see me with Niall. A few fans were shouting abuse at me but Niall told me to ignore it. He picked me up, put me on his back and ran through the crowds. I clung onto him and laughed. Once we were past the fans he put me back down again and we sat on a bench until Louis and Eleanor came out of the sea of fans.

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