No Lies

{This is a short story based off the song "No Lies" by Jason Reeves.}
Nina is about to move New York City from her small town, with secrets hiding behind every corner. She isn't the only one hiding something though. Will these secrets emerge or not? And if they do, will it affect her rash decision of moving so far away?


1. The Last Class Of High School

"-and you have the rest of your life's to make changes, and do whatever you want to do." I had been playing with the dead ends of my hair while sitting in my last class of high school for the rest of my life. But this particular sentence shut me out of my trance. I don't understand why, but when the teachers start to talk about doing what ever you want, it just grabs my attention. Why? It's all a lie. I'm from a small town that no one even knows about, but the teachers tell us we can be and do anything. While they became teachers in a town that they could never escape. 

I turn my head to look at the clock, and watch it "tick, tick, tick" away. These are the last moments. This is it. I was never homecoming queen, I didn't go to prom, and the quarter back never took another glance my way. I wasn't student body president, I wasn't even on any sort of lame team. This was my life. I had spent my whole high school life being ignored by everyone, with the exception of my best friend Carter. Carter. He had been my neighbor since preschool. We clicked pretty much instantly. Our parents used to joke about us getting married all the time, and I always wished that someday we would. 

Carter has a girlfriend now. As soon as he hit 9th grade, he was automatically "popular." I should be glad that he never forgot about the little people up there, and I was. He always made time for me, and he was still just right next door. Carter doesn't know how I feel about him, mainly because I never thought I had to tell him. I'm pretty sure its obvious. But maybe not. 


The bell sounded, and I stormed out of that classroom without even looking back. The hallways were cluttered with students throwing papers in every direction, and pulling the fire alarms. I managed to get out the doors without being killed, and walked over to dark midnight blue convertible that would bring me home. I sat down next to the car, and waited patiently for Carter to show up. The teenagers who I just spent the past 12 years with, and they didn't even know my name. 

Luke Valentine-Prized football player, captain of the soccer team, weight lifter, best subject is history, is dating Katie Thorne who just happens to not be a cheerleader. The sad thing with Luke is, he's a really nice guy. He spent his whole high school existence caring too much about sports though, he wants to make it big time. And he could, but the odds are against him. He asked me for a pencil once, I never got it back.

He made eye contact with me as he stepped into his range rover, and I half smiled and waved. He smiled back, and hoped in. "So are you excited for graduation?" I looked up to the voice, and was blinded by the sun before seeing his face.

"Hello to you to Carter." I laughed, and opened up the car door before jumping in. He walked over to his side and did the same. We pulled out of the parking spot, and went to get milkshakes from 'Greg's'. It was a small diner that we had been going to ever since we were kids. We did this everyday, Greg gave us to them for free now. 

Something about today kept pounding in my heart. Maybe it was nerves? I don't know what, but I wasn't to fond of the feeling. 

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