Summer Love (Niall Horan fanfic)

Emily and her best friend Sarah go on a trip to Ireland for the summer. Coincedently, Niall Horan was home that summer, too. The girls love One Direction and are shocked when they get to meet Niall. Niall and Emily fall for each other and Sarah is left in a jealous rage. Their summer fling was over too soon and it truly did feel like Snow in September.
copyright April 2013 ©


12. Surprises

It's been a week since we first got here. It's been a week since we first met Niall. It's been a week since Niall asked me out. It's been a week since I last talked to or saw him. 

This past week has been amazing. Sarah and I went on trains and just explored Ireland. We ate at fancy restaurants, went shopping at Irish stores, and took trains to wherever we felt like it. It was amazing to get to spend all that time with Sarah. 

This morning, while Sarah was in the shower, I decided to call Niall.



"What's up?"




"Can you say anything but yes?"

"Niall, Yes I'll be your girlfriend." I laughed.

"Really? And Sarah's fine with it?"

"Totally, we talked it out. She's fine. It's fine."

"Awesome. But why'd it take you a week?"

"I came to Ireland with my best friend. I wanted to spend a week with just her."

"Oh, gotcha. So what's the plan for today?"

"Anything you want. I'm game."

"Be ready in an hour. It's a surprise." With that he hung up. I honestly hated surprises. Especially when it requires going places, because I never knew what to wear. I decided what I was wearing was too weird. I mean it was fine for spending the day with my best friend, but I was spending it with my boyfriend. And that requires a different outfit. I changed from my simple jeans and t-shirt and opted for something fancier. I changed into a sheer pink high-low dress and a jean jacket. I put on black sandals and then curled my hair. I looked in to the full length mirror hoisted on the closet.

"Perfect" I said to myself. I was definitely ready for anything Niall had planned for us.

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