Summer Love (Niall Horan fanfic)

Emily and her best friend Sarah go on a trip to Ireland for the summer. Coincedently, Niall Horan was home that summer, too. The girls love One Direction and are shocked when they get to meet Niall. Niall and Emily fall for each other and Sarah is left in a jealous rage. Their summer fling was over too soon and it truly did feel like Snow in September.
copyright April 2013 ©


24. Snowflakes, Bunnies, and Repairing Friendships

Emily P.O.V  

I wasn't necessarily sad that Sarah came up to us on the bus.. but I mean I wasn't especially happy about it either. I don't know why she had the sudden change of heart, and honestly I really didn't feel like putting up with her if she had another moment. Yet, I was still glad she was willing to give it a chance and hang out with us.


Sarah sat across from us with her headphones in and her head on the window. I would occasionally turn to her to talk to her, but for some reason I couldn't find the words to say. Lately, I never can with her anymore. It's just constant fighting and arguing and jealousy. Something we promised each other we would never do.    Sarah was still silent when we got to the beach, but I didn't let it bug me. If she was going to be a Debbie Downer, it didn't mean I had to be, too. 


I pushed everything aside and tried to enjoy my last few days with my boyfriend. We were walking across the beach, Sarah walking ahead of us. It felt so weird, being in the same place but not next to each other. It made me miss all the good times we've had since eighth grade. Sarah was my best friend, and I couldn't imagine not being friends with her. 

"You ok?"

"Yeah," I sighed. Niall just stared at me in return. "Ok, no, I'm not. It's Sarah. I just... things aren't the same anymore. And honestly, I hate it." I fell in to him, wrapping my arms around his waist, and sobbing quietly. 

"It's going to be ok. All friends go through rough patches. It'll work itself out, and before you know you two will be back to normal." He lifted my head and wiped my tears then kissed my forehead. "Now, come on. Please smile. I hate seeing you like this." I laughed and smiled. "There it is." He smiled too. We walked hand in hand and found a spot on the shore to set up. I laid down the blanket and took off my cover-up, revealing my pink and green Victoria's Secret bikini. It was from one of the many shopping trips Sarah and I had before leaving, which just made my heart hurt even more.

Niall then all of a sudden poked at my stomach. "Can I help you?" I asked, laughing.

"You have your belly button pierced?" I looked down at my stomach, where a silver anchor was dangling from my stomach.

"Oh, yeah... Sarah and I got them done for our 16th summer after freshman year..." My voice trailed off and I had a flash back of the day Sarah told me about getting our bellies pierced. 

"Oh, well it's nice." Niall's voice snapped me back to reality.

"Yep. I wanna go swimming, let's go!" I jumped up and walked to the shoreline. Sarah was laying under an umbrella, reading a book and listening to music. I stopped in front of her and reached out my hand. "Get up, let's go." Sar put her book down and looked up. I shook my hand and finally she took it and got up.

"Why are you being so nice to me?"

"Because, I'm a nice person. And I want to make things better, I'm hoping it's not too late." She stayed silent for a moment. I sighed and turned back to my boyfriend. 

"Wait," we turned around. "I wanna come with you guys. If I can?"

"Didn't I just say you could?" I laughed and reached out to give my friend a hug.

From afar, we probably looked like the perfect group of friends. The couple, and the best friends. You could hardly tell things were broken, if not well on the way to breaking. But it was pretty much all an act. There was still all this tension between Sarah and I, as much as we tried to laugh it off and avoid it. 

Sarah left to go back to her spot for a little bit, which just left Niall and I in the ocean all alone. "You're doing a good thing, bun." He pushed my hair out of my face and I hugged him.

"I know, I jus- wait, bun?" I pulled away and looked up at him.

"Yeah, like a pet name. You know, bun. Bunny. Cinnamon bun." That did it, I just stood there and laughed.

Really hard.

I even snorted.

"Did you just snort?!" Now Niall was the one laughing. I covered my moouth and blushed.

"Maybe.... Snowflake."

"Oh so now you're calling me Snowflake?" He splashed me with water.

"Yes! Snowflake!" I splashed back. "Snowflake, Snowflake, SNOWFLAKE!!" We laughed and screamed pet names at each other, splashing wildly. I even forgot about Sarah.


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