Summer Love (Niall Horan fanfic)

Emily and her best friend Sarah go on a trip to Ireland for the summer. Coincedently, Niall Horan was home that summer, too. The girls love One Direction and are shocked when they get to meet Niall. Niall and Emily fall for each other and Sarah is left in a jealous rage. Their summer fling was over too soon and it truly did feel like Snow in September.
copyright April 2013 ©


11. Girls' Day Out

Sarah came out and was wearing dark wash skinny jeans, hot pink bandeau, and a white sheer top. She bent over and threw her hair into a messy bun. For some reason any hairstyle- including messy buns- looked good on her. I grabbed my clothes and went to take a shower. Sarah did her makeup and finished her unpacking.

Twenty minutes later. I emereged from the bathroom. I wore a black high-low skirt and a pink sheer top with a black bandeau. I slipped on my toms, finger combed my hair and grabbed my phones. "You ready to go?"

"Yeah, just a sec." Sarah went to the closet and slipped on her all black vans. "Let's go!"

"Sweet, so what'd you decide on doing?"

"I was thinking we'd go to the cliffs?"

"Sure sounds good!" I checked the time on my phone. "And we have just enough time to get breakfast here at the hotel, if you want."

"Totally" Sarah laughed. I grabbed my wallet and our keys and headed out with Sarah.

For the first time since we got here, Sarah and I weren't fighting. Even though it was just a day, I really missed being with her. 

We spent the whole day at the cliffs and took a lot of crazy, random pictures. I really didn't remember the last time Sarah and I had this much fun together. Lately it just seems we've been fighting a lot. Whether it's her being mad about all the attention I get or something really random like me buying the same shoes as her. Sarah's just not happy unless the spotlight is on her and only her.

"Hey, Sarah?"


"Why are we fighting so much lately?" Suddenly she got really silent. She looked down and didn't face me for another few minutes. "Sarah?"

"I...I don't know. It really sucks. I guess I just always want things to go my way."

"If you want, I won't date Niall.."

"No, you should. You deserve to be happy. I mean remember Jason?"

"Oh my God, I try not to.." Jason was my ex boyfriend. He was my long-term crush in middle school and he asked me out freshman year. I always thought it was too good to be true, turns out I was right. Tori, a popular girl at our school, had set him up to do it as a joke. God it was the worst moment of my life. "I don't remember ever being so embarrassed in my life. But thanks to you, I got over it."

"Yeah all it took was 2 months of me being a brat to you."

"Sar, promise me we won't let Niall get in the way of our friendship? Not like Jason did. Please promise you'll at least pretend to be happy for me?"

"Alright fine. Only 'cause it's Niall and that boy is smokin'. " Sarah did a little dance. I laughed and shoved her.

"Come on, let's get something to eat. I'm STARVING"

"Yeah, I guess you and Niall really are a good match. You're both hungry 24/7!"

"Ha- ha. You're hilarious." I replied sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and we walked to a little restaurant. As weird as it sounds, Niall hardly showed up in our conversations. We were just reminiscing about when we first met and all our fun trips together.  Our conversation was interrupted by a phone. I checked to see which one was ringing, it was Niall's.


"Club tonight? Or dinner? Something, anything." 

"Who is it?" Sarah mouthed.

"Niall." I mouthed back. Sarah just nodded and went back to her food. "Niall, I already told you. I'm hanging out with Sarah today. That includes tonight. We'll talk later, I promise." 

He just sighed in return. "Fine, have fun girls." I then hung up on  him.

"What was that about?" Sarah asked.

"Nothing, he just wanted to hang out tonight."

"Why'd you say no? Are you crazy?!"

"No, like I told him: I want to spend today with you! We should go out to dinner. Just you and me."

"Alright fine. Girl's night it is."

Except, our girl's night turned out to be a girl's week instead. And it was the best week I ever spent with my best friend. I really couldn't ask for anything better.

Or could I?

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