Summer Love (Niall Horan fanfic)

Emily and her best friend Sarah go on a trip to Ireland for the summer. Coincedently, Niall Horan was home that summer, too. The girls love One Direction and are shocked when they get to meet Niall. Niall and Emily fall for each other and Sarah is left in a jealous rage. Their summer fling was over too soon and it truly did feel like Snow in September.
copyright April 2013 ©


16. Dinner Dates

Sarah P.O.V

Emily hopped in to the shower to get ready for her own date with Nill. I sat on the bed and played with my phone while I waited for Lucas. When I heard a knock, I nearly had a pannic attack. I jumped up, smoothed out my dress, fixed my hair and went to answer the door. Lucas was standing in front of me. He flipped his brown hair and ran his fingers through it before he noticed me standing there.

"Sarah! Wow, you look... great!" He looked me up and down and I just looked away shyly.

"Thanks, so do you." I laughed. "I just need to grab my bag and we can go. Do you want to come in?" I turned around and walked inside, Lucas following behind. I went to the nightstand and grabbed my purse. I stuffed my phone in there and we headed out.

"So where are you and your friend from?" Lucas tried to make small talk as we headed out in to the hallway and headed for the lobby.

"Actually, we're from New York."

"No way, really? Where?"

"Manhatten." He stopped dead in his tracks causing me to stop, too. "Why so.. surprised?"

"I'm from New York, too. From Brooklyn."

"Ahh, Brooklyn. What school?"

"I go to St. Eleanors. What about you?"


"we've played you guys before."

"Yup, And we always win." I laughed and we walked outside. "Enough about school, please. Where are we gonna eat, I'm STARVED!" Great, now I sound like Emily...

"Over there." He pointed to a little corner restaraunt. Outside there was a little table all set for 2. I'm guessing it was for Lucas and I.

We walked over and sat down at the table. We ordered food and continued talking about ourselves.

"That's a weird coincedence that we both live in New York, go to rival schools, and ended up in Ireland at the same time in the same hotel."

"Maybe.. or maybe it's not." He picked at his food.


"Sarah, this wasn't exactly the first time I've seen you... Now you probably think I'm an even bigger creep. One day I  saw you while I was in Manhattan, and I heard you talking about a trip to Ireland. I heard what hotel you'd be at. And instead of having the guts to ask you out in person, knowing you'd be leaving, I decided I'd ask you here. I mean we're both here, now. So why not, right?"

"Woah woah woah, wait. Lemme get this straight. You didn't want to ask me out in person in New York because I was leaving, So instead you fly out to Ireland and ask me out here?"

"Yeah basically..."

"That's sweet. Kinda creepy, but still. Really sweet that you would do that."

The rest of the date we just talked and got to know each other better. It was still really weird that he would do that though...


Emily P.O.V

During dinner, Niall and I talked about the trip to London.

"So, I'll come to your hotel and pick you and Sarah up Thursday morning. We fly out on our pirvate jet around 8 in the morning. We meet up with the lads in London around 9. We spend he whole day Thursday sightseeing, if you will. The Friday we have rehersal, you guys can join us. Then we have the concert around 6 or 7. We stay the night again and leave Saturday morning, or afternoon. Whenever you guys want to leave."

I ate and tried to not freak out as he said these words. I was gloing to fly to London with not only my best friend, but my boyfriend and his band. In a jet. A private jet.

"Uh, yeah that sounds...perfect. I really can't wait. So what do you want me to sing or play?"

"Well Liam has the set list, so I can have him send me a list of the songs, and you can pick how you want to perform." He pulled out his phone and began tapping away, most likely sending messages to his friends.


"Meaning, if you want us to announce you, and you play along with us, or if you want to us to announce you in the middle and you come out, or we say nothing at all and you come out as a surprise guest performer at the end."

"Hmm, I'm not sure. Whatever you guys want, I'm down." I smiled at him. He smiled back and contined to eat. The rest of the night we spent laughing and talking. He talked about when he was younger and about the lads. I talked about different stories from when I was little, too. I also talked about Jason, how me and Sarah became friends, and all the things we've done.

Every second I spent with him, I found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with him, and for once, I wasn't scared.





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