Shining Dark

Small poems written in the thoughtfullness of a young man's heart n' mind.


13. Moonrise

Falling light from a different world
ignites the sphere with unknown beauty
it is the magic of the former gods
which yet again have awoken from a slumber
that until now have lasted for millennia

Earthbound creatures
rise your eyes against the skies
amazement shall fill your minds
fate have bestowed life with yet a chance
to surrender the hatred and pestilence
that for so long have been worshipped
bringing coldness to many a heart

The time is in for true greatness;
bow for the circling planets
beckon to the foreign life forms
who possess the cunning of the wolf
the glow from a thousand suns
and the love to long lost children

Eyes flashing crimson
from within the mist engulfed woods
decisions are to be made

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