Broken Wings

Why would you love a boy if you knew exactly how and when he is going to die?
Keira is a 17 year old girl who has always lived inside a nightmare.
Since the day her father died and her mom became alcoholic, she carries a secret with her: when she looks into someone's eyes she sees how they die.
When Keira meets Liam she knows he is going to die very soon. But things become really complicated when she actually starts to fall for him...
Can she prevent Liam's death before it's too late?


This is my first movella, so please don't be too hard on my english! (I live in Holland so english is not my native language..)
I hope you like my story c:
kisses ♥


2. When we first met


The day I first met Liam was a really rainy and cold day. It was December and the winter had just start. It was one of those days that everyone stayed home and watched television or played board games with their family.
My home wasn't a nice place anymore since my really unfriendly stepfather Laurent moved in, so I preferred to go to the bookstore instead. It was quite a long walk to the city's center where this bookstore called 'Roses' was located. But that was no problem to me.
Although it was very cold outside and my toes were almost frozen, I liked being outside on the streets in the winter. I stopped walking for a moment just to enjoy this moment of silence. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to fill my lungs with cold air.
I stood there for a minute and then I opened my eyes again and walked further.
I didn't knew this city very well and all houses looked the same to me.
Luckily, the bookstore wasn't difficult to find because of the big sign above the door, and I could read the name ‘Roses’.
I opened the door and felt the warm air against my icy cheeks. I loved the smell of books and roses that always floated around here.
I looked around and noticed that I was the only one in the bookstore except for the old lady sitting behind a counter who was reading today's newspaper.
She looked up to me and smiled. I smiled back but my smile faded immediately when I looked into her eyes.

I saw a woman lying in a hospital bed. I recognized her as the old lady from the bookstore. Her face was white as snow and you could see her cheekbones. Next to the bed she rested stood a heartbeat monitor. The beeping sound that it made sounded weak and uneven.
Suddenly the heartbeat monitor stopped beeping and an alarm rang really loudly.
I could see the old lady gasping and a pair of nurses ran in. They tried to save her, but life already left her.

'Can I help you?' the old lady asked, her breath smelled like peppermint
Confused I blinked my eyes.
'uhm.. no, thank you' i answered.
She looked at me odd for a moment and then she continued reading.
The bookstore was quite big, not as i expected. The bookcases were really high, and there were more books than i could ever count. Somewhere in the corner stood a large ladder which looked a bit old and fragile.
A book on the highest shelf got my attention so I took the ladder and placed it against the bookcase. I climbed really carefully and told myself not to look down because i am afraid of hights. I grabbed the book and blew away all the dust that was on it.
Suddenly I heard a loud ‘crack!’ and the step I was standing on broke. The book slipped out of my hand and I fell down. But right before I hit the ground two strong arms grabbed me at my waist. ‘Are you ok?’ someone asked. I turned around real slowly, and looked who saved me. It was a boy. He smiled at me, but I couldn’t smile back because I was still in shock of what just happened. Too shy too say anything I just stood there while the boy took up my book from the ground. ‘Here,’ he said as he gave it to me. ‘Thanks..’ I mumbled, and then I looked up to him, into his beautiful eyes which were dark brown, just like mine.

I saw a blue car driving in the snow. I could read its registration number: OY62ABC, and it was driving really fast. Suddenly the car slipped of the road, and I saw it hit a boy with dark brown eyes really hard. The boy fell down on the ground and blood was coming out of his mouth. His body was shaking and he breathed laboriously. Snow was falling down on his chest. And then he stopped shaking. The closed his eyes and died.

I opened my eyes again. My head hurt a little and I felt dizzy. ‘Is there something wrong?’
‘What...?’ I said, because couldn’t really think of something else to say. He laughed, and said: ‘I justed asked you what your name is, but you wouldn’t answer me, so..’
‘Keira.’ I said quikly. ‘My name is Keira Harper.’ ‘Well, Keira nice to meet you. My name is Liam Payne, if you wanted to know that,’ he said amused.
Because no boy ever actually talked to me I didn’t really knew what to do, so I said: ‘uhm.. I.. I gotta go.. Thank you for saving me.’ He smiled and replied: ‘You’re welcome, love.’

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