Broken Wings

Why would you love a boy if you knew exactly how and when he is going to die?
Keira is a 17 year old girl who has always lived inside a nightmare.
Since the day her father died and her mom became alcoholic, she carries a secret with her: when she looks into someone's eyes she sees how they die.
When Keira meets Liam she knows he is going to die very soon. But things become really complicated when she actually starts to fall for him...
Can she prevent Liam's death before it's too late?


This is my first movella, so please don't be too hard on my english! (I live in Holland so english is not my native language..)
I hope you like my story c:
kisses ♥


1. To Liam

Keira Marie Harper.
That’s my name. It’s a rather beautiful name, unlike myself, so you can say the name doesn't really suits me.
The only comparison with me and my name is that it’s different from others; I’m different from others.
I am what people call ‘supernatural’ or ‘paranormal’. I can see things that others can’t see. When I look into someone's eyes I can exactly see how they die. Most people would call it a gift, but I think the therm ‘curse’ fits it better. It’s so terrible to look into those people's eyes and see how their lives end. Every time I just feel so incredibly sorry for them. But the most terrifying part is that i just can’t prevent those people from dying. I once tried to warn a girl at my school by telling her that she was going to die very soon. She called me crazy and told everyone to ignore me and stay out of my way because I was a freak.
Since that day I barely had any friends. No boy ever dated me or even talked to me. The only 'boy' that actually cared about me was my father. Unfortunately, he died by an plane crash a year ago. Ofcourse, I knew he was going to die long before it actually happened. But it still hurt so much to lose him.
Since my father died my mother started taking drugs and drinking a lot of alcohol.
Every night she came home late; drunk. I had to take care of her and she stopped taking care of me. But my life became from bad to worse; my mother met a guy. And it was not a nice guy like dad used to be. He once hit me when I tried to stop my mother from buying drugs.
I cried myself to sleep every single night and had the worst nightmares about my father getting himself killed over and over again.
It felt like standing on the edge of a cliff, ready to jump into the dark churning water any moment to just put an end to all this grief that was crushing me from inside out. But when I just decided to jump, you were there to save me from all the darkness around me.
You lighted up my world like a bright star that shines in the night.
You are the one that saved me from falling down and changed my nightmares into dreams.
I love you Liam.
No matter where you are or what will happen to you and I, I will always love you.

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