Broken Wings

Why would you love a boy if you knew exactly how and when he is going to die?
Keira is a 17 year old girl who has always lived inside a nightmare.
Since the day her father died and her mom became alcoholic, she carries a secret with her: when she looks into someone's eyes she sees how they die.
When Keira meets Liam she knows he is going to die very soon. But things become really complicated when she actually starts to fall for him...
Can she prevent Liam's death before it's too late?


This is my first movella, so please don't be too hard on my english! (I live in Holland so english is not my native language..)
I hope you like my story c:
kisses ♥


3. A weeping willow


I paid the book I had chosen and left bookstore 'Roses' as fast as I could. My hands were shaking like crazy when I was closing the door behind me, and I thought that I could faint any moment. Blood was rushing through my head which made me feel really dizzy. I stood there for a moment and then I tried to take a step, while I was leaning against a wall with one hand. I tried to calm myself down, because I really didn't want to get a panic attack like every other time I look into someones eyes and see how they die, which happens at least once a day. And after a minute (it seemed like an hour) my heart finally started to beat less. Then I zipped up my jacket, took a deep breath and started to walk very slowly. But after five steps my head felt dizzy again and I had to stop. As I stood there I suddenly heard the noise of a door getting opened and closed again. I froze. Even though I did not turn around I knew it was Liam standing there and I knew he saw me. I could hear his footsteps coming closer. A part of me wanted to turn around, run into Liam's arms and hold him tight. But I didn't want him to see me like this, panicking and so close to tears. So when Liam was almost near me I suddenly started running. I didn't know why, but it was the only thing I could think of to do. Because I was still dizzy I almost tripped three times. While I was running I tried to hear if he was following me. But even when I realised that this wasn't the case, I didn't stop running, until I arrived at the parc near to my house. This parc had always been the place where I could hide or escape to when I had a panic attack. I really liked this parc because it was always quiet and the only people how came here were eldery people unlike most other parcs in the city I live in. I could feel myself calm down as I walked towards my favourite tree in the parc. It was a large weeping willow. The thin branches were dancing on the cold winter breeze. They  almost reached the ground, like long green curtains. The willow's soft leaves were stroking my cheeks affectionately as if she welcomed and comforted me when I pushed some branches away to enter. From the inside the tree looked like a beautiful and cozy hut which made me feel calm and warm inside. I inhaled the cold pure air of nature and then I sat down against the tree trunk, with my book placed next to me. As I sat there thoughts began to run through my head. 




There was something about her that made want to look at her. Her eyes were really beautiful, that if would look straight into them I would drown. They were dark and beautiful as the sky on a starry night; it was almost enchanting. But besides those stars I saw in her eyes I also saw fear and grief, which kept me on distance. It was complicated. I really wanted to go talk to this girl whose name i didn't even know, have a little chat with her and then maybe, if I wasn't too shy, ask her number. But while staring at her I realized that maybe she wasn't in the mood for a nice, happy talk with me. She looked like she wanted to be left alone and I was too afraid that I would scare or irritate her or piss her off. I felt really akward staring at her and following her, and I didn't know what to do. But when I saw her almost falling down, the only thing I could do was catch her, because the least I wanted was her to get hurt. And luckily, in that way I instantly had an excuse to talk to her. First she looked a bit afraid, but then it seemed like she was more shy than scared. Our conversation was really akward and she didn't say much, but at least I got to know her name; Keira. A very remarkable name for a very remarkable girl. But as stupid as I am I was too cowardly to ask her out, and I really hate myself for that. So when Keira had left the bookstore I pulled myself together, and followed her. Big mistake. Why was I such an iditiot? Ofcourse she had left the shop because she didn't want to talk to me, she wanted to avoid me. I should've known. But no, I had to act without thinking. She must have been really scared of me, because when I walked up to her she just ran away! She must have thought that I was a stalker or a creeper, or maybe some sort of pervert that wanted to rape her, because why else would this girl react like this? So instead of following her like a maniac, I just stood there, breathing in the cold air and very confused. 



Why did I run away?  Why did I react this way? Why can't I just be normal and accepted like others?   All those questions were swirling and circling around in my head. I really wanted to know the answers to them, although, deep in my heart, I already knew what that answer was; because that is who you are. And you can't change that. And that's what I hated the most; the fact that I couldn't change who I was even though I really wanted to. It was just so frustrating to see all those confident and beautiful girls at school, walking around with their boyfriend and their massive group of friends, while I was just sitting here, hiding for a boy who tried to be nice to me. In my head I imagined Liam's reaction to me running away from him. I imagined him thinking how stupid and weird I am. I could feel the taste off salt in my mouth, and when I strook with my hand over my cheeks I realized that they were wet because of all the tears that had been streaming down while I was deep in thoughts. I sobbed and wiped the remaining tears in my eyes away. Then I blinked with my eyes and looked up. The sky was turning darker and could even see the moon already through the long green branches of the weeping willow. I realized that it was time for me to go home, although I didn't want to, because then probably had to see my stephfather again. I pulled myself up, grabbed my book and left the parc. When I looked behind me I could see the weeping willow, his leaves waving at me as if he wanted to say goodbye. I smiled and a few more tears left my eyes. Then I turned around and walked away. The weeping willow disappeared in the darkness of the night. 

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