Accidents Happen (The Story Of Darcy Styles)

Harry was 18, no way was he ready for the responsibility of being a dad. He was only a kid himself, just trying to have some fun. But after a tragic accident leaves his daughter Darcy with nobody to care for her, He finds himself in difficult situation. Harry is determined to raise his daughter right and give her the best life he possibly can, but will he be able to handle the pressure that comes with being a father, a celebrity, and dealing with his own grief at the same time?


2. 2 Months Ago

Everything was silent. I wasn't used to this. When Mollie was annoyed at me she usually let me know about it.  She'd shout, throw things or slam doors; this I could cope with. I didn't like fighting with her, but at least that way I knew where I stood. The 
silence, however, was driving me crazy.

"Mollie..." I began, standing in our bedroom doorway, watching her. sit on the bed, straightening her hair . "I know you're pissed at me, but it's been 3 days now. You can't ignore me forever..."
There was no reply.
"Mollie Please. We've got to talk about this!"
"What's there to talk about Harry?" She asked, without looking at me, still concentrating on her hair.
"I need to know that you're ok with me doing this tour" I explained, walking in to the room and standing by the side of the bed, "I need to know that you're not upset with me!"
"Oh, I'm not upset" 
"You're not?" I asked, surprised but at the same time relieved.
"No...I'm bloody furious!" 
"Oh come on...Don't be like that Mollie..." I exclaimed, "You know I have to go...I don't have a choice, I've signed a contract. The boys can't do the tour without me; we're a team. They need me"
"Yeah...And what about me Harry? Don't you think that I need you? That WE need you...?" Mollie cried, "You can't just piss off on tour for 4 months and abandon us. You're a dad now, you have responsibilities" 
"I know, but I'm still a member of One Direction. I have responsibilities to them too" I reminded her,
"Oh shut up Harry! It's got nothing to do with the One Direction...You just want to run away. You can't handle being a father, So you're using this tour as an excuse to leave!"
I wouldn't have admitted it at the time, but thinking back on it now, she was right; I was running away. And if I was being honest with myself, I suppose I was using the tour as a get out; a way of escaping my responsibilities as a parent. It wasn't because I didn't love our daughter because I did, but the truth was, I was scared! I was 18, I didn't know to be a dad. That's why I thought it was better for everyone if I went on this tour, at least that way I'd be doing something I was actually good at.
"I'm not running away" I argued, even though deep down I knew I was, "I'm just doing my job. I'm in a boy band, I have to go on tour; that's what boy bands do...Do you want me to leave the band? Is that what you want?"
"No, of course I don't Harry. I'd never ask you to give up doing something you love" She assured me, 
"Well why are you trying to stop me from going then?" I asked,
" seems like you're too keen to leave, Like you can't wait to get away from us or something ..." 
"That's ridiculous, I love you, you know I do; Your just making a big deal out of nothing"
"But what about Darcy? How's she going to feel when she realises that her dad is missing"
"She's 6 weeks old" I reminded her, "She won't even notice the difference"
"Of course she will. You're her dad, she needs you"
"No she doesn't, You're the one who does everything for her. You're a natural at being a mom, I  on the other hand; haven't got a clue what I'm doing  I insisted, "Everyone was right about me, I am a crap dad!"
"Oh I see now...This is about those messages on twitter...You're still upset about what they said, aren't you?"

I didn't reply, but my silence seemed to answer her question for her. 

"Harry, the people who sent those messages are just pathetic, don't listen them. They don't know anything about our life; they've got no right to judge you!" Mollie told me, "Besides, there's a lot more people who support you; you get nice messages all the time, saying how beautiful Darcy is and what a great dad you are...But you don't ever read them, you just focus on all the horrible ones"
This was true. I got hundreds of messages every day, but out of all of them, it was the nasty ones that stuck in my head. I knew that I shouldn't let it get to me, but I couldn't help it. I might come across as being confident, but I'm actually a really sensitive person. People just didn't understand how hurtful their words could be.

"It's got nothing to do with twitter, or anything anyone has said"  I lied, "This is about me doing my job, and nothing else. I'm going to miss you
both but I love being in the band, we worked so hard to get where we are, I can't just to walk away from that now..."
"I don't expect you too to walk away Harry"
"Well what do you want me to do then?" I snapped, getting annoyed now. "It's 4 months. I'm not leaving for good!"

Mollie sighed. 
"I know. Your right...I guess I'm just scared of losing you, that's all" She explained, "I'm scared you'll go on this tour with the lads and you'll be so busy, you'll forget about us" 

"Mollie..." I began, sitting down on our bed next to her, taking her hands and looking at her in the eyes. "That will never happen...Ok? Trust me. You and Darcy are my world. You mean everything to me. I could never forget about you...Ever..." I assured her. 
"I know...It's just that...I'm going to miss you so much" She cried. 
"I'll miss you too babe" I told her, stroking her face softy and sweeping her hair behind her ear "But It's not forever, I'll be home before you know it, and I promise I'll call you as often as I can, and if I can't call, I'll text...I'll send you photos of the places we visit and you can send me photos of Darcy...It'll be like we're there with each other the whole time! It's not the same, I know, but at least that way you'll know I'm thinking about you, and I will be. All of the time!"

"I don't want you to phone me, I want you be hear with me!"
"I know, but I can't be...I have to go"
"Well,Take me with you then" Mollie suggested,  
"I'll come on tour with you and the boys" She decided, without really thinking it through.
"Don't be ridiculous, you can't come on tour with us"
"Why not?"
"Because...You're not in the band. You're my girlfriend, and If I took you on tour with us it would just be weird" I explained, "And What about Darcy? Who would look after her while you were away with us?"
"She could come with me. It'll be like  a little family holiday for the 3 of us"
"No...No it wouldn't because I'd be working." I reminded her, "I wouldn't be able to spend any time with the two of you, and you'd get fed up. Besides, I'm not the only one with a girlfriend, Louis and Zayn have girlfriends too, and if I take you that means they should be allowed to take Perrie and Eleanor, and it just wouldn't work. That's exactly why we agreed, we wouldn't bring our girlfriends or our families on tour"

Mollie looked so sad. I felt awful for telling her that she couldn't come, but It could never work. I knew exactly what she wanted; the three of us on some big family adventure across America but she just didn't understand that it wouldn't be like that. I knew she'd be disappointed.

"Look, I tell you what...When we get back and me and the boys have got some time off, I'll book us a holiday" I promised, hoping it would cheer her up, "You, me and Darcy; we'll go away together, Wherever you want to go. And then we can have  a proper family holiday...Just the three of us!"
"Yes, I promise. But right now, I have to focus on the band, and that means I have to go on this tour. I'm sorry. I wish I could take you with me, but I can't. It just wouldn't work. Surely you can see that..."
"Yeah, I guess it would be kind of awkward, your girlfriend and your daughter traveling on the tour bus with you and your bandmates" She admitted, 
"I'm glad you agree" I told her, 
"And like you say it's only 4 months. And you will call me every day...Or at least text, Right?"
"You bet. Even if it means waking up at stupid hours in the morning to accommodate for the time difference" I assured her. 
"Ok, well...I guess I'm just going to have to make the most of of our last few days together, aren't I?" She concluded, 
At that I kissed Molly on the lips,taking her by surprise.  

"What was that for?" She asked, 
"Because your beautiful" I told her, 
She smiled, 
"You're not so bad looking yourself Styles" 
"And because I love you" I said kissing her again. 
"I love you too..." She replied, kissing me back. And for a second, time slowed down. It was like nothing else mattered, it was just about the two of us, and I wanted to stay in that moment forever and never let her go....But Darcy had other plans. 

"Looks like someone's awake" Mollie laughed, as our perfect kiss was interrupted by the cries of our 6-week-old daughter. 
"She can really pick her moments can't she?" I joked. 

Mollie walked over to Darcy's cot and picked her up. As soon as she was in Mollie's arms, she stopped crying instantly. 

"Good morning sweetie" She said, "Did you have a good sleep?...Come on let's go and say good morning to daddy, shall we?"

Mollie wrapped Darcy up in the pink blanket that my mom had given to her when she was born, and brought her over to me. 

"Hello beautiful" I smiled at her, and I swear she smiled back at me.

End Of Chapter.
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