We're Not So Different After All

Author Notes: I dreamed this up so I don't know what to expect. Please be kind to me ^^ Also, this is the first time in a while that I have written as a female in POV. Being a girl myself I have to be good at thing, well that is what I hope. Summary: Eighteen year Betty is a tomboy who loves nothing more than a skate around the park. Along with this she has to put up with her older sister who loves to spend, spend. Betty thought that Penelope would be mature with money now that she is married but her spending is still apparent. Their parents try hard to cut back on expenses but nothing works. Just as their troubles hit breaking point, a royal invite comes through the post. Too bad its an invite for Betty...


2. Second Chapter; Well, He's No Prince Charming

<| Second Chapter |>


|} Well, He's No Prince Charming {|

By the time we landed in Germany, I had to admit that I was extremely tired. Half way through our game of Gold Fish Jackson had fallen asleep leaving me to amuse myself. I decided to listen to some One Direction* and Green Day*. I admit that I have a mix range of music on my ipod since I grew up with parents who had a wide collection to choice from. My mother favoured bands such as Duran Duran* and Take That* whereas my father listened to the Jam* and Madness*. Although I have heard my friends deny it, everyone has to have been influenced by their parents' taste in music. My mother claimed that Babe* sent me off to sleep at night. I don't remember but my father said he almost snapped the disc but he couldn't because of me.

"Woo! We're in our birth country," my brother cheered as he raised his fist in the air in excitement. Maybe napping whilst in the air prevented you from getting jet lag? Oh! Jackson better had taught me that trick or else that would be hell.

"Technology, we're not. We're in Germany and Austria is a completely different country," I managed a small smile despite my exhaustion. I vowed there and then to never board a plane in my life again. Even if I was a baby when we fled our birth country. The circumstances are yet to be clear to me and Jackson. We went to collect our bags as my brother eyed up my summer dress and converse combination.

"Mrs Becker isn't going to like your choice of outfit. When did you change from those adorable dolly shoes you were wearing?" He asked, sounding confused. N'aw! My darling brother was adorable when he was confused, I couldn't snap at him even in my state for sounding so dumb.

"In the taxi. Dad didn't bother in telling me off for packing a pair." Jackson pouted - he actually pouted! - in what seemed annoyance.

"I hate you. Mum hid all of my decent converses! These loafers are so tighttttttt!" Wow, my brother could whine for England I swore he could. Once we collected our bags we went to the front part of the airport (A/N my mind has failed to produce a name of the part where you meet people -,-) where we saw a man holding up a sign that said 'Elizabethan and Jacksonna Tomlinson'. "Who's Jacksonna? Boy, can't they spell my name." He grabbed onto my shoulder, gripping it as he squinted at said sign.

"But you're a straight woman trapped inside a man's body," I reminded him rolling my eyes in amusement. "'Sides, they probably spelt it wrong by accident. It can happen in foreign countries. Don't you listen to Zacharias when he gives us those Geography lectures?" Instead of answering me, Jackson decided it would be good to run towards the man screaming in a high-pitched voice;

"It is I; Jacksonna Tomlinson!" My brother had no dignity I swore down on the back of my palm. "Featuring Elizabethan Tomlinson; my sister," he added in another high-pitched squeal just as he walked past a fragile looking old woman. The woman jumped and turned on the spot, raising her handbag.

"You trying to damage my ear drums, boy?" She bashed him across the back of his head with her handbag. Oh my god! Jackson's grimace was funny; I wish I had my phone out to take a picture and send it to our friends back in England. They would laugh their socks off like I was doing at that exact moment.

"You laughed, you bitch." He whined pointing an accusing finger at me which didn't help me calm down my laughter. It made it worse if anything. I held onto my side as a stitch formed which hurt but I still found myself laughing at my brother.

"Jacksonna and Elizabethan?" The man asked as we finally stopped into front of him. I was still laughing my head off and my brother was currently sulking. This didn't help me at all.

"That's us," I said after I finally managed to calm down and caught my breath. Jackson must know that he is the god of comedy; everyone else did I swore down on my favourite pair of converses. I was wearing them by the way. They were the same colour as my jeans back home. Denim. It also had these metal circles on the side which formed the Union Jack on each converse. Cool, eh? Well, I thought they were so I was never going to part with them. Ever. Not even this queen could stop us.

"Hey, I'm Elizabethan but you may call me Betty; everybody does." I held out my hand which he just looked at.

"I'm Hugo Lawson; Queen Amelia's chauffeur." He looked at Jackson, I could practically see the nerves dancing in his eyes. "This is Jacksonna I presume?"

"Yea, he can pretty much get on people's nerves. Jack, cheer up you'll cause a storm if you continue to sulk." I looked over to my brother. "I hope you cheer up by the time our niece and nephews are born!" Penelope was having triplets. That was so unlucky for her. It meant longer labour and more pain. Ugh! It made cringe just thinking about it.

"They can live; we're in foreign country after all." I nearly face palmed myself. Only my brother could be this embarrassing.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my brother; Jackson Alexandre Tomlinson." That stopped him in his tracks. In fact, he could have tripped up at this point. "Come on, bro, we've got a long car journey ahead of us."


"Betty, we've arrived!" Jackson exclaimed in a sing-song in my ear. I shoved him away and rolled over to get some more sleep. That was when I felt something wet run along the shell of my ear. My eyes flickered open at once and turned over to Jackson. He was already getting out of the car. Did I really fall asleep during the car journey? Oh, well I had to murder someone at the moment.

"Come back here!" I called after him, getting out of the car myself. I chased across the stone foot path. "You can't give me a wet willy and expect to get away with it!" My brother stuck his tongue out at me over his shoulder. I stopped mid-dash as a regal looking woman stepped outside the doors that led indoors. That was also when Jackson crashed into her, staggering back onto the ground.

"I hadn't realised that Sir. Tomlinson had raised a couple hooligans," the woman said as she watched a bashful Jackson struggle to his feet. "Pranks shall not be tolerated in my house, understand?" It was my turn to be bashful because I suddenly knew who my brother had crashed into. It was Queen Amelia. Shit! We were going to be in so much trouble. "Lady Elizabethan what is that on your feet?" I glanced down to see my converse. They were a bit tattered but they were still comfortable. "Well?" I looked back up to reply but a boy, around my age, caught my eye.

"What is all of this commotion?" He asked looking slightly confused. His gaze found mine and he grinned at me. I instantly felt my cheeks heat up. "I see that Lady Elizabethan and Sir Jackson has arrived. Were you two causing such a commotion?" Why did I suddenly feel insulted by this question?

"Fortunately I can let this slide since I have a fair heart," Queen Amelia commented ignoring the boy's questions. "Alfred, why don't you fetch that scattered servant of yours and take Sir Jackson to his room?" Alfred? This rude boy was her grandson! That explained the snobbish behaviour. "As for Lady Elizabethan," she looked at me, "I would love it if you followed me; we have so much to talk about." I bet we did, I thought as I followed her into the grand looking entrance. Man, how was I going to get used to this? More, important, that Alfred was no prince charming that was for sure!


End Note(s):

* Artist(s)/Song(s) [nothing to do with me];

1. One Direction/1D

If no one knows, I'll be seriously upset because I'm (sort of) obsessed with them. They're from different parts of England and one's from Ireland. A boy band that consists of five members who are (& their twitters);

• Louis [Boobear] William Tomlinson = @Louis_Tomlinson

• Harry [Harold] Edward Styles = @Harry_Styles

• Niall [Nialler] James Horan = @OfficialNiall

• Liam [Li-Li] James Payne = @Real_Liam_Payne

• Zayn [Zain - how his name is really spelt] Javedd Malik = @zaynmalik

Go, go follow them! It'll make their day (I hope) *wishes they would follow her* -,- Yea, remember the key words Carrots, Pussy Cats, Nando's, Turtles and Mirrors as they're awesomesauce :D

2. Green Day

My favourite rock band. Google/You Tube them as they are truly amazing. I want to call my son [if I have one] William Joseph so I can call him Billy-Joe for short ^^

3. Duran Duran

A band from the UK; Birmingham to be precise. My mother is always playing their stuff when I'm around hers. My favourite song? 'I'm Hungry Like the Wolf' ^^

4. Take That

Ah, Robbie Williams was my first ever crush [he's been replaced by Niall]. I grew listening to them thanks to, again, my mum. She got to kiss Robbie once be jealous! -,- I know I am. I used to go to sleep by their song Babe. You Tube it or ask your mum since Take That was the One Direction of their day.

5. The Jam

A band that my dad rates. I like them too to be honest. Bands were popular back in the day in fact I think if you could write catchy songs and you could sing/play guitar. It was actually easier too, you needed to get a gig at a bar/club and you'd get scouted. Pretty straight forward me thinks.

6. Madness

A London band, if you don't know Suggs [sp] then you are missing out. You Tube 'House of Fun', 'Our House' and 'Must Be Love'. I'm always singing [terribly] along to them ^^ Oh, and 'Baggy Trousers' is another good one.


- I just realised that Jackson is very hyper and bubbly like Louis Tomlinson from One Direction *giggles* Yea, I tend to annoy people with my 1D knowledge ^^ I think I can annoy with my Harry Potter knowledge too; the amount of information in my brain shocks me :P

Also, due to my sucky Geography knowledge, I believe that Germany and Austria are nowhere near each other. Now that I think about it, Austria has its own airport right? -_-

Chelsea Leigh xx

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