We're Not So Different After All

Author Notes: I dreamed this up so I don't know what to expect. Please be kind to me ^^ Also, this is the first time in a while that I have written as a female in POV. Being a girl myself I have to be good at thing, well that is what I hope. Summary: Eighteen year Betty is a tomboy who loves nothing more than a skate around the park. Along with this she has to put up with her older sister who loves to spend, spend. Betty thought that Penelope would be mature with money now that she is married but her spending is still apparent. Their parents try hard to cut back on expenses but nothing works. Just as their troubles hit breaking point, a royal invite comes through the post. Too bad its an invite for Betty...


1. First Chapter; The Money Problems

<| First Chapter |>

|] The Money Problems [|

« Elizabethan Henrietta Tomlinson's POV »

"Elizabethan, where did you hide your skateboard? We're broke so it has to go!" I heard my father shout from the floor below. I had stashed my board in the attic in the hope of them not finding it. My parents were on a selling spree since our debts were getting unbearable. Why can't they just sell Penelope's processions? She was spoilt by my father and she knew it. Even though my older sister was married and out of the house, she still came back to leech off 'Daddykins'. "Elizabethan, where are you?" My door suddenly opened and my mother was standing there.

"Rick, I found her. Now, Betty, where is your skateboard?" I say nothing because I didn't want to part with it. "Where is it?" She repeated her tone impatient.

"I don't know what you're going on about," I reply as I start to pull at my duvet. She sat down on my bed, forcing me to look at her.

"You do, Elizabethan. Now, where is it?" I shrugged because it is much better than opening my mouth.

"Why don't you sell Penny's shoes? The amount of money Dad has spent on her is ridiculous." My mother pursed her lips before finally giving into me.

"Fine but next time you're not getting away it. Now, come, we need to get dinner prepared; Penelope and Jonathan are coming over too." I groaned because my sister was much worse with her husband as Jonathan would lavish her. It was disgusting. "First of all, why don't you change into one of your summer dresses?" Why did that sound more like a demand than a question? Oh yea, because my mother disliked me wearing baggy jeans and t-shirts that had anime characters on them. Ugh! My family had to be the most annoying of the lot.


Dinner at the Tomlinson household was always the most awkward affair that I had ever had to endure. Firstly, the twins (Zacharias and Jackson) like to throw food around the table. With bits of peas and carrots flying around the dinner is always a disaster. To make the scene much worse was they were actually two thirds of triplets; me being the third of the double trouble. I think our carrot-top heads made things much worse. Trust me, there were times when I contemplated reaching for a bottle and dying these curly locks. Yea, that makes things four times worse.

"Boys," my father screamed over the chaos making the two halt. "You're nineteen soon so act your fucking age!" Wait, five times worse. No father should swear around their children; talk about double standards! "Must I remind you that we're on rations too?" Yea, Dad decided that we had to be careful of what we ate. Stupid money problems!

"Betty, I hear that you've got a boyfriend. How's that going?" Penny asked and I immediately felt my cheeks heat up. I didn't remember having one of those.

"No fair! I'm meant to be the one getting a boyfriend first," Jackson moaned stopping his food fight at last. This was followed by silence as Dad turned his glare from me to the eldest triplet (I was the middle triplet). Jackson had really done it now.

"Bruce," my mother warned in a calm tone. "I did have a word about this, remember?" Another thing about my family was that they had the tendency to butt their noses into other people's business. Penelope was still looking at me, expecting an answer.

"Betty, I asked you a question," she barked impatiently as Zacharias leapt onto the table and cried out. He hated to be the left out on things. It showed well.

"Elizabethan go fetch the door, I'm sure somebody just knocked." Mum cut through any silly remark that Zacharias was trying to cry out loud. Seriously, I doubted it was remotely interesting. I stood up and left the room, there was no point in arguing with my mother. Not with what we were going through; stupid money problems! I walk down the corridor and see that Mum was correct. There was a shadow around the clouded window that told me so. I pulled open the front door and smiled at a man who was wearing a dark blue uniform standing on our doorstep.

"Are you Elizabethan Henrietta Tomlinson?" I nodded, that was my name don't wear it out. Unfortunately, I must point out that I'm not related to Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. It would be nice though, wouldn't it? Especially if you knew Jackson. "I have a letter for you. Also, a Mrs Amelia Francis Becker of Austria will be phoning the master of the house shortly." I nodded once more, not really sure who this Amelia person was.


Once the man had left and the front door was closed, I opened up the letter that I had from the exchange. It had a regal looking mark at the header and an elegant signature at the bottom. It looked too fancy for my taste. Sighing, I sat down the sofa and read through the letter;

'Dear Ms Tomlinson,

It is my greatest pleasure to invite you to the Becker Mansion in Austria. It has been noted that since you were born that you are to marry Sir Alfred Alexandre Becker (my grandson) when you reach the age of nineteen. Of course, due to some mis calculations by my servants, this letter has been sent a little late. We were meant to pick up as soon as you became fifteen. Having said that, I am delighted to invite you and one other person to my home. Choose wisely though as a car should be collecting you in the morning. I hope to see you soon.

Kind regards,

Mrs Amelia Francis Becker

(Queen of Austria)'

I slumped back against the sofa as I re-read the letter. What did this Amelia person mean by I am to marry this Alfred guy? Dad had a lot of explaining to do, that was for sure.

"Elizabethan, what are you doing? We have guests and you're being a rude host." As soon as I spoke of the devil, he had to invade my thoughts, didn't he? I looked away from the letter and glared him. He snatched the letter away from me before I could hide it.

"When were you going to say something and who is this Amelia person?" My father sighed as his eyes rolled over the letter, my letter. If anyone was rude, it was him. He certainly set a bad example for everyone.

"I forgot about this," he mumbled as a look of fear spread along his features. "Helen!" He called over his shoulder, the panic apparent in his voice. "Queen Amelia has wrote to Elizabethan!" My mother came into the living room as soon as he said her name. Whoever she was.

"I told you Bruce, you have to tell her the truth. I told you it would come to this when you didn't explain it to her." Was it just me or was my mum talking in riddles? This wasn't like her at all. "Bruce!" She screamed when my father read the letter again. "Tell her now."

"Hey," I waved my hand in a lame attempt to get their attention. "Would you mind not talking about me as if I'm not in the room? Its making me uncomfortable." Dad sighed and down beside me on the sofa.

"Look, Lizzy, remember when I said we once lived in Germany?" I nodded because it wasn't exactly a secret that we were of German blood. "Well, the truth is they have a secret royal family of their own. Back then we were of noble blood and, well, when you were born it was arranged that you marry the Queen's grandson, her heir to the throne. It seems that I must have forgotten but I moved us here because of work opportunities but now I've lost that job, its hard to keep up. I think you and Jack should go to Austria tomorrow and I'll ring Queen Amelia." I frowned wondering why he would say such a thing. "I can't go back because of things that I can't admit myself."

"I suppose we'd better pack then?" I turned to see Jackson standing at the living room door with the biggest on his face that I have ever seen. "'Sides, I can speak German again so its all good."

"Jack," Mum giggled pulling my brother into one of her famous cuddles; trust me, they were legendary. "Where you're going, you don't need to speak German there. The royal family speak English." He groaned in annoyance by that. Boy, he was a real comedian. "Don't worry though, you'll have to speak to their servants in German though." She looked over to me and grinned. "By the way, Betty, you'll have to consider changing your wardrobe. Queen Amelia dislikes tomboys so no skateboards or converse are allowed." It was my turn to groan; I couldn't live without them! "The same goes for your brother since those things are not appropriate for gentlemen too."

"Lovely," he commented getting out of her cuddle. "C'mon, Betty, your Gok Wan is here to turn into a Princess." He smirked at me making me giggle. Jackson was always full of surprises, this just proved it.


"You guys have got to write!" Zacharias called as we both climbed into the car. His girlfriend, Gina, had come around to see us off. So had Jamie, Felix, Sapphire and Grace actually but they had the decency to give the two of a good old fashioned hug. Just as we were about to leave Felix thought it was a good idea to 'plant one' on Jackson's lips. My poor brother didn't know how to respond since it was his first kiss.

"So are you going to miss your 'boyfriend'?" I grinned at him as soon as we found our seats on the plane. We were travelling first class can you believe it? Despite my amusement, I was still angry at Dad for not mentioning my engagement a long time ago. I mean that was big news for a girl like me!

"Quiet Betty! I've never snogged anyone before and I had no idea that Felix fancied me." Of course he didn't but I knew for a fact my brother liked him. It was obvious since he always spoke of the other male whenever we played cards in the den. His facial expression also gave it away.

"I wonder if you'll meet someone new in Germany?" I suddenly asked because it was a possibility. Jackson shrugged as he pulled out a familiar deck of cards. "You do know that Dad's going to ape when he finds out you've pinched his cards?" He shrugged, a grin aligning his lips.

"So? It'll stop him from gambling money away. Either way we get to play cards whilst they can pay off what they can." I had to smile at that. Even though Jackson could be so silly at times, there was a mature side of him which I truly loved. "Right, Gold Fish?" He asked as he shuffled the cards. He so knew my favourite game too. Oh wait, that was the only game I knew how to play. Maybe this arranged marriage was a good idea after all?



Apologises if its so short. Also, new story! I know, I know, I need to stop and focus on finishing my other ones but I couldn't help it D';

Votes/Comments would make me smile; just saying ;) I wanted to do something different which is why I did this. I actually want a dude like Jackson to appear in my life because, well, he's a mixture of what I like in a guy.

Also, what do you lovely people think so far? Sorry there's no cover. I don't know what to do for this one. Suggestions are appreciated as always ;)

Chelsea Leigh xx

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