I'm With The Band

This story is somewhat of a continuing story of BethanyHoran 's imagine for me! :D
Niall and Lexie have always been best friends. She is normal. Not famous at all. But she will be once people find this out...


~That was my Louis Tomlinson moment for today. Hehe. If you aren't, or just became a Directioner, you wouldn't understand~

That is all

Thank you,
-Lexie Horan


2. Waking the boys up

(A/N) Okay, I have Author notes. Throughout the story, each beginning chapter will be in Lexie's POV, unless it says somebody else's POV. There won't be many author notes. Thank you. -Lexie


Last night, the boys slept over. I was fine with it, but they have an interview today at like 9:30. It's already 7:00. I looked over at Harry, who had his head on my left shoulder, Niall, who had his head on my right shoulder, Zayn, who was asleep on the chair, Liam, who was sleeping on the floor, and Louis, who was clinging onto him like a child, being carried by his mother, holding on so tightly, because he is afraid of being dropped. I kissed Niall and Harry's foreheads, "Wake up." Niall didn't move, but Harry jumped up. I giggled. He's so stupid. I smiled, "You liked that?" He nodded. I laughed. It was already 7:30. Geez. I ran over to Zayn, and poured cold water on his hair. He jumped out of the chair, shivering, "What the heck, bro!!!" I smiled, "First, I'm not a 'bro', second, I had to wake you up! And third, you will get to have my hands in your hair and on your face. Because I know you love when you're getting your hair and makeup done." He smiled and grabbed my waist, "Naw. I love you." I leaned in, looking like I was gonna kiss him, he leaned in too, and then ran out of his arms. I ran over to Niall, and sat in his lap, "Save me!" He woke up, "Wha?" I cleanched onto him, scared of what Zayn was going to do. I didn't want him to kiss me. Zayn walked over to me, grabbed me, and hugged me tightly. I gasped, "Zaynnnn!!!!!!" He laughed, and kissed my cheek, "Come on, Lexie. Lighten up." I was freazing, "I....I....bye." I ran to my room and grabbed my robe. I was freazing. I ran downstairs next to the boys, and I screamed, "LOUIS. LIAM. GET YOUR ARSES UP!!!!!!!!" They looked up at me, "Lexie." I rolled my eyes, "Stop. It's 8:00! You are suppose to BE at the interview at 9:30, making us LEAVE at 8:30. Do you know what that means?! It means you're late! I am going to dry my hair and put on my real clothes. Liam, you are in charge. I give you permission to slap them." Okay, I admit that was a little harsh, I'm never mean like that!! I am really nice. But sometimes they make me so mad I just want to tell them off.

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