I'm With The Band

This story is somewhat of a continuing story of BethanyHoran 's imagine for me! :D
Niall and Lexie have always been best friends. She is normal. Not famous at all. But she will be once people find this out...


~That was my Louis Tomlinson moment for today. Hehe. If you aren't, or just became a Directioner, you wouldn't understand~

That is all

Thank you,
-Lexie Horan


1. Intro

My name is Lexie Carter. I am One Direction's stylist. I get to touch Harry's curls, hear Niall's laugh, watch Louis piss Liam off, Liam act like the Daddy Direction everybody knows and loves, and watch Zayn look at himself in the mirror everyday. I go with them everywhere. Concerts, photoshoots, interviews, you name it. Niall and I even share a flat. I guess it would be safe to say that I get on well with Niall because he's my age. Well, they all are my age. I'm actually 18. My birthday is August 5th tho. I love my job. Do I get hate? Well not anymore. Niall and Harry took to Twitter when they saw me crying on the floor of my room that was trashed. My room is never dirty. I have to clean Niall's room sometimes... not a pretty sight. Niall and Harry stood up for me because they think I'm like thier baby. I need to be protected, even tho I could probably beat Niall up if I really wanted to. Ummm... this is just my daily life story I guess.

But one thing changed my life.



Keep reading,


Lexie Carter


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