I'm With The Band

This story is somewhat of a continuing story of BethanyHoran 's imagine for me! :D
Niall and Lexie have always been best friends. She is normal. Not famous at all. But she will be once people find this out...


~That was my Louis Tomlinson moment for today. Hehe. If you aren't, or just became a Directioner, you wouldn't understand~

That is all

Thank you,
-Lexie Horan


3. Interview

I ran to get dressed. When I came back downstairs, the boys were ready to go, but fell back asleep. I walked over to Niall, and sat on his lap, "Nialler... please wake up. We got to go." He streached for a minute, then smiled, "Alright, I'll be in the car." I got out of his lap, and walked over to wake up Harry, "Harold. Get up." He nodded, getting up, and almost knocking into the stairs, "I'm okay." I walked over to Zayn, and whispered, "Wake up, or I will not fix your hair again and you will look like an ugly hobo." His eyes widened, "You wouldn't!" I smiled, "Try me." He nodded and got up, running the the car. Louis was next. I leaned down next to him, "Wake up please. I'll give you a carrot." He smiled and got up. Then Liam. He was easy. I just had to ask him nicely to wake up. He smiled and kisssed my cheek. Finally. Everything was in line.


When we got to the interview, it was 9:00. I had 5 minutes to do Harry's hair, 5 for Liam, 5 for Louis, 5 minutes for Niall's, and 10 for Zayn's. I walked over to my assistant's chair, and smiled, "Hey, Sarah." She smiled, "Hey, Lex. Want me to work on somebody's hair or makeup?" I bit my lip, I completely forgot about makeup, "Ummm...do Zayn's makeup, while I do Harry's hair." She nodded, and walked over to Zayn. Soon, everybody's hair was finished. Yay. My job can get hecktic, but I love it. I wouldn't trade it for anything. The interview was almost over, and I was sitting in the audience. I may be all up in their faces, and everything, but at the end of the day, I'm just a normal Directioner. Okay, maybe not normal... 

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