National Televison Awards 2012: Review of 2012<3

Back at the beginning of last year I had the idea of creating a fanbook to give to the cast of Downton Abbey. Here is the account of that incredible night for my review of 2012 competiton entry <3


1. NTAs 2012 Meeting Allen Leech and Sophie McShera: Review of 2012

National Television Awards 2012-Best.Day.Of.My.Life <3

Hey Downtonians!

Even though ive already put about it im going to write a bit about the whole day.

Okay so as you all know i made a fanbook to give to the cast of Downton with messages, pictures, edits and blogs from downtonians from all over the world. The first post i made was in October and ive had all this time to put it together but did i start it early? No, i wish i did but i guess i work better to a tighter deadline and if im completely honest im really really happy with the finished product even if i didnt fiinish it till 11.45 on Tuesday Night(the night before the NTA`s when i had to be up at 5 the next morning.)

Despite all of this i got it done and was really happy with it. I woke up at 5am (to get ready for 6 as that was the time our taxi was book for us to get our bus to London) yesterday morning hoping that i would get to meet them and give them it. Me and Lucy had a 3 hour coach journey ahead of us which took forever because of the traffic.

We finally arrived at Victoria Coach Station at 9.30am and headed straight to the Train Station to the Underground to North Greenwich only to find out that the Jubilee line wasnt at Victoria, we then had to go one stop up to Green Park to get on the Jubilee line and then began the 8 stop tube journey to North Greenwich.

We arrived at the 02 Arena at 10.30 and went straight round to the place where we were told to get wristbands, there were already people queing and we found out that one person had been queing since 5am!

Then began the 3 and a half hour wait until we got our wristbands. Which in this time Me and Lucy took it in turns going to the toilet and to get Starbucks. During this time i also sat and looked at the fanbook properly and read all the messages and met other people who were going on the red carpet including some Take That Fans which we found out knew our friend Sophie who is also a huge Take That fan and some girls who missed there GCSE exam to get on the red carpet.

After the 3 and a half hour wait we were then lead into a big room filled with barriers where we waited for another half hour before the wristbands were finally given out. There were rumours going around that we had to stay where we were and werent allowed to go and get something to eat but we found out that we could aslong as we werent gone for too long.

We then went to TGI Fridays for some lunch and then went back to que before being taken around to the red carpet at around 4.30. We got to the front of the que at the beginning where the celebrities got out of there cars and were the first to greet them.

At around 5.15 the press and PR came and took there places and at 5.30 the stars began to arrive and began an amazing night.

I saw and got pictures of Anthony Cotton, Ant McPartlin, John Partridge, Jake P Shepard, Dave Berry, Fearne Cotton, Tom Ellis and Keith Lemon.

At around 6.15 my night was about to become better. Suddenly Sophie McShera and Allen Leech began to walk down the red carpet, i had to look twice to check it was them. Then began the screaming of trying to get them over. It wasnt until their PR saw that i had the book that they came over.

`Definately Downton` Allen said. I then began to explain that i had created the fanbook with messages from fans all over the world he seemed really impressed saying `Thats great, this is amazing`. I then asked him for a picture and he replied ofcourse, i then asked if he could take it and he again replied with ofcourse. He took it but it didnt come out as you can see from the picture below.

He then went to take another one and askec Sophie to get in it in which she replied `No, she only wants you` in which i replied `No, its fine` and Allen took another picture of us three (which i cant seem to find on my camera).

Instead i took one of him on his own and it came out really well, my best picture of the night as you can see below.

He then asked if i got it and i said yeah HE THEN WINKED AT ME!!! ALLEN FUCKING LEECH WINKED AT ME!!!

I then said that they could keep it and Allen said `We can take this?` In which Sophie added `Seriously? No Way, Thankyou` and handed it to their PR. MY LIFE WAS MADE!!

Thankyou so much to Lucy who recorded and edited the video for me this morning!

We then finished the red carpet, meeting more stars until we realised the time and that we better start going it and finding our seats.

We got in the 02 and found our seats which we amazing but even better because of the zoom on my camera. Below is a pic of how close we were without the zoom on my camera.

The show then began with Ant and Dec and Brucie opening the show and with Dermot being sexy as ever presenting the show. What an amazing job he did.

Awards we being given out the award i really cared about was ofcourse Best Drama as our beloved Downton was up for the award. THEY ONLY WENT AND WON!! i was over the moon, to the point where you could probably hear me screaming on the TV.

It was a shame that Dan,Michelle, Jess and Joanne werent there though but i was happy with who was there. The speech was amazing and i think the bit were Sophie said Thankyou to the audience might have been aimed at me because of the fanbook. I may be wrong but thats just what i like to think.

The rest of the show and night was absolutely amazing!

We just got back to Victoria Bus Station in time to get the 11.30 bus home arriving back at Dover for 2.00am this morning. We were knackered but getting up at 5 was so worth it.

I completed my mission of giving the cast the fanbook and i met Alllen Leech and Sophie McShera in the process. BEST.DAY.EVER <3


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