Valentines day


1. The best day of my life

I was looking at my phone, when I got a text from my friend Emma. 'Hey, meet at Starbucks in 10 minutes?' I started writing back when I walked into someone and tripped. "Oh my God. Are you okay?" The person I fell into turned around and I saw it was him.. I never imagined meeting him her of all places. "It's okay, let me help you" He helped me stand up and asked if I were okay falling straight on my hands. I looked at them, and well let's just say they weren't bleeding, so I was 'okay' .. "Hi, I'm Sanne by the way, what's your name?" I asked. "Hi, I'm Niall." Yes, it was Niall from One Direction. "I'm sorry I bumped into to you." I looked down saying it. He used his hand to take my face up a bit, making me looking into his beautiful blue eyes. "It's okay" He said while removing his hand. He was about to urn around and go when I stopped him. "Wait!.." He turned back to look into my eyes. "Yes?" He said. "Can I get your autograph? I am a big fan." He smile with a charming smile. "Yes, of course you can. Do you have a pen?" I gave him a pen I always have in my pocket. "Where shall I write?" He asked. OMG? Where should he write..? Ehm.. AHA!! "You can write on my shirt" YES!! It was completely white anyway. "Okay, but how about a massage and an autograph?" He asked me. "Sure, thanks."

When he was done we said goodbye and I took my phone and saw '3 missed calls' I called Emma up. She picked up immediately. "Where are you? Are you okay? I was so worried when you didn't text me back!" She kept talking.. "EMMA!!" She finally stopped. "Listen.. I'm fine okay.. I accidently bumped into a guy and we started talking and I will tel you the rest when I get to Starbucks, I am almost there. Okay?" "Okay, but hurry!" Then she hung up. I turned around the corner and saw the Starbucks, where Emma was.

I went inside, went to the dicks, ordered a coffee and sat down across Emma. "So tell me what happened." I smiled, took a deep breath and told her. "Okay. What happened was..." and after a while... "... so he wrote on my shirt and left. But I haven't seen what it says yet so ... shall we?" She just sat there for a while, not saying a word... "Emma?" "YES!!! Show me!" She almost yelled. "Shhh.. Not so loud..." "Sorry.." I took of my jacket and she read out loud because I couldn't see it, it was on my stomach and I'm not very good at reading upside-down. Her words were like a whisper, which I was glad about. "It says 'Hi Sanne. Nice to meet you today. You are a very nice and beautiful girl. Let's meet again someday. Hugs Niall' and his number is here too!" "What?! Really?.." Why would he.. "Call him!" She had written his number on a napkin, so I could read it. "O-okay then.." I picked up my phone and the napkin and dialed the number in and pressed 'Call'. It biped twice and someone picked up. "Hallo this is Niall." "H-hi Niall. It's Sanne." "Oh hallo there." "I just wanted to let you know that ehm.. I read the message.. Well if I haven't I probably wouldn't call.. Anyway.. I would love to meet again someday.." I heard a laughter. "What is it?" I asked him. "It's nothing. But that sounds great. Are you free tomorrow " Wait.. But that's .. That's on valentines day... "Hallo? Sanne?" "Yeah, I'm still here..." "So what do say?" He asked. "Sure, I'd love to" "Great. Then text me your address and I will text you time" "Okay, I will. Bye" "Bye, see you" I hung up, and just sat there for a while.. Niall James Horan from One Direction just asked me on a date on valentines day!? I can't believe this.. My dream is finally coming true.. I told Emma about the conversation, and she became loud.. Screaming, yelling.. I had to get out. "I need to go.." And then I left.. I couldn't take it anymore.. I picked up my phone and wrote a text to Niall with my address. 

I got home and saw that Niall had written a text saying he'ill be here at 11 tomorrow.. I can't believe tomorrow is my first date with Niall .. I went early to bed, so I could get some rest.. 

The next day I got ready and was almost finished. I looked in the mirror and checked that I didn't miss anything. I had shorts and a t-shirt on, because is was a very hot day. My make-up wasn't much: a little mascara and some eye shadow. My hair was in a ponytail. I had a little handbag for all my stuff.

The doorbell rang.. I ran downstairs, got my shoes and went to open the door. "Hallo beautiful" He said with a big smile on his face. "Hi" I said looking down a bit, because I blushed at his words. "Shall we?" He asked. I nodded and locked the door and went after him to his car. We drove for 10 minutes and then I saw that we were going to an amusement park. What fun that will be. 

There was a long line so it took us about 10 minutes to get in. "Are you thirsty?" Niall asked. "A bit" I answered. So we went to get some drinks. "So what do you wanna try first?" I asked him. "How about that one?" He said pointing towards one of the big ones. I smiled and said. "Sure, it seems fun" We finished our drinks and went over to the roller coaster he pointed at. 

After half a day in the amusement park, it was now five o'clock. "Do you want to get something to eat?" "Yes." After dinner we went to a park to talk a walk, and it took so long to finish our food that the sun was now setting. "Wow, the sun sure is beautiful tonight" "Yeah.." I noticed he was looking at me so I looked at him too. He suddenly came closer, and closer until he stood right next to me laying his arm around my shoulder. I looked into his eyes and felt drawn to his lips. Before I realized it, his lips touched mine. Suddenly my body just moved on it's own, my one hand found his hair and the other rested on his chest, while his arms were holding me tight. Butterflies grew bigger and bigger in my stomach. It was unbelievable, I am now kissing Niall Horan from One Direction. It was the best day of my life.

The kiss ended, but I didn't want it to be. I wish it was him and me forever, but I guess I am just dreaming. We went to his car and he drove me home. We stood in front of each other and were about to say goodnight. "Thank you for today it was fantastic." I said to him. "Yeah it was. You want to do it again sometime?" What did he just say? He want to go on a second date? "Yeah, that sounds fun" It took everything inside me not to scream.. "Great, but I should go. I'll call you." He said. "Okay, goodnight." I was about to turn around when he kissed me on the cheek. I smiled and he came close to me again. I knew that a kiss was coming, and it did. When he pulled a part, all I wanted to do was kiss him again. He went to his car and drove away. That indeed was the best day of my life..

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