Tom Days-A Tom Hiddleston One Shot

A/N: For the anon who posted about the Tom Days prompt this one is for you, hope I’ve written it justice and to your expectations. I wanted to add in a bit of back-story about the OC and Tom met before getting to the prompt so please stick with it also I apologise for any typos or tense errors. Hope you enjoy it darling. Lots of love from me, hiddlesandmcavoy (Emily). <3


1. Tom Days <3

Tom Days-A Tom Hiddleston One Shot




A/N: For the anon who posted about the Tom Days prompt this one is for you, hope I’ve written it justice and to your expectations. I wanted to add in a bit of back-story about the OC and Tom met before getting to the prompt so please stick with it also I apologise for any typos or tense errors. Hope you enjoy it darling. Lots of love from me, hiddlesandmcavoy (Emily). <3


You’d been a fan of Tom Hiddleston long before you had met and began a relationship with him. Way before you met him you would have days which you called `Tom Days` where you would sit in your pjs or sweats and watch his films whilst eating his favourite pudding or listening to his favourite music, his `Song of the Day` he recommended on his Twitter whilst reading his favourite poems or Shakespeare plays and sonnets.


Even after you had met him and begun going out with him you would still have your `Tom Days`, especially when he was away filming, it was somehow a comfort to you, knowing that you could curl up on the sofa and let his beautiful face and his English accent, like velvet, fill the room, either as Freddie Page in `The Deep Blue Sea` or F.Scott.Fitzgerald in `Midnight in Paris`. He didn’t know you had these days ofcourse and you didn’t plan on him finding out.


You had been a fan of his since going to see Midnight in Paris at the cinema. You had always loved the work of Fitzgerald, rereading The Great Gatsby over and over again and you couldn’t wait to see how his story was portrayed on screen. The actor played him exactly how you had imagined him. You only wish he had been in the film more. You had to stay till the end to find out who played him as that was pure talent right there. Tom Hiddleston.


After that trip to the cinema you went home and watched the rest of his filmography, Oakley in Unrelated, Edward in Archipelago, John Plumptree in Miss Austen Regrets, Loki in Thor and later The Avengers, Captain James Nicholls in War Horse, Henry IV and V in The Hollow Crown and lastly Freddie Page in Terrance Davies adaption of The Deep Blue Sea.


It was Tom`s portrayal of Freddie that made you feel pure emotion for a character, you hadn’t experienced that in a long time. You had to meet this man, this man that had captured your heart, not only with his impeccable acting talent but with his charming looks.









Those piercing blue green eyes that could see into your soul, those magnificent cheekbones, those gorgeous big hands with perfect long slender fingers, oh how you wanted to feel those hands in yours. His beautifully sculptured face that looked absolutely beautiful with or without stubble and ofcourse his hair, whether his natural blonde and curly state, dark black for his portrayal of Loki or browny ginger, it always shone in the sunlight. You could have sworn he was an angel sent down from heaven.


You were surprised when your friend Kayleigh invited you to the press night of The Bodyguard. As a journalist she could get into any of the up and coming events and she had decided to invite you as her plus one.


You weren’t really one for dressing up and going to events, you much preferred to have a lazy day in your sweats or pjs with your head in a good book. Either way you got dressed up in your little black dress, hailed a cab and went and met Kayleigh outside the theatre entrance.


It was there, in the theatre foyer that you saw him. Standing at the bar dressed in black trousers, a white dress shirt, grey tie and black blazer jacket and dress shoes, his hair a light brown mop upon his gorgeous head, a few loose curls here and there. Tom Hiddleston. The man you had admired for so long was only a few inches away from you. The waiter handed him two glasses of champagne, he smiled and thanked him before flashing a smile in your direction and heading back to his party.


The lights that signalled the performance would be starting soon went off before you could even comprehend that Tom Hiddleston just smiled at you. You downed your last drop of champagne before placing it on the side of the bar and heading into the theatre. This proved a struggle in itself with a big group of journalists and press pushing and shoving to get inside. You really wished you were at home right. You must have said that out loud as you heard a `me too` coming from behind you. You would know that voice anywhere, butterflies began to form in the pit of your stomach knowing that Tom Hiddleston was somewhere behind you.


Just then one of the journalists pushed you so far forward that you would have fell straight to the floor, face first if it wasn’t for the two strong arms on your shoulders that were pulling you backwards, out of the crowd of journalists and back over to the bar. You were placed on a stool, a glass of champagne infront of you. You picked up the glass of champagne taking a sip before you felt eyes watching you. Once you’d plucked up the courage and looked up you were met with the most beautiful blue green eyes. The eyes of one Tom Hiddleston. It was as though he could see into your soul. This was enough alone for you to look straight down into your lap. You’d waited to meet him for so long and now he was here, right infront of you and you hadn’t a clue what to say to him.






It wasn’t long before you felt two long fingers come under your chin forcing you to look back up at him. When you finally did you saw a look of concern etched on his face. After a while of staring into each others eyes you glanced away looking anywhere else but at this handsome man infront of you.


Journalists had begun to find there way into the theatre by now, in a more orderly fashion than before it seemed. You were pulled out of your daydream by a hand on your knee. You looked up automatically, Tom`s hand remained firmly where it was as he spoke with such a genuine tone in his gorgeous English accent. `Darling, I am so sorry that you got caught up in all that hussle and bustle, I`m guessing that you’re not much one for big crowds of people or going on the tube` he said with a little ehehe. That laugh, his laugh, the laugh you had heard so many times in interviews was so much nicer in real life.


You laughed too. Please let this come out properly and not in one big fangirl mess you thought before replying `There’s no need to be sorry, Tom, you’re right, I`m not one for crowds, i`d much rather go shopping on a weekday when everyone is at work and I prefer to go by taxi or walk. I mean I prefer to walk around London and take in the view than get squished and all sweaty on the tube`. He laughed his ehehe. `Something you’re not telling me, dear` he asked. What could he possibly mean? It was then that you realised, you had called him Tom without even realising. You hid your face in your hands. Oh my god, how embarrassing. Way to go by not coming across as a fangirl. Tom removed your hands from your face, looking into your eyes again. The final bell signalled letting everyone know the performance was about to start.


You jumped off the stool grabbing your bag wanting to get away from this embarrassment. Tom stood. `Now then, darling, as you apparently know my name and who I am, it only seems fair that you tell me yours and allow me to escort you into the theatre and to your seat.`

`Hannah` you stutter a blush forming on your cheeks. With that Tom took your hand and placed a kiss on the back of it before lacing your arm through his and escorting you to your seat, which so happened to be right next to his.


It seemed as though Kayleigh had played a little trick on you knowing that Tom would be here and thought she’d play matchmaker. Either way you were kind of grateful to her for it. You tried your best to concentrate through the performance but it didn’t help that Tom kept stealing glances at you the whole way through. One thing was for sure, you were certainly glad you weren’t one of the many journalists having to write a review with Tom Hiddleston sat next to you.


At the end of the performance you skipped the after party and to dinner with Tom instead as he had insisted on wanted to get to know you better. A few months later you had begun dating and now a year after that first encounter you were still going strong. It was hard at times with Tom being away filming. He had asked you to move in with him after only six months but it felt right.






It was weird being in his house, well your house, the house you now share together, when he wasn’t around. It felt empty without him. This was what Tom days were for.


With Tom being away filming and not expecting him home for a few days you thought today would be a perfect day for a Tom Day. You had made sure that you topped up on his favourite pudding, chocolate angel delight, got your hidden stash of Tom DVDs out from their hiding place aswell as your iPod with the playlist of Tom`s songs of the day and Tom`s copy of Shakespeare’s Henry V, Romeo and Juliet and one of his many poetry books he owned from the bookshelf for a day of Tom.


You put on your pink spotted pajamer bottoms and matching silk top, Tom`s favourite and settled on the sofa with a duvet, placing Midnight in Paris in the DVD player and going back in time to 1920s Paris repeating all of Tom`s lines as F.Scott Fitzgerald. Even though there weren’t many as he wasn’t in it as much as you would have liked you still knew them all by heart as you’d seen the film so many times.


After coming back to reality from 1920s Paris you went into the kitchen and made yourself a cup of tea before taking Tom`s favourite chocolate angel delight pudding out of the fridge and heading back into the living room and putting `The Deep Blue Sea in the DVD player. You would certainly need the pudding and tea and the box of tissues that were on the wooden table in the middle of the room for this one as you couldn’t watch it without crying.


It wasn’t long before you were in tears at the end scene where Freddie leaves Hester and had to pause it. That end scene always got to you and you hoped Tom would never leave you like Freddie had Hester. It broke your heart everytime you watched it. You loved Tom so much and the thought of being without him was a thought you just couldn’t bare.


You wiped your eyes taking your mug and empty bowl of chocolate angel delight out to the kitchen before coming back into the living room, putting your iPod on the dock and letting Tom`s playlist fill the room. You had a chuckle to yourself when the first songs that came on was Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira. You remember watching the interview like it was yesterday, the interview where he admitted that he had Hips Don’t Lie and Miami on his iPod.


You skipped to the next song. `I Will Wait` by Mumford and Sons before setting back on the sofa with Tom`s copy of poetry flicking to your favourite poem `As I Walked Out One Evening` by DW Auden. It was your favourite poem for Tom to read you even more so when you found out he had read it and it had been put on Youtube.


You sat reading it trying to imagine him there with you reading it to you, cuddled up on the sofa listening to his heartbeat. Oh how you missed him so. You must have fallen asleep or been dreaming because you could feel butterfly kisses being placed on your forehead, eyelids, cheeks and lips and Tom reading As I walked out one evening out loud. `Tom` you moaned. You slowly opened your eyes blinking a few times, gathering your surroundings as Tom came into view. You shot up from your laying position, now sitting cross legged on the sofa, Tom kneeling on the floor next to you.



“Tom, what are you doing here?” you asked surprised.

“I came home as we finished filming early and thought I’d surprise you, darling. It seems you wanted to surprise me too. It’s not everyday you come home to your face paused on the TV screen, your poetry books in your girlfriends lap and your favourite music being played in the background”. You Belong to Me by Jo Stafford was now playing quietly in the background.

 “Oh my god, how embarrassing. Tom, I can explain”. You went to open your mouth but no words would come out. A smirk played on Tom`s lips.

“Did someone miss me, darling?” Tom smirked.

“Maybe…maybe just a little” you smiled.

“It seems like you missed me more than a little bit, love, unless you always watch my films when I`m not here?” you blushed.

“I may do” you replied casually. Tom smiled. A smile that reached his eyes.

“Oh my love, I am flattered” you smiled. Tom placed the palm of his hand on your cheek, caressing your face. “Ive missed you too, why have you been crying, dear?” you looked down sheepishly.

“How can you tell?”

“Because you have mascara running down your face” Tom now came and sat next to you on the sofa. “Come here, darling, come and tell me what’s the matter and what’s got you so upset”. You cuddled into his side breathing in his scent, a mixture of his Armani aftershave and Tom smell. How you had missed him so.

“Before I met you, as you know, I was already a huge fan of you work seeing you in Midnight in Paris and then watching the rest of your work and I somehow really sympathised with your portrayal of Freddie and I never could watch the end scene without crying, but since I met you and have had a relationship with you, I cry even more at that last scene because I worry that you’ll leave me just like Freddie did to Hester”. The tears were cascading down your face now. You just love Tom so much and the thought of him leaving you was just too horrible to even think about.

“Oh my darling girl, look at me” Tom places one of his hands to your neck to pull you from his side to look at him.

“I will never leave you, darling, atleast not on purpose. I love you will all my heart and far too much to even imagine my life without you. You have to understand I don’t leave you on purpose; it’s just what my job requires. I miss you so much when I`m not with you and just because I have love scenes with other women and because I walked out on Rachel’s character it doesn’t mean I will do that to you. It’s not real, it’s acting, it’s a job, darling. Do you want to know the thing I look forward to most about my day? Coming home to you because I don’t have to worry about acting or my appearance, I can just be myself, I`m not Tom Hiddleston the actor, I`m just Tom, your Tom who enjoys cooking and reading poetry to my gorgeous, beautiful girlfriend who I love with all my heart, who’s breathing and heartbeat I enjoy listening to as she falls asleep in my arms, in our bed after making love”. You couldn’t help but smile at this. He is so sweet, such a gentleman. You are so lucky to have him and he had reassured you that he loved and would never leave you.










“Now, there’s the smile I love” Tom said wiping away your tears. You smiled placing a kiss on his lips. It wasn’t long before the kiss began to get heated. Tom pulled away placing his forehead against yours. You moaned at the loss of contact.


“What do you say we sit and cuddle up on the sofa for a while whilst I sit and read to you, I’ll then make you dinner and then we can go to bed and then I can show you how much I have missed you and how much I love you. How does that sound darling?”

“Perfect, Tom.Thankyou”

“I love you, Hannah, darling.

“I love you too, Tom” you smile placing another kiss on his lips before snuggling up to him and listening to his heartbeat and rise and fall of his breathing as he reads to you.


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