The Day Off: Tom Hiddleston One Shot

A/N: Hello darlings, this was a one shot I came up with whilst talking to my friend and fellow Hiddlestoner, Laura on Twitter. We were talking about how perfect Tom was and how I`m sure he would disagree and that his fans may see only the perfect face and not the fact that he is a normal human being with flaws. So this a little one shot about Tom`s flaws for my friend Laura Edwards @Girlsintheback <3


1. The Day Off <3

The Day Off: Tom Hiddleston One Shot


A/N: Hello darlings, this was a one shot I came up with whilst talking to my friend and fellow Hiddlestoner, Laura on Twitter. We were talking about how perfect Tom was and how I`m sure he would disagree and that his fans may see only the perfect face and not the fact that he is a normal human being with flaws. So this a little one shot about Tom`s flaws for my friend Laura Edwards @Girlsintheback <3


It seemed like ages since I’d properly seen Tom. Even though he came home every evening he was usually so tired from filming that he ate and went to bed or we’d curl up on the sofa to watch TV or a movie and he’d soon be asleep.


He’d recently been busy filming Thor 2 and seemed like ages since he had had a day off and ages since I’d actually got to wake up beside him. I always seemed to wake up to an empty bed and a note by my bedside saying he had to be on set early, that he was sorry (he was always apologising, that was one of his flaws) and was looking forward to spending his day off with me in a few weeks time. That day was today.


I awoke to just a little bit of the duvet around me. No surprise there, Tom always seemed to knick it and i`d constantly fight with him to get it back. Many of his fans would say he was perfect and had no flaws, if I was to look at our relationship from the outside I’d agree with that, but from the inside and having been living with him for the past year you begin to realise his flaws. Tom was no exception, yes Tom Hiddleston does have flaws and knicking the duvet along with apologising for everything were just a few of them. I loved him for them all the same.


I can`t complain however, as when he left early in the morning I always found that he covered me back over with the duvet no matter how much I had fought him for it in the night. Bless him.


With barely any cover and beginning to get cold I took this as my queue to get up and make the tea. A rule within our household that whenever Tom was home whoever was up first made the tea and as I was up first I took it as my turn. I took my dressing gown off the hook before putting it on and tying it round my waist and walking over to wear Tom was sleeping. He was in a peaceful sleep, his bare back rising and falling as he slept. I placed a kiss on his forehead before turning to go downstairs and put the kettle on.


As I was about to leave, Tom grabbed my arm and stirred. “Darling” he moaned sleepily opening his eyes. I turned around to face him “Morning Tom” I smiled. “Go back to sleep I was just going to make the tea”.

“What time is it?”

“About 7, you must be shattered, go back to sleep I’ll go make the tea”


Tom sat up in bed exposing his bare chest. “Why are you up so early?” Tom looked down at the duvet around him. He smirked. “I woke up because I was cold because someone stole the cover…again!” I was meant to look seriously at him but Tom has one of those faces that when he looks at you you can’t help but melt, a smile automatically forming on your face.


I`m sorry darling, please come back to bed, I’ve missed waking up to you and I never actually got to do that this morning.” He always knew what to say even when I wanted to be mad at him, with a face like his I couldn’t. I smiled walking round to my side and getting back into bed. “Good morning, love” he smiled at me before leaning in to place a kiss on my lips. I cuddled up to his naked chest placing my hand above his torso. “Ive missed waking up next you”

“Me too, darling, I`m sorry I haven’t been around much recently”. I smiled.

“That’s okay, I know you’ve been busy filming, I just long for these days when we can just enjoy each others company” he kissed my forehead. “I love you, darling”.

“I love you too, Tom, so much” I looked up into his shiny blue tired eyes leaning in to kiss him. He deepened the kiss making me moan into his mouth. He pulled away after a short while making me whimper at the loss of contact. “Ive especially missed this” I smiled. “Me too”


We spent the morning in bed proving how much we’d missed each other. At around 11:30 we both got up having decided that we both needed our morning tea and breakfast, well brunch, after our morning of lovemaking.


We decided to go out for brunch as we was going out anyway, to spend Tom`s day off together in London, the city we called home, walking along Southbank and taking in the beautiful surroundings that neither of us had been able to experience in what felt like a long while, our regular trip to the cinema whenever Tom had a day off and out to dinner before coming home and curling up infront of the TV.


I took a shower and got dressed in my jeans and grey hoodie while Tom sent some emails.


We were out the door by 12:30 strolling down the streets of London hand in hand. It was nice to just be a normal couple for the day, not having to worry about anything.


Conversation flowed over brunch, mainly about Tom`s filming, filling me in on the mishaps and fun on set and how my writing was going. Having studied creative writing at university I was constantly writing and jotting down descriptions and things in my notebook.


As soon as our food arrived I tucked in shovelling bacon into my mouth like there was no tomorrow. Tom just stared at me a smirk on his face. “What?” I said mid mouthful. He laughed “Ehehehe you’re just adorable, darling.” I swallowed flushing him a sarcastic smile.

“Haha very funny. If someone hadn’t woken me up early by knicking the cover then I wouldn’t be this hungry”. Tom raised an eyebrow. “Darling, we both know that that’s not true, just because I knicked the cover it doesn’t mean that’s the reason your so hungry. We both know it’s because I built up your appetite and tired you out this morning.” He chuckled. I kicked him under the table. “Thomas William Hiddleston” I scolded him a smile forming at the end of my lips. “Ooohh full name basis, darling I must be in trouble. I`m the god of mischief, I`m the prankster. You love me for it darling” he smirked.

I just stared at him raising an eyebrow. We stayed staring at each other until the waitress came and cleared our plates. Before we knew it we were both in fits of giggles, Tom throwing his head back and sticking his tongue out.


“You’re lucky I do Mr Hiddleston” I smiled taking his outstretched hand he had on the table. He turned our hands over so my hand was back up bringing it to his lips and kissing my knuckles. “I love you” I smiled. “I love you too, Tom” It was moments like this that I knew I loved him, when we could just be so silly and muck around with each other. That’s the best sort of a relationship, one where you can be all silly but serious when you need to be.


Tom insisted on paying for brunch saying that it was his treat. We came out of the café and continued walking until we got to Southbank. It was a beautiful day in London, the sun shining through the trees, even if it was starting to get a bit cold. Big Ben stood tall across the Thames. I loved London, especially with Tom; we could spend hours walking round the city. Today was no exception. .


Looking out across the Thames leaning against the bridge, Tom behind me his hands on my waist our hands linked, his chin resting on the top of my head, my back against his leather jacket and grey t shirt I loved so much, listening to his heartbeat. I was content. Happy. As though I belonged here, in London, with Tom.


The music of the merry-go-round round could be heard from below the bridge along the Embankment. A happy inviting tune. The same merry-go-round used in Oliver, one of my favourite films. Tom took me on it on our first date maybe that was why it held a significant place in my heart and why I came here to write.


I’d recently moved to the city after finishing university at twenty one. Although ten years older than me it felt like me and Tom were the same age. Tom still acted like a little kid at times and still gets so excited about things, especially when he talks and plays Loki.


I met Tom in a café during his break from filming; I didn’t know him as Tom the famous actor, just as Tom Hiddleston, the gorgeous 6`2 with gorgeous blue green eyes and blonde curly hair. I preferred it that way. I was sat people watching at the time, trying to get inspiration for a story I was writing and he caught my eye. He came and sat at my table, we got talking, we went to dinner and for a walk along Southbank and on the merry-go-round and the rest they say is history.


Although he’s away filming a lot we both long for his days off here and there, just being together, like a normal couple, enjoying each others company. Taking walks around London, just like now.


Tom pulled me by the arm taking my hand leading me down the steps to the Embankment where the merry-go-round and street entertainers were. It was reasonably busy for a Friday afternoon, but that was one of the things I loved about London. The hussle and bustle of it all.


We walked along the Embankment to the merry-go-round, the music getting louder the nearer we walked to it. Tom automatically read my mind or knew me well enough to know that everytime I came down here that I had to go on it. He paid the man before stepping on to the merry-go-round and offering me his hand. “My lady, your chariot awaits”. I laughed taking his hand. “Why Thankyou, kind sir”. We both sat comfortably in the carriage waiting for it to start Tom doing an impression of Joey the horse from War Horse, pretending that horses were attached to it. I was in fits of giggles, I loved his impressions although not whilst watching Jurassic Park where he does his impression of a Velicraptor or Midnight in Paris where he talks the whole way through the film about how fun it was to work with Woody Allen and his impression of Owen Wilson, which I have to admit is one of my favourites he can do.


The merry-go-round started. It was although I had been transported back to London in the 1800s. It was beautiful. I couldn’t help but hum along to the music. This was when I really knew how much I loved Tom, moments like this where we didn’t have to talk and we could just watch the world go by. Content. The moments where we could just act like little kids and not care who was watching. Tom continued doing his Joey impression the whole time we were on the merry-go-round.


Once it had finished we got off, Tom offering me his hand to help me off. He then grabbed me by the waist still holding my hand and began swaying along to the music of the merry-go-round, whispering how much he loves me and how he’s enjoying himself in my ear. I couldn’t help the grin that spread across my face.


While in the middle of our dance a few teenage girls came up to us saying how cute we were together and if they could have a picture with Tom. He obliged like the perfect, kind gentleman he is, talking with them for a while before excusing himself.

“Your fans adore you and think your perfect, if they only knew the truth and your flaws and know you like I know you” I chuckled. Tom smiled.

“You accept me for my flaws darling and they don’t know me as you know me, they see me as Tom Hiddleston, the actor with the pretty face, whereas you see me as just Tom.”

“I prefer you as just Tom, I prefer knowing you like that than as a fan and don’t be so up yourself, cocky.” I laughed giving him a shove before letting go of his hand and running away from him back along Southbank. It wasn’t long before Tom ran after me doing his Velicraptor impression. He grabbed me from behind pulling me to him and kissing my neck. “Ha mortal, that’ll teach you” he whispered seductively in my ear. I turned to face him giving him a kiss before taking his hand and walking along the streets of London to Leicester square cinema to see what was showing that late afternoon.


Arriving at Leicester square at the Odeon cinema we saw the poster for Midnight in Paris. Both of our faces lit up. It was my favourite of the movies Tom has been in. He looked over at me and smiled. “May I escort you back in time to 1920s Paris darling?” Tom asked offering me his arm. I smiled putting my hand through his arm. “You can, only if you promise to actually watch the film and your performance without talking the whole through the movie about how amazing it was to work with Woody Allen or do your impression of Owen Wilson ok?” he smirked. We both knew that wasn’t going to happen.


I let Tom escort me into the cinema anyway; getting a large coke and popcorn to share throughout the film which we both knew would either end up being eaten before the film or end up on the floor and between the seats from a popcorn fight if Tom talked through the film. which we both knew was going to happen. He couldn’t keep quite throughout a film, especially if it was a film I hadn’t seen, he always liked to tell me what was coming next and his favourite parts.


The cinema was reasonably empty apart from a few older couples and a few teenagers. We got seats near the back just incase Tom got recognised or incase Tom was distracting people from seeing the screen because of how tall he is.


It wasn’t long before Tom started talking about how amazing it was to work with Woody Allen, as soon as the opening sequence began and he saw Woody`s name to be precise. That was certainly another one of his few flaws, along with his impressions and knicking the duvet he always seemed to take up my arm rest and seat because of his long lean frame. We ended up having an elbow fight for the arm rest. Ofcourse, Tom won and I ended up sitting with my hands in my lap.


We continued watching the film or rather listening to Tom`s commentary. We got told to shh countless times, even more when Tom came on screen repeating his lines to me. His scenes were my favourite and he wouldn’t let me listen to them, although I have to admit I did like him repeating them next to me rather than on the screen but it kind of ruins the film in a way. I took this as my opportunity to start a popcorn fight to get him to shut up and be quite. I took a handful of popcorn eating a few pieces before spilling some in his laps and throwing some at his face. He looked at me and smirked before whispering and telling me to watch the film. I threw one more piece of popcorn at him before turning back to watch the film.


Tom then took this as his queue to thrown popcorn at me and do his Owen Wilson impression, getting louder everytime he done it. We got a few odd glances from people, a few realising who Tom was and giggling and others telling us to shh.


We finally got through the film with Tom on his best behaviour and apologising to those he offended on our way out. Some of the cinema goers asked about what it was like to work with Woody Allen. He smiled repeating the story I’d heard so many times. No matter how many times I had heard this story it never failed to bore me. Tom spoke with such passion it was obvious how grateful he was and how much enjoys what he does. I loved that about him. He can be so passionate and sincere yet a child at heart. It was adorable. He’s adorable, and he’s all mine.


When we got out of the cinema about half hour later at seven we walked around the corner and had a quite dinner in the Steak House before walking back to our flat.


Arriving back at our flat Tom put the kettle on while I went and got dressed into my pyjamas before cuddling on the sofa and watching the TV. Tom sat on the sofa with his legs spread wide as usual while I curled up next to him splaying my legs out on the sofa with my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

“Thankyou for a lovely day off, darling” Tom kissed my forehead.

“You’re welcome, Tom, Thankyou too, I’ve missed spending time with you”

“Me too, love, I look forward to my days off spending them with you. I can’t wait for my next day off. I love you”

“Me neither, I love you too”

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