Moving House- A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction.

Emily and Amy have been friends forever, growing up around the corner from each other. You can imagine Emily’s dismay when recently engaged Amy moves to London to open up her own art gallery and live with her fiancée. Even more so when she finds out that her favourite actor, Tom Hiddleston is there to help them.


6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5


The next morning I woke up with a smile on my face. I couldn’t contain my happiness; Tom had that effect on me anyway but meeting him yesterday and knowing that I was having dinner with him this evening made me even more happy and excited.


Unfortunately however I couldn’t waste a whole day thinking about my evening with Tom as there were jobs to be done. I text Amy seeing if she settled in okay and that she was mean for not telling me that Tom was coming over but saying that it turned out to be a lovely evening and that he was taking me out again tonight.


I then had some breakfast and a cup of tea before setting having a shower and getting on with the stack of paperwork I was dreading.


Once I got stuck in I was fine however and got it finished within a couple of hours and sat down with yet another cup of tea (you could tell I was British purely by the amount of tea and chocolate digestives I got through) and What to Expect When You’re expecting for the second time that weekend. I will get through this without thinking about Tom, get my review done and see him this evening.


It was four pm by the time i`d watched the film. It was good but not as good as I was expecting, no pun intended. I then sat down and wrote my review not before reading the reply from Amy.


Hey Em, settled in really well. It’s really nice and the gallery is absolutely breathtaking the photos look amazing, can’t believe I have my own gallery of photos. Can’t wait for you to see them. Haha I`m sorry but I knew how much you liked him and he seemed to like you too by the way he couldn’t keep his eyes off you yesterday afternoon. I’ll call you tomorrow for details and our weekly Downton chat as I can’t come round and watch it with you. I miss you. Enjoy dinner. Amz xxx


After writing my review and emailing it to Paul, the editor of the blog I phoned for a taxi to pick us up at five past 7, took a shower and got ready for my dinner with Tom. I decided on a simple yet comfy dark blue silky knee length dress with a black ribbon around the middle, my pink flats, I  never was one to wear heels, why cause pain to your feet when you didn’t need to? mind you saying that these particular shoes did cause me pain on a night out clubbing with the girls a few months back but I wasn’t walking anywhere so I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I paired that with my black shrug and brown 50s style bag and decided to have my hair down as I didn’t like it up as it reminded me of being back at the office.


I had just finished applying my mascara when the doorbell rang. I took one last look in the mirror before going downstairs to answer it. Right on time. 7 on the dot.  I opened the door to the most beautiful sight, Tom stood there in a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, a black waist coat and blue and black stripped tie with black trousers and slacks. He looked like an angel.


“Good evening darling, you look absolutely beautiful” he said kissing my cheek and presenting me with the most beautiful bunch of red roses. I accepted them giving them a quick sniff before kissing his cheek.

“Thankyou Tom, they’re beautiful.” I smiled. “Come in while I put these in a vase, the taxi is booked for five past 7 so it should be here any minute.” I went into the kitchen and put them in a vase putting them on my kitchen table. Tom stood in the hallway looking for the taxi.


It pulled up just as I had finished putting the vase on the table. I came back into the hall. “Taxi’s here darling.” Tom said coming over to me linking my arm through his. “Now my dear, allow me to escort you to the taxi and to dinner.” I smiled “Thankyou kind sir” I giggled giving him a small curtsey. He laughed throwing his head back ehehe “My lady, your chariot awaits” he said holding the door of the taxi open for me to get in first. He joined me a few seconds later, taking my hand in his across the seat.


Once we arrived at the restaurant Tom helped me out of the taxi escorting me into the restaurant. It was a beautiful restaurant, a place I’d come on numerous occasions throughout the years, a meal with my auntie for my birthday, to celebrate my exam results with my mum, dad and nan, dinner with Amy for a catch up and glass of wine. It was one of my favourite restaurants I came to quite often. Quite and quaint a perfect place to have dinner with Tom without him being noticed.


We got escorted to our seats Tom pulling the chair out for me allowing me to sit before going round the opposite side of the table and sitting down himself. What a gentleman.


The wine and conversation flowed throughout dinner with Tom asking how my day was and about my writing, how I got into it etc and how I found out about his work. Even though I knew quite a lot about him through interviews it was nice to get to know Tom as Tom rather than Tom Hiddleston the actor and I surprised myself by acting like a normal human being around him rather than a fangirl, asking him about his family and what it was like living in London.


Our dinner arrived half through the topic of what it was like for him growing up in London. Tom ordered the steak and chips while I ordered my normal paprika chicken with chips and BBQ sauce.


The conversation slowed for a while as we enjoyed our meal stealing glances at each other across the table but then picked up again when music began playing quietly in the background.

“I love this song” I exclaimed. Tom smiled.

“What other music do you like?” he asked.

I continued to tell him about my taste in music saying that I had a varied range of music on my iPod including some of his songs of the day and that in a way I had him to thank for introducing me to new music and some of my favourite songs including Mumford and Sons I will wait and Friday in Love by The Cure. With the mention of Mumford and Sons I automatically thought of Carey Mulligan and how she married Marcus Mumford of the band a few months back. Not realising I had said it out loud he said “Carey is lovely, a good friend of mine actually” he smiled. I swear my eyes popped out of my head! “You know Carey Mulligan oh my god I love her” Ofcourse he does you idiot, he’s English, she’s English, they’re both actors, what do you expect?”  He chuckled at my excitement saying that he could introduce me if I liked. At this I totally freaked out and excused myself to go the ladies rooms before I completely made a fool of myself.


While in the bathroom I looked at myself in the mirror and splashed my face with water before returning to the table. On returning to the table I found that Tom had stood, waiting for me to return and that our plates had been cleared. He came round to my side of the table pulling my chair back out allowing me to sit. I apologised for how I acted saying I get a little too excitable when my favourite actors of films are mentioned. He said not to worry and that he thought it was cute. I smiled.


Just as Tom sat back down the waitress came over and asked if we wanted dessert or coffee. Toms face lit up. I knew from his interviews that desert was his favourite part of the meal and that he loved his pudding and I knew exactly what he was going to order. “Now who’s turn is it to get excited?” I asked laughing.

 “Ehehe I cant help it if I like my pudding!”


Our menus were once again handed back to us to choose our deserts. I took one look at the menu and knew exactly what he was going to order. Baked Cheesecake. I looked at him and laughed both reciting what he was going to have at the same time. We both were in fits of giggles at this. “You have done your research” he laughed. “Bless you. What will you have?”

“I think I’ll have the cheesecake too.” He smiled.


The waitress came over and took our order and when he recited the order I looked at him and giggled. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye trying not to laugh. Once the waitress had gone he turned to me and we were in fits of giggles again.


Once we had calmed down he asked me about my favourite films I mentioned how much I loved Moulin Rouge, Atonement and Breakfast at Tiffany’s ofcourse all of his works, especially Midnight in Paris. I also told him about my love for Keira Knightley, James McAvoy, Audrey Hepburn and ofcourse him. I asked him about his favourite films and what it was like working with all the amazing actors and directors he had gotten to work with and that he was excited to go back to playing Loki again. I listened contently; I loved hearing him talk about how much he loves acting and the character he plays. Especially Loki, he’s like a little kid at Christmas when he talks about Loki and a fanboy. Bless him he’s so cute.


Our pudding arrived just when he was telling me what it was like working with Owen Wilson on Midnight in Paris and he done his impression which had me in fits of giggles and admiring his talent. Was there anything this man couldn’t do?


We finished our deserts enjoying more conversation. Once we finished our meal Tom excused himself to the men’s room while the waitress came and cleared our plates and put the bill on the table. I went to look at how much it cost and to pay but before I could look Tom came back from the men’s room and up behind me taking the bill out of my hand. “Don’t even think about it darling, the gentleman always pays” I raised my eyes and said that I didn’t mind as he paid for the taxi and I chose the restaurant.


In the end he had to take bag away from me so I couldn’t pay. Once I’d agreed he came back round to my side of the table took my coat off the chair and holding it out to me allowing me to put my arms in. As I done up my coat he handed me back my bag and kissed me on the cheek taking my arm and lacing it through his to escort me out of the restaurant.


As it was a nice evening we decided to walk back as Tom said it didn’t seem that far and that he could do with the fresh air to clear the alcohol out of his system. He took hold of my hand interlacing his fingers with mine. I loved his big hands with his long slender fingers, and mine fit perfectly into his.


When we got back to the house he walked me to my door and bid me good night by kissing me on the lips. The kiss got pretty heated after a while his hands having moved to my waist and his tongue asking permission with I allowed. My hands found their way to his hair running through his gorgeous blonde locks.


He pulled away after a while putting his head against mine catching his breath, apologising for getting carried away. I asked him if he wanted to come in but he said if he did he’d cross the line of being a gentleman. I gave him another kiss which he stopped pretty quickly saying that he didn’t want to rush things. I agreed even though a little part of me wanted him to come in and see where it led. He thanked me for a lovely evening gave me another kiss and said that he couldn’t wait to see me again before walking out of the gate and turning to give me one last smile and yet another Shakespeare quote, this time in the role of Henry V and the proposal scene between Henry and Catherine. “Your have witchcraft in your lips my lady” I chuckled bidding him goodnight and watching him walk down the road.




I woke up at around 10 the following morning with two texts, one from Tom and one from Amy.


Good morning darling. I trust you slept well. Thankyou for a lovely evening last night my dear, sorry if I pushed you too far or rushed you in any way. I leave for Iceland at 1 will be filming most of the three days im there. I`ll text you when I can. Have a good week my dear and I’ll text you when I land. Sorry once again. Tom xxx


Hope you had a great night last night. Can’t wait for details. I’ll call you later. Amz xxx


I typed quick replies back.


Morning Tom. I did Thankyou, hope you slept well too, not sure if it was the wine or that kiss ;) ehehe. You really are rubbing off on me, now I`m even laughing like you. Thankyou for a great even last night and for your company. You didn’t push me too far Tom, if anything I wanted you to push it further. Enjoy Iceland don’t get up to too much mischief. Looking forward to your text. Stop apologising, its fine. Ems xxx


I did. Shall spill all later. Call me at half 10 as got an hour and a half ep tonight. Love. Ems xxx


Once id sent them I got in the shower and got dressed and had a bit of tidy up around the house, sent a few emails and had a lounged day counting down the time till Downton Abbey. Tom text a few hours later.


I did Thankyou my dear. Im sorry, I tend to have that effect on people ehehe. Maybe next time I will ;). I can’t promise that darling, I am Loki the God of Mischief, burdened with glorious purpose. J - T xxx


I checked the time 3 o clock. Tom would be on the plane by now so I waited until he text me.


I sat down with a book to waste time before Sunday night TV which started with the X Factor results, a load of rubbish really but there was nothing else on and I only watched it because it was on the same channel as Downton Abbey.


9 o clock soon rolled round, a time of night that I loved and hated on a Sunday, I loved it because I could escape for an hour into the 1920s but hated it because I meant I had to get up for work the next morning.


Amy rung at half 10 as promised. She used to come round and watch Downton Abbey with me so it was a little weird speaking to her on the phone than he sitting right next to me. She demanded to know the details about last night which I told her everything, even the kiss.

“OH MY GOD, HE KISSED YOU!” she practically shouted down the phone. I laughed and continued to tell her everything, about how soft his lips were and how much of he gentleman he was stopping it even if I did want to continue and see where it lead. We then went on to our normal topics discussing her art gallery and the latest happenings of the Crawley household of Downton Abbey.  She sounded so happy bless her. I was so proud of her.


Work was no different to how it always was, sat at my desk doing paperwork letting my mind wonder to Tom as it often did, just in a different way as id now actually met him. I still carried on with my reviews and text Tom everytime I got a new DVD sent to me.


He seemed to be enjoying Iceland texting me here and there letting me know that he was ok and that he was having fun, he also sent me a picture of him outside a café that said Loki and kept his promise and text me when he landed saying he had a surprise for me when I came to London. I wonder what it is?


The two weeks flew by and I soon found myself getting on a train to London to see Amy again. I missed her, it wasn’t the same without her being around the corner, there for silly things like if I need sugar or if Amy had had an argument with Jay. We were both there for each other at whatever time of day, or night as the case had been on quite a few occasions, when Jay had come home drunk and tried to pick a fight with her or just when we had both had too many glasses of wine whilst watching Sex and the City. I really missed her and was really excited to see her again, even if it had only been two weeks. Two weeks is a long time when you’re used to seeing someone everyday.


Amy rang the following Sunday to talk more about wedding plans than anything else. She asked when I was seeing Tom again so we could arrange wedding plans around me seeing him.


Tom…Tom…I got butterflies just thinking about seeing him again. The fangirl in me was freaking out. I really like him and I assumed by the way he kissed me that night he took me out to dinner and texting me saying how he couldn’t wait to see me and about the surprise he had for me that he was as excited to see me as I was him.


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