Moving House- A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction.

Emily and Amy have been friends forever, growing up around the corner from each other. You can imagine Emily’s dismay when recently engaged Amy moves to London to open up her own art gallery and live with her fiancée. Even more so when she finds out that her favourite actor, Tom Hiddleston is there to help them.


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Me and Tom stood there for a few moments watching as the van turned the corner. I waited until the van was out of sight before I let the tears fall. I sniffed. Tom came up behind me offering me a tissue.

“Thanks” I said offering him a small smile and accepting the tissues. “I must look a right mess, I don’t know why im so upset, im seeing her in a couple of weeks”

“Don’t apologise darling” he said wiping away my tears. “Its perfectly natural, she’s your best friend, you’ve known her pretty much your entire life”

“Yeah. We’ve been through so much and this house holds so many memories”

“Just because Amy’s left the house and because it’s up for sale it doesn’t mean that the memories are gone darling. They’ll always be in here” he touched my heart. I wonder if he could tell if it’s beating fast than it usually does all because of him. I smiled.

“Thanks Tom”

“My pleasure darling” he smiled. It reached his eyes. “Now, I believe Amy has asked you to be her maid of honour has she not?”

“She has, why do you ask?”

“Because Jay has asked me to be his best man and you know that the maid of honour and best man are meant to get together, don’t you? He laughed.  Not Tom too. Amy had already said that, it made me doubt if it was actually true or if Amy was right and that Tom did like me and was using it as an excuse to take me as his date. Maybe both.


“Now you haven’t an excuse to not have dinner with me especially as were both in London in a couple of weeks sorting out wedding plans with Jay and Amy are we not?” He smiled and returned to being a sincere gentleman. Getting down on one knee placing my hand in his, palm down he said “It would be my pleasure if you would accompany me to dinner while were both in London in a few weeks time my fair maiden.” He then kissed the back of my hand looking up at me with puppy dog eyes just like in the scene in `The Hollow Crown` where he proposes to Catherine. Who could resist that look? I practically melted into a puddle above him.

“Ofcourse Tom, it would be an honour” he smiled and got up.

“Now love if you would allow me to have your phone number then I can text you when I get to London and sort out when we can meet”. Tom handed me his phone and I began punching my number in, pulling my phone out of my bag, probably a bit too eager for him to do the same. He smiled putting his number in my phone.

“Now then darling, will you allow me to walk you home?” always the gentleman, he really is perfect and you’re going out to dinner with him in a few weeks. My fangirl self jumped for joy.

“Erm, well I only live round the corner and not meaning to sound rude and not that I don’t want you to walk me home because I do but I think that-“ I trailed off blushing. Tom saw my hesitation. “You think what dear?” he asked with genuiune concern. Did I admit that even though id only known him for a few hours that I really liked him and that I didn’t want to leave him and that if he walked me home that I likely wouldn’t let him leave?

“I think…I think that…if you walked me home I wouldn’t let you go” I said embarrassed. Did I really just tell Tom Hiddleston how I felt? Idiot. I blushed. He laughed his ehehe. “Well in that case I best not because in all fairness darling I don’t think id want to leave.” I smiled.


He took my hand again placing another kiss on the back of it. “It was a pleasure to meet you Emily darling”.

“The pleasure is all mine Tom, really, you have no idea how much of an honour it is to meet you”.

“Oh darling, bless you” he still held my hand. Was this going to be a regular occurrence? Does he really like my hands as much as I love his? I have to admit I usually hated my hands but Tom holding them made me not hate them as much. His hands fit perfectly in mine. We stood there in our little bubble staring in each others eyes for ages.


I broke the gaze and silence first. “Well, I...i suppose I better go. No matter how much I don’t want to leave this review and paperwork won’t do itself”. I smiled weakly.

“I guess it won’t” he agreed. “I’ve got to get back myself, I want to refresh my mind of the script before I leave tomorrow” he smiled. I smiled back.

“I hope you have a great time in Iceland Tom” I went to let go of his hand but he pulled it back pulling me into a hug. I embraced him breathing in his scent. He smelled of cologne and Tom. Heavenly. Oh my god, he gives the best hugs ever can I just stay here in his embrace, at Amy’s house where all the memories are?

We embraced for what felt like ages, not long after though he pulled away. “Thankyou darling. Keep up the writing. I look forward to reading some when I see you in a few weeks in London for dinner. I`m looking forward to it already.” I smiled. “Text me when you’re home darling”

“I will, Thankyou again Tom you have no idea how much it meant to meet you, it was a pleasure”

“The pleasure was all mine darling” he leaned in and kissed my cheek.


And with a smile on my face I waved goodbye and left. It wasn’t until I got round the corner that I realised I had just met, held hands and hugged the Tom Hiddleston. Oh my god!


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