Moving House- A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction.

Emily and Amy have been friends forever, growing up around the corner from each other. You can imagine Emily’s dismay when recently engaged Amy moves to London to open up her own art gallery and live with her fiancée. Even more so when she finds out that her favourite actor, Tom Hiddleston is there to help them.


3. Chapter 2


Chapter 2.


That afternoon after coming out of the world of 1920s Paris, I went home and googled his name trying to discover what other films he was in. From then on I was hooked.


Over the next few months id watched most of his filmography including The Deep Blue Sea, Thor, Archipalego , Unrelated and mini TV movie series `The Hollow Crown` which I later got to review. I also watched some of the TV shows he was in including Suburban Shootout and Wallander and almost every interview on Youtube. He was such a gentleman answering every question fully and with such politeness and kindness. You could certainly tell he was British he has that charm about him.


He got even better with every role he played and was absolutely gorgeous in pictures but even more beautiful in the flesh with his curly hair and gorgeous blue green eyes, his lean body and perfect cheekbones. There was literally nothing wrong with him whatsoever. No flaws. He was an angel sent from the heavens.


Amy set about making the tea whilst Tom went and washed his hands from the dust of the boxes. I didn’t even realise they were dusty but that was probably because I was too lost in the fact that this gorgeous and perfect human being was looking right in to my eyes, talking to me.


“I can’t believe you’re leaving” I said to Amy, tears beginning to appear in my green eyes.

“I know, it feels strange. Ive lived in this house, in this rubbish town of Dover all my life and now im leaving. I don’t so much care about leaving Dover, but you, Em, you’re more like the sister I never had, im going to miss you so much.”


Tears started to roll down both of our cheeks. “Oh, look at us” I stated “were a right pair”. We both laughed wiping the tears from our faces.

“You’re doing it though Amz, you’re fulfilling your dream, its what you’ve always wanted to do. You’re now a professional photographer moving to London with Jay to open up you’re own gallery, I`m so proud of you”

“You’re going to make me cry again if you carry on” Amy laughed.


The kettle boiled. Amy set about pouring the water into the cups. Tom walked back into the kitchen and sat down in one of the three chairs that were left, legs open wide as usual. I wonder why he sat like that; mind you I guess it’s obvious. Get that thought out of your head right now.

Amy finished making the tea, my eyes wondered back to Tom trying to focus on his eyes and face rather than anything else. He caught my gaze smiling. It was as though time stopped, as though it was just me and him in the room. It felt like we stared at each other for ages even though it was probably only for a few seconds.


We were broke from our trance by Amy coughing saying that our teas were on the side and to help ourselves to sugar if we wanted. Amy went and sat down next to Tom while I was still standing near the counter adding sugar to my tea.

“Do you take sugar, Tom?” I asked him.

“Yes, one please darling” he replied. Oh my god, he called me darling. My inner fangirl was jumping up and down with joy. I mean he does it to everyone but still he called me it, I loved it when I got called that, especially by men, it was so old fashioned yet so British. The way the world rolled off his tongue. Darling. Darling. So British and so well spoken. I mean me and Amy are both British but he can make any word that rolled off that gorgeous tongue of his sound sexy as hell. Oh, what id love that tongue to do to me. Stop it. Don’t think like that. He could read the dictionary and make it sound sexy. God.


As Tom’s tea was still on the side I took the opportunity to add one sugar to his and two to mine before bringing both cups over to where Amy and Tom were sitting in the chairs.


Tom stood up to take his tea from me “Bless you darling, Thankyou” he said. He did it again.


I sat down in the middle of both Amy and Tom. We sat there in silence for a while drinking our tea, not an awkward silence but a silence that allowed us to gather our thoughts. I broke the silence a while later. “What time is Jay coming to pick you up and drive you to London?” I asked Amy.

“He should be here soon.” Amy looked at the clock, the time read half three. “He’s probably just finished work so I’d imagine he’ll be here soon. Probably about half 5. You will stay until I leave right?”

“Yeah ofcourse, I’ll wait until you get in the van and then I’ll go as ive got a review to write and a stack of paperwork to do” I replied. In all truth I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay to see her off or not, I mean I did but I didn’t want her to see me cry again.


Tom interrupted my thoughts. “What have you got to write a review on?” he asked looking me in the eyes again, generally seeming interested. I turned to face him, I swear if he looks into my eyes again I’ll loose it. I did however, manage to contain eye contact to reply “Oh, just a film review of `What to Expect when you’re Expecting`. I replied.

“That sounds cool, that’s the film with Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison is it not?” he replied, generally interested in every word I had to say. I loved that about him, no matter who he was talking to, whether it was to fans or his fellow actors he always seemed generally happy and interested in what others had to say.

“Yeah, that’s the one. I`m really looking forward to seeing it Purely for Matthew Morrison I got it sent to me through the blog I write for”

“The one Amy was telling me about? `The Film Blog` isn’t it?”

“The Peoples Movies” I corrected him.

“Oh my god, I`m so sorry, I must looked a right tit” I laughed. He always apologised for everything, the silliest little things that really didn’t need an apology. It was kind of cute though.

“Oh, no, no it’s fine honestly it was an easy mistake to make” Tom looked down at his feet, generally embarrassed. Not thinking I put my hand on his knee getting him to look at me. When he looked up I removed it as quick as id put it there putting both hands on my mug to distract myself. What did you do that for? Now ive probably giving him the impression that im interested. Well you are aren’t you? Stupid self conscious.

“I sincerely apologise” he said again.

“Tom, will you please, stop apologising. In all your interviews you apologise for everything. Even in the one where you got caught eating chocolate.” he laughed his ehehe throwing his head back his tongue poking out a little bit. God that neck. Stop it!

I would really like to read some of your writing, especially `The Hollow Crown` review you wrote.” He winked. I blushed. “Perhaps over dinner sometime? Oh my god did Tom Hiddleston really just ask me to go to dinner with him? I looked around to look at Amy but she’d disappeared, obviously to go and freshen up before Jay got here.


Before I could answer there was a knock at the door. Amy came out from the bathroom just in time to answer the door to Jay.


Tom asked if I was done with my tea before getting up and taking my cup from me, taking it over to the sink. He turned to face me. “So dinner sometime?” he asked me again. “Id love to get to know you better, you seem like a very interesting and beautiful young women and you still need to show me you’re writing.” I blushed. He called me beautiful. Why does he want to read my writing, it isn’t that good. Although I have to admit I was pretty happy with my review of `The Hollow Crown. Which he isn’t going to read.


Amy and Jay walked into the kitchen hand in hand. Jay looks a lot like Chace Crawford in my opinion with immaculate brown hair and grey blue eyes wearing dark blue jeans, a dark green t shirt and black converse. Only a certain amount of men could pull off the whole t shirt and jeans look and make it look sexy as hell. Jay was one of them, aswell as Tom obviously; I mean have you seen him in his grey see through t shirt and leather jacket or his black blazer and white t shirt. I swear Tom’s the king of sexy he can pull off anything; he can make a bin bag look sexy. He has no idea of the effect he has on me.


“Hey Jay” I greeted him going over to give him a hug. Jay let go of Amy’s hand.

“Hey Em, how you keeping? Haven’t seen you in a while.” He hugged me back. Tom’s hand clenched into fists beside him. Was he jealous? As soon as Jay let me go, Tom returned to his normal stance, hands by his side, a smile plastered back on his face.

“Yeah, I know, has been a while ive been good, at the office and writing as usual.” I laughed. Jay smiled. “Glad to hear it, keep it up and someone will soon notice what an amazing writer you are”. I smiled. Jay walked over to Tom, Tom held out his hand. Jay shook it bringing him in to a man hug. “Hey mate” Jay said. “How’s filming going?”

“Its going good thanks mate, back to it tomorrow, off to Iceland to finish filming Thor 2, just came back for the BFI Film Awards event and to see Mum and Emma. How’s the photography treating you?”


As Tom and Jay continued to catch up me and Amy picked up the last few bits and bobs from the kitchen including the mugs and chairs to put them in the van.

“I think Tom really likes you, you know” Amy says

“Really? Do you think so?” Oh my god, did she really just say that she thought Tom freaking Hiddleston liked me?

Oh, please” she said raising her eyebrows, he hasn’t stopped staring at you since he met you and what was with the whole hand holding thing while you spoke, calling you darling and generally wanting to read you’re writing. Surely that’s a few signs that he’s interested?”

“He calls everyone darling and he`s probably just interested in reading the review on `The Hollow Crown` to see what I said about him. Oh while im on that subject” I said. “Out of all the reviews ive written and you’ve read, that’s the first one that comes to mind?”

“Im sorry, I wasn’t thinking. He does generally seem interested though”

“Oh my god, I forgot to tell you. He asked me out to dinner before you came in you know. I squealed.

“Oh my god! He asked you out to dinner, you have to go.”

“That’s if he asks me again”

“What do you mean, if he asks you again? Did you say no?”

“No, don’t be silly, I didn’t get a chance to give him an answer because you came in at the wrong time!”


We were outside by now waiting for the boys to come out. Everything was packed. This was it. The reality hit, my best friend really was leaving to go and live in London with her fiancée.

“Im sorry” she said “you have to keep me posted”

“Ofcourse I will, you’re my best friend” she hugged me, tears starting to fall again. She held me at arms length tears in her eyes. “And you’re mine. Just because im a few hours away it doesn’t change anything. You’re coming to London in a few weeks to help me with wedding plans anyway right? I can’t do any of it without my maid of honour and best friend.” She winked. I hugged her again. I always assumed that id have been her maid of honour as we’d spoke about it since we were little but she hadn’t asked me until now.

“You want me to be your maid of honour, oh my god, Amy ofcourse I will, it will be my pleasure”.

“Who knows” she said, “I think Jay is going to ask Tom to be his best man so you may wanna get in there, especially as its tradition for the maid of honour and the best man to cop off with each other.”

“Amy!” she laughed. I raised my eyebrows at her.


Just then Tom and Jay came out of the house laughing. “I’ll give you the best stag do you can imagine” Tom said giving Jay a pat on the back, throwing his head back and laughing his ehehe again. Man that laugh was infectious.

“Guess that answers our question” Amy muttered under her breath. I elbowed her in the ribs.

“Ow” she shrieked.

Jay and Tom came over to us. “Ready to go babe?” Jay asked Amy. Amy smiled. “Yeah, I guess so” she replied sadly. She looked at me tears forming in her eyes again. We’d been through so much together in all these years and now it was time for my childhood friend to leave her childhood home.

“Go, you’ll be great, I’ll see you in a couple of weeks” I said, more to reassure myself than her. She hugged me then hugged Tom before getting in the van.


Jay came over to say goodbye giving me a hug. “Take good care of her” I said to him. “I’ll see you in a couple of weeks”.

“Bye Em, I will do, don’t worry.” I smiled.

He man hugged Tom telling him he’ll call him before he got in the van, shut the door, started the engine and drove off with my best friend.


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