Moving House- A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction.

Emily and Amy have been friends forever, growing up around the corner from each other. You can imagine Emily’s dismay when recently engaged Amy moves to London to open up her own art gallery and live with her fiancée. Even more so when she finds out that her favourite actor, Tom Hiddleston is there to help them.


20. Chapter 19

A/N: Sorry it’s taken so long. This is my first attempt at smut so please, be nice. Feedback welcome as I wouldn’t mind wanting to improve in writing it. Hope you enjoy. Lots of love.


Amy stayed Sunday night so she could watch Downton with me before going back to London Monday morning as she had a meeting with a client in the afternoon.


I left before her that morning as I had to get to the office. I left the photo album I filled for her of my few weeks with her on the kitchen table so she would find it when she woke up. She text during my lunch break to thank me for it, to let me know she got back ok and to have fun with Tom. I couldn’t wait to see him.


I was just about to get back to work when my phone rang from an unknown number. I was a bit hesitant at answering unknown numbers, but today I decided I would. Good job I did as I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be who it was on the other end of the line.




“Good afternoon. Is that Emily Pontin speaking?”


“This is she”


“Hi Emily, this is Jane Crowther from Total Film Magazine” oh my god!


“Hello. How are you?”


“I’m good Thankyou, how are you?”


“Great Thankyou”


“I’m glad to hear that. Listen, the reason I’m calling is because I got an email through with your CV and a couple of your reviews, one of them being The Hollow Crown. So that’s where my review went .They were so brilliantly written and it just so happens that we’re looking for a new journalist to join the team. It would seem by your CV that you’re very well committed and have a huge passion and love for film so I’m calling to offer you the job as our new journalist. We usually ask people to come in for an interview to prove to us but the person who sent me the email and who recommended you for the job said that I would be silly not to ask you to write for us and is a good friend to the magazine. So I’m basically asking if you would like the job as our new journalist at Total Film”


Oh my god oh my god oh my god was she serious? Say something quick. Don’t leave her hanging.


“Oh wow yes, absolutely yes. I’ve only been dreaming of becoming a journalist since I was fourteen. Total Film is my favourite magazine and I buy it every month. Thankyou so much for offering me this position I wont let you down. Is there anything specific you need me to do?”


Jane filled me on everything the job required letting me know that she was going to ease me into it gently asking me interview a person of my choice, transcribe it and to have it emailed to her at the beginning of the New Year so she could see if I had the potential.


I thanked her and hung up a huge smile on my face. I couldn’t quite believe what had just happened. Only one person could have sent my review to Jane. Tom. I know I was supposed to be happy in this situation I mean my dream that I had had since I was fourteen had just come true. I was now a real journalist working at my favourite film magazine. I was happy. Honestly I was but I couldn’t help but feel betrayed by the fact that Tom had took it and emailed it to her without my permission. I needed to confront him about it but I decided I’d talk to him face to face when he came and spent a few days with me rather than over the phone.


He text me a few days later, a simple I love you out of the blue which was lovely. It’s always nice to know you’re loved but when I read the tweet he posted I felt like something had happened.


@twhiddleston: Make sure you tell the people you love that you love them. Loudly and often. You never know when it might be too late. #LoveYourLife – 27th October


Maybe I was thinking too much into it but I rang him after he text just to make sure everything was ok. He said it was and that he couldn’t wait to see me. It was then, after I spoke to him that I remembered the interview he did in Madrid a few months ago about `loving your life as your life is what you have to give`


* * * *

Thursday soon rolled around which I was glad about. I couldn’t wait to see him. I managed to lie in till eleven before getting up and making myself some breakfast. I then had a shower, got dressed and pottered round the house trying to make it look a bit decent before he came to stay.


He had been so used to spending time with me at Amy’s that he had likely forgotten what my house was like, not that he had seen much of it. He had really only spent time in the living room when he came and watched What to Expect when you’re Expecting with me. It seemed like ages ago now but it was only five months ago. So much had happened since then.


I vacuumed, cleaned and dusted the living room, washed up the plates and cutlery from dinner the previous evening and went and changed my bed sheets making sure everything in the house was presentable.


I had the whole speech of what I wanted to say to him about the issue of him sending off my review without permission all planned out. I planned to talk to him about it as soon as he had gotten settled so we could enjoy our few days together. Ofcourse the whole speech and the reason I was mad at him was forgotten as soon he stepped through the door at five o clock that evening.


Before I could even mutter a hello, his lips found mine in a gentle kiss which soon turned passionate, just like all of our kisses did. We couldn’t just have a peck on the lips and be done with it. I craved his lips like I craved oxygen. Our mouths battled with each other as he bit my bottom lip asking for entrance. I obliged straight away as our tongues and teeth battled with each other begging for dominance. We didn’t need to talk; we showed our emotion and how much we had missed the other through our kisses, our caresses. Tom’s hands tightened on my waist pushing me backwards against the stair banister. My legs automatically wrapped around his hips as I started to grind against him, feeling his arousal through his jeans. I moaned at the feeling of denim of denim. I needed to feel him, skin on skin.


His blazer was soon discarded and on the floor. I started to undo the rest of the shirt buttons that weren’t already undone as he continued to grind against me. I couldn’t stop the moans that came out of my mouth. Id missed him so much and it was evident that he had missed me too.


We pulled away for air as I ran my hands down his toned chest. Tom kissed along my jawline to my neck biting and claiming me as his own before softly licking the trail he had left. My head flew back against the banister as my eyes closed in ecstasy. He continued to torture my neck moving down to kiss the pulse point. I grinded against him harder as a strangled moan was ripped from his throat.


“Tom. Thomas.”


“Emily, Darling. I’ve missed you so much”


“Ive missed you too, Thomas so much.” we smiled at each other before Tom continued to kiss my neck working his way up to ear. “I think we should take this somewhere more comfortable before I have you right here in the hallway. No interruptions this time” he growled in my ear before biting my earlobe. I moaned at the loss of contact as he put me down.


“I’ll go and get Beasts of the Southern Wild so we can watch it” I went to walk away but he grabbed my wrist pulling me against his chest. “Beasts can wait, love. I want to prove to you how much I love you and how much ive missed you. The past few weeks have been torture”


“I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m so glad you’re here. I love you so much”


“And I you, darling. Now, come” I took his outstretched hand as I led him up the stairs to my room. He followed behind me, his hands protectively on my waist as he started to kiss my neck again.


My head fell back against his shoulder as we made it to the top of the landing to my room. I turned the handle of my bedroom door and lead him inside.


Tom took everything in. My three door wardrobe containing all my clothes, the canvas of New York on the left wall as he first walked in and my silver bedside table behind the door with the love letters of Scott and Zelda on top of it. He walked over to it smiling.


“I’ll read some to you later if you like?”


“That would be lovely, you’ve no idea how much ive missed listening to your voice.” He smiled giving me a chaste kiss before walking further into the room.


As he walked further into my room he was met with my double bed covered in a pink flowerdy duvet. His eyes suddenly turned to lust, changing from a bright blue to a dark one. His eyes returned to their normal shade as he walked around the bed my cupboard covered in pictures of Audrey Hepburn. He smiled as he traced one of the photos with his hand.


He looked across at me and smiled his million dollar smile.


“I never knew you were an avid fan of Audrey”


“Yeah. It’s quite a silly story about how I became a fan actually. Myself and Amy were having one of TV marathons, as we do. This particular weekend we were watching Gossip Girl and one of the characters, Blair had a canvas of Audrey in her room and I’ve been a fan since then.  She was so beautiful. Now all of the Audrey related things you see in here, Amy has bought me for numerous christmas’s and birthdays.”


“That’s very sweet of her.”


“It is. I’m very lucky to have her.” Tom’s hands rested on my waist as he turned me round to look at both of us in the mirror before replying.


“And she’s very lucky to have you too, darling”


“Just like I’m lucky to have you”


“And I, you my love” he smiled leaning down to kiss me. Both my hands went round his neck running into his hair. He moaned before pulling away for breath.


I moaned at the loss of contact as he let go of me and walked over to my desk where my laptop and many photos sat. Photos of me and Amy, a photo of me, my mum and dad and a few of me and Tom. He smiled picking each of them up and running his hand over them each in turn.


He then turned to my DVD shelf admiring my many films. I mentally cringed when he saw that I had The Deep Blue Sea and Midnight in Paris among them. He chuckled as he saw them but didn’t say anything more.


We talked about our love for certain films as he looked through them before he turned around and looked at me still standing by the mirror. In that moment it was as though he wasn’t looking at me, more at something that caught his eye out of the corner of the mirror. I followed his gaze to realise what he was looking at. My calendar of him. I moved just before he did going back round my bed to grab it.


I leaned up on tiptoes to retrieve it only to be pulled back by two strong arms holding tightly to my waist as the calendar fell to the floor with a clatter. Tom chucked in my ear. His laugh vibrated through my whole body, right from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. I didn’t realise how close he was. I was surrounded by Tom, by his scent, the feel of him and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


“Darling, why did you take the calendar down?”


“Because... I…I”


“Because you what”


“Id rather look at the real thing than at the picture of you on my calendar. It was enough when you were away but you’re here now.”


“Well then, love. Why don’t we continue where we left off downstairs?” I nodded taking his outstretched hand as he led me over to the bed. My hands went to the collar of his undone shirt as I pulled it off of his body leaving him shirtless before me. I ran my hands over his body feeling the muscles in his body.


His hands went to my hoodie as he pulled it over my head before leaning down to kiss me just like he had downstairs. Slow and passionate, just like Tom.


Tom continued to shed me of the top half of my clothes as he kissed me. I was soon left in my black bra and jeans. He slid one hand round my lower back rubbing the skin whilst the other played with my breast through my bra. I moaned at the sensation, needing more of him.


I reached the hand that wasn’t in his hair around to my back where his hand was and guided it up to the back of my bra. He pulled the straps down with his teeth as he unhooked it at the back. It fell to the wood tiled floor with a thud. Tom wasted no time as he took one of my nipples into his mouth. I moaned at the contact. We hadn’t been this intimate before. It felt so different yet so nice at the same time. His name fell from my lips in pleasure as he continued sucking my breast.


My hands went to the front of his jeans palming his erection through them. Tom detached himself from my nipple to release a moan from the back of his throat. He pulled me to him in a rough kiss, all lips and tongue.


His hands went to my jeans as he undid the button and pulled down the zip. I went and sat on the bed so he could pull them off of me. Tom then started to plant butterfly kisses from my foot, up my leg to my thigh where he lightly bit and licked the skin, kissing the birth mark at the top of it, making me cry out. My hands automatically went to his hair, tugging a little.


 “Tom please”


“Patience, sweetheart, all in time”


His hands replaced his lips as he leaned up to kiss me. Slowly at first as he probed his lips against mine as he bit my lip asking for entrance. I obliged. As our mouths battled with each other my hands went to the button and zipper on his jeans, pulling him down to free his erection a little more. When he was discarded of his jeans he leant me back on the bed still kissing me as he towered over me. We broke away for air as he trailed kisses from my lips along my jawline down my neck and back up to my ear where he licked the inside and then bit the earlobe.


He was torturing me and he knew it. He knew exactly what biting my ear and kissing my neck done to me the bugger.


We grinded against each other as his kisses continued down my body. He leant his head just above my heart for a little while letting me know how much I meant to him and how much he loved me. My hands went to his hair letting him know how much he too meant to me before continuing his torture past my chest and stomach and down to the part where I wanted to be touched most.


Tom took the ribbon of my panties into his mouth and slowly pulled them down using his hands. I was soon naked before him. He kissed his way back up my leg to thr inside of my thigh before taking in my naked appearance.


“You’re so beautiful. There’s nothing more beautiful than how you look now, naked before me, darling.” I blushed at his comment. Tom saw and automatically moved back up to cup my face.


“Darling, why are you blushing?”


“Its just… no one has ever complemented me like that before.”  He stroked my cheekbone with his thumb.


“Get used to it, love because you will be hearing it a lot from me. I know you haven’t been with anyone in a long while which is why you allowing me to pleasure you in this way is just beautiful. Thankyou darling.”


“No, Tom. Thankyou for being so patient with me, so gentle, so slow.” He kissed me as he slowly tested the waters, running the hand that wasn’t stroking my cheekbone over my most intimate part. I moaned into his kiss starting to buck against his hand.


“Mmm love, you’re so wet.” Him saying that in his beautiful voice just made me moan louder and buck harder.


“Tom. Tom please.”


That was all he needed to hear as he ever so slowly pushed a finger inside my warm heat.


My hips bucked automatically. I slowly moved my hands down his torso to the top of his boxers pulling them down in one swift motion. My mouth watered as his erection sprang free. He was so big.


He looked up at me a smirk on his lips. “See something you like, darling?” I nodded as I moved my hand down to stroke him, running my hand up and down his shaft as he continued his assault with his fingers. All that could be heard was our moans.


If he kept this up I wasn’t going to last much longer.


“Tom I...I`m so close”


As soon as I said that Tom took his fingers out of me and licked them clean. I moaned at both the loss of contact and the fact that he was licking my juices off his fingers. Id never seen anything so erotic in my life.


I continued to stroke his length faster. It wasn’t long before he let out a guttural moan and moved down to remove my hand from his length.


“If you continue doing that darling, then I won’t last much longer either. I’d much rather be inside you when we both reach our pleasure is that ok?” I nodded as he reached up to kiss me as we explored each others mouths.


His hands travelled down to caress my breast as his tongue explored my mouth before he ever so slowly lined himself up with my entrance and slowly thrust into me. I gripped his shoulders as he pushed further into me. Tears formed at the corners of my eyes as he filled me to the hilt.


Tom noticed and reached up to stroke my cheek.


“Darling are you ok? Am I hurting you? Do you want me to stop?” he asked a concerned look on his face.


“I’ve never been better, it’s just been a while that’s all” he nodded wiping my tears away and giving me a kiss.


“If you need me to stop, just tell me ok?”


“Right now, Tom I just need you to move and make love to me” he chuckled replying with a “As my lady wishes” before pulling out and thrusting into my a bit faster. We both moaned at the contact this time. He felt so amazing inside me. I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to take him at first because he was so big but he fit me perfectly.


I wrapped my legs around his hips digging my heels into his bum cheeks allowing him to go deeper.


“Mmm love, you feel so amazing”


“Tom. Thomas. God I love you”


“I love you too, darling. So much” one of Tom’s hands stroked my face as his other trailed down to rub my clit. I met him thrust for thrust as he made slow intimate love to me. In out. In out. He hit that sweet spot inside me repeatedly making me cry out as his name became a mantra on my lips.


“Tom. Tom. Tom.” He continued to pound into me faster as my walls tightened around him.


“Come for me my love, my darling. Come for me” Him saying those words and a few more thrusts and kisses to my earlobe and neck later I saw white as I came, my orgasm washing over me like a tidal wave.


Tom’s release came a few moments later as his seed filled me. We rode out our orgasms together, our names on the others lips repeatedly.


As our breathing returned back to normal Tom placed butterfly kisses from my lips down to my neck before placing his head on my heart listening to my heartbeat return back to its normal rate like he had earlier.


I wrapped my hands around his neck playing with his hair as we relished in the touch of the other. No words needed to be spoken in that moment. We layed like this for what felt like hours.


We were broken from our embrace by the sound of my stomach rumbling. Tom chuckled low in his throat before looking up into my eyes.


“Ehehe is somebody hungry darling”


“I am, but not for food.” I winked. Tom moaned placing a kiss over my heart before getting off of me. He stood up putting his boxers back on just a leant down to retrieve mine and put them back on. He offered me his hand to help me up which I took without question.


I wrapped my arms around his waist pulling him into in an embrace. His hands rested on the small of my back.


“Thankyou Tom” I muffled into his skin.


“Darling, Thankyou for allowing me to bring you that much pleasure.”


“I’ve never been pleasured that much in my life. I never knew what it was like to fit so perfectly with someone until a few moments ago. You’re amazing Tom. I’m so lucky to have you.”


“I’m lucky to have you too my love. Ive never loved someone so completely as I love you. I love you so much”


“I love you too Thomas” I leaned up on my tiptoes to give him a passionate kiss. My tummy rumbled again.


“Come on let’s go and get you some dinner.”


“Do you want to order in?”


“Sounds good, that way we wont have to get out of bed for the evening and I can continue to show you how much I love you” he winked before going to use the bathroom.


I put my dressing gown on before shouting through the door to ask Tom what he wanted for dinner. I then went downstairs and rung the take away, grabbing Beasts of the Southern Wild from the living room on my way back up to my room.


* * *


Not long later myself and Tom were sat cuddled up in my bed eating pizza and watching Beasts of the Southern Wild. It was such a great film. By the end of it we both had tears in our eyes.


Tom tweeted the following once it was over.


@twhiddleston: BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD was so beautiful; I thought my heart was going to burst. Magnificent, poetic, ancient, monumental @BeastsTheMovie- 1st November 2012


We then made love a few more times, Tom exploring every part of my body getting to know what I liked and what I didn’t, letting me know how he loved me before I fell into a content sleep, listening to Tom’s heartbeat and relishing in the feeling and touch of having my Tom back in my arms.




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