Moving House- A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction.

Emily and Amy have been friends forever, growing up around the corner from each other. You can imagine Emily’s dismay when recently engaged Amy moves to London to open up her own art gallery and live with her fiancée. Even more so when she finds out that her favourite actor, Tom Hiddleston is there to help them.


19. Chapter 18

Chapter 18


A/N: Sorry for the delay. I know where I want all of my stories to go it’s just getting it to flow onto the page. Not a lot of Tom in this chapter but I promise there will be in the next. Lots of love.


Morning came too quickly, just as I new it would. My alarm woke me at six as predicted to take me back to reality. Back to the reality of living in crappy old Dover at a nine to five job I didn’t particularly like, but a job that helped pay the bills all the same. On the upside I had the weekend to look forward to with Amy coming home and then Tom coming to see me a few days after that depending on when he finished filming.


I got up and went about my everyday routine, my morning shower before getting dressed and going downstairs for breakfast to be out the door by eight and arrive at work for nine.


Quite a few people asked how my holiday was which I was quite surprised about. I told them most things, well to do with Amy and the wedding anyway as that was the whole reason I went in the first place. I left out the part about now being Tom Hiddleston`s girlfriend as there were a few people in the office who were known to enjoy a good gossip.


The day went by rather quickly; the entire week did infact, which I was more than happy about. The nearer it got to the weekend the more I couldn’t wait to see Amy and have a good catch up with her.


My evenings were spent doing paperwork before curling up on the sofa in my pajamers watching more of the films I had been sent to review. I finished watching the other two DVD’s I had been sent, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Anna Karenina, making sure to save Beasts of the Southern Wild for when Tom came round. I hoped he would come round soon as I really missed him.


He rung a few times throughout the week just to check in and see how I was. It was nice just to hear his voice. On more than one occasion I fell asleep listening to him talking about nothing in particular.


By the time Friday came around my reviews were already emailed to Paul and up online. I couldn’t wait to spend the weekend relaxing with my best friend.


* * * *


Amy arrived at seven on the Friday evening baring fishcake and chips from the local fish and chip shop down the road.


It was so lovely to see her, just to hang out, to eat, drink and veg out infront of the TV catching up and watching Sex and the City.


Saturday was spent shopping in Canterbury. Amy was looking for her wedding shoes as she hadn’t managed to find any in London. She finally found some gorgeous white ones with a small heel and a few diamonds on the toe in Monsoon for half the price. We then went and had lunch at our favourite restaurant, Poppins before going home.


Saturday evening was spent much the same as Friday evening, chilling on the sofa watching reruns of Glee. You’re never too old to appreciate Glee, especially when you have a thing for Matthew Morrison.


Mumford and Sons Little Lion Man began playing half through the Madonna episode. A huge smile broke out on my face as soon as I heard it as only one person could be calling if that was the ringtone. I changed my settings to ring that particular song when he called after he took me to go and see them live. As if I didn’t already know who was calling, a picture of him appeared on the screen. A picture of him looking right at the camera and smiling a lovely genuine smile. Tom.


“Oooh is that Romeo calling?” Amy asked a smirk on her lips.




“Go. Go be all lovey dovey with Mr Shakespeare whilst I sit here with Mr Shue. Take it upstairs though I don’t want to hear you making kissy noises through the phone.” She joked.


I just raised my eyebrows. “Funny” I replied sarcastically before clicking the answer button.


“Hey you”


“Hello darling.” his rich voice like honey sounded through the phone. “Sorry to disturb your girly weekend with Amy I just wanted to sort out coming to see you and I thought it would be easier in a phone call rather than by text, especially as I wanted to hear your voice”


“Aww your sweet. I miss you”.


“I miss you too, love”


“How are you?”


“I’m great Thankyou, better for hearing your voice. Are you having fun with Amy?”


“I am. She arrived yesterday baring fishcake and chips and we sat and lounged on the sofa with wine and the Sex and the City box set. Today we went to Canterbury so she could buy her shoes for the wedding. Speaking of are you all ready?”


“I’m glad you’re having fun my love. Yep we’re all set. I’m all ready to see my beautiful girlfriend in her sexy red dress to match my tie.”


“And I’m all ready to see my gorgeous boyfriend in his grey suit and tie. I love you in a suit.”


“Anything else you like me in darling?” There was a smirk playing on his lips through the phone I could tell. I moaned knowing exactly what he wanted me to say but I wasn’t going to. He spoke again before I could answer.


“Oooh was that a moan I heard coming from your beautiful mouth?” shit.


“You have that effect on me ok?”


“You have that effect on me too, more than you know. You’re blushing aren’t you darling?” How could he tell?


“How can you tell? Is it really that obvious in my voice?”


“I guess I just know you better than you think I do darling ehehe”


“Maybe you do. So when are you coming down? I miss you. I’m dying to finish the love letters of Scott and Zelda and watch Beasts of the Southern Wild.”


“I miss you too, love. Don’t finish them without me. I was thinking Thursday afternoon if that’s ok with you as I have a long weekend from filming and don’t have to go back till Monday.”


“Sounds great. I finish early Thursday anyway so that works in fine.”


“I’m glad. You’ll have to have Friday off though”


“Oh and why’s that Mr Hiddleston?”


“Because I won’t let you get out of bed ehehe”


“Thomas” I scolded through the phone trying my best not to laugh. It didn’t work. I ended up laughing down the phone. He laughed with me. It was as though he was here with me. I wished he was.


“Oh I wish you were here.”


“Me too darling, me too. Five days. I love you.”


“Hopefully they’ll go quickly. I can’t wait to see you. I love you.”


“I’ll let you get back to Amy as she’s probably wondering where you are.”


“Oh no I think you’ll find she’s quite happy downstairs with Matthew Morrison. She knew that it was you anyway, she asked if it was Romeo calling”


“It was indeed your Romeo calling to talk to his beautiful Juliet”


“Aww. Right I guess I better go. Hopefully she hasn’t drunk all the wine; you’ve witnessed what happens when she does. Mind you, there’s no one here other than me for her to say anything about so I should be fine.” He laughed down the phone.


“Parting in such sweet sorrow.”


“I shall say good night until it be morrow.”


“Good night fair maiden I love you”


“Good night kind sir. I love you too.”


We clicked off. I went back downstairs to find Amy sat curled up on the sofa finishing off the last drop of wine in her glass as the credits of one of the episodes came to an end.


I went and took the DVD out of the player putting it away before turning to her.


“Another episode or are we done for the night?”


“What time is it?” I looked over at the clock on the wall. “Eleven”


“Think I’ve had enough of other people singing for tonight. Think its time we done some singing of our own” Oh geez.


“I’d rather not wake the neighbours. Especially not with our bad voices”


“Oh Em, come on, loosen up a bit, it’s a Saturday night, they’re all probably out anyway.” Amy went and plugged my iPod dock into the speakers putting it on shuffle. Tom reading As I Walked Out One Evening came blaring through the speakers. Oh god.


“Oh my god, Em. You seriously have Tom reading poetry on your iPod. Wait till I tell him about this”


“You certainly will not tell him about this, you’ve caused enough trouble. Is it really that bad that I have him reading it? The sound of his voice soothes me and helps me sleep when he’s not here ok?”


“Oh my god, that’s so cute.” I knew she would think it was, that was why I said it, even though it was true. “I guess it is your iPod so you can have what you want on it.”


“Exactly. Thankyou, i`m glad we finally agree”


She laughed before skipping to the next song. `Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun` by Cyndi Lauper. “Now this is more like it”


We spent the rest of the night prancing round my living room and singing at the top of our lungs before retiring to bed.


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