Moving House- A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction.

Emily and Amy have been friends forever, growing up around the corner from each other. You can imagine Emily’s dismay when recently engaged Amy moves to London to open up her own art gallery and live with her fiancée. Even more so when she finds out that her favourite actor, Tom Hiddleston is there to help them.


18. Chapter 17

Moving House:

 Chapter 17:


I arrived back home a few hours later. I longed to be back in London, the city I loved. Back in London with Tom. It had only been a few hours, yet I missed him, Amy and the city like crazy.


The house was empty and quite. I’d only been away for a few weeks but it felt like I had a completely new life here to the two weeks I spent in London. Here I worked nine to five in a job I didn’t particularly like whilst writing my reviews in my spare time. There I was someone completely different, someone who didn’t have to worry about anything. I got to spend mornings in bed with my boyfriend whilst we ate the breakfast he prepared, I got to go to museums, eat in lovely restaurants, go dancing and meet one of my favourite actresses and go to concerts. I longed to live in London. I wish I could have that life forever.


Alas, all good things must come to an end. I was pulled out of my trance by an incoming text from Tom.


The house is empty without you, love. Come back. The couch misses your presents. Not as much as I do. I miss you. It’s crazy how much, I only saw you a few hours ago. I hope you got home safe my darling. I’ll come and see you in a few weeks. I love you. Yours, T Xxxxxxx


I put my bag down in the hallway, picked up my post and walked into the kitchen to fill the kettle. Once I filled the kettle I went over to the table I had chucked my post on and flicked through it. Bills, bills and four DVDs from the blog. That was one of the perks of writing for a film blog; I got DVDs sent through before they were released.


I wish I could love but as you said, soon. I miss you too, so much. Just got home, was greeted with four lovely DVDs to watch. Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks. I love you Xxxxxxx


I went and got a mug out of the cupboard adding milk and a tea bag before filling it with the boiled water as I waited for Tom’s reply. It came a few moments later.


Yes love, soon. Glad you got home ok. What DVDs have you been sent? Maybe I can come and watch some with you in a few weeks. Xxxxxxx


The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Now is Good and Anna Karenina. Yes love, I would like that very much. Xxxxxxx


The tea brewed just as a new text came through. I drained the tea bag on the side of the cup, adding two sugars before opening the new text.


Save Beasts for when I come round then we can watch it together. Love you Xxxxxxx


Yes, Sir ;) Love you too. Xxxxxxx


With my cup of tea in hand I went and grabbed my bag from the hall before going upstairs to go and unpack. I put all of my clothes in the wash; my cuddly Eeyore Tom had bought me on my bed and my new books on my bookshelf. I left `Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda the Love Letters of F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald` by my bedside to read later when I got into bed.


Once all my unpacking was done and everything was put away I went downstairs taking my iPod out of my bag to check my emails, Facebook updates and Tweets. Not a lot to report. Junk emails from clothes shops letting me know of offers, Facebook statuses about the latest break ups and tweets about the latest goings on in the world of celebrities.


Out of curiosity I checked Tom’s twitter to see if he had tweeted over the past two weeks. To my surprise he had. Nine times. He’d tweeted all the things we had shared over the past two weeks without giving anything away, right from the first day we spent in London right up to when I left him a few hours ago.


@twhiddleston: Never too old for the Disney store. – 11th October


I laughed at the photo attached. The photo was one that I had taken of him in the Disney store, smiling like a loon holding his Loki figure. 


@twhiddleston: Praise fair sun and kiss the envious moon. Who is already sick and pale with grief. It is my lady, o it is my love. -11th October


@twhiddleston: Part of the reason I love being an actor is knowing how much of an effect my acting has on people. Truly blessed. - 11th October


@twhiddleston: You shouldn’t hide your emotions over something you love. It just shows how passionate you are. - 11th October


I couldn’t help the smile that appeared reading them. All the tweets relating back to our second date. The V&A trip. I kept scrolling through them.


@twhiddleston: Song of the Day: You Belong to Me by Jo Stafford. - 16th October


@twhiddleston: `You can’t change the past`-Nick Carraway: The Great Gatsby. - 16th October.


The night he took me dancing. The night I almost ruined everything by telling him about my past, about Jack. The night we opened up to each other, telling each other about our hopes and dreams.


@twhiddleston: Swoon, I’ll catch you-The English Patient. - 17th October


The morning after when I caught him reading my portfolio and when he asked if he made me swoon.


@twhiddleston: Song of the Day: I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons. Reload and your toes start tapping (NME). Cloud piercing. - 18th October.


The afternoon we spent at the Embankment where he read me poetry, the evening spent going to see Mumford and Sons and meeting Carey Mulligan to his last tweet posted just a few hours ago.


@twhiddleston: Love doesn’t end just because we don’t see each other-The End of the Affair. 19th October


I smiled at the last tweet sending him yet another text.


Just checked your tweets. It would seem you’ve had a very enjoyable two weeks aswell, Mr Hiddleston ;) Xxxxxxx


Does somebody miss me that much that she decided to check up on me, darling? ;) Didn’t realise you followed me, I suppose I better follow my girlfriend back, it would only be fair as those tweets were purely aimed at her. ;) You don’t mind me tweeting do you darling? Xxxxxxx


Pssst, don’t flatter yourself Thomas ;) yes, it would be fair, bless you and no ofcourse not, you were very sneaky about it. Dread to think the kind of responses people replied to you though. Xxxxxxx


Consider yourself followed love; I’ll try to keep it to a minimum so people don’t suspect anything. Not too bad although people were asking what they were all about. Will try and keep it our secret as long as possible. I love you Xxxxxxx


Thankyou very much, kind sir. I don’t mind being your little secret, I’ll be it as long as you like ;) lots of love, your loving fan I love you Xxxxxxx


* * * * *

I made the most of my long weekend at home before I went back to the office on Monday.  I had an early night Friday cuddling up in bed reading The Love Letters of Scott and Zelda. I didn’t want to finish it as I hoped that when Tom came round he could read it to me as that was the book he read for his research for Midnight in Paris. I also watched Now is Good and wrote my review.  


Once I’d finished writing it I emailed it to Paul. I then went and put it in my portfolio with my other articles only to find that my Hollow Crown review was missing. That’s strange.


My phone rang at precisely 10pm on Sunday evening signalling an incoming call from Amy, our usual weekly catch up to discuss Downton and other things. It was weird going back to talking to her on the phone when I’d just spent the last few weeks with her.


“Are you a mess like I am? I asked her. “Why would Julian just kill of Sybil?”


“Because that was what happened in those days but I totally agree with you, bit harsh. Anyway I`m guessing you got home ok?”


“Well duh, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be talking to you right now, would I?”


“You may still be at Tom’s for all I know, you are on your mobile after all”


“Alright smart arse and I’m not still at Tom’s. I wish I was though, it’s only been a few days and I miss him like crazy. He’s coming over in a few weeks though so it’s all good”


“I`m glad to see you so happy, Em. Sorry if I was a bit embarrassing the other night”


“Pssst a bit? You were more than a bit Amy, you were so embarrassing that you decided to tell Tom all about my celebrity crushes growing up and about the time I got stuck in the loo. Oh, and not forgetting you mentioned to Tom that I wanted to marry him. You certainly know how to embarrass your best friend”


“Oh my god, I`m so sorry. I woke up with a huge headache the next morning though. I swear it took like three headache tablets and a large cup of coffee to get me in the frame of mind to go and talk to clients about buying my art”


“Good. It serves you right”


“Oh ha-ha. So, what happened the last few days I couldn’t see you?”


I filled Amy in on the latest goings on between me and Tom. About the morning I spent cuddled up in bed with him, about the delicious breakfast he made me aswell as the conversation of marriage.


“He bought it up? Oh my god what did he say? I knew looking at those bridal magazines were a sign!” she exclaimed through the phone.


“Amy, please. They weren’t a sign. It was your fault the subject got bought up in the first place”


“So what did he say?”


I replayed the whole conversation to her including the rest of the morning. About the breakfast and the kisses in the kitchen to my afternoon and lunch with Carey, about Tom meeting me after and him buying me the complete works of F Scott Fitzgerald and The Love Letters of F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald to the evening spent at the Embankment and at his house with The End of the Affair and Spaghetti Bolognese before he said goodbye to me at the station.


She squealed at everything I said. That was the one thing I loved about Amy, she was always so interested when it came to conversations involving boys and makeup. It could be annoying when she went and checked her reflection in the mirror every chance she got though.


Our conversation continued till about half eleven talking about Jay and the gallery and a bit more about Downton. I told her about the tweets Tom had sent within the last few weeks and that I had something to give her when I next saw her.


“I’ll come home and see you next weekend. Have a girly weekend before Tom comes to see you. Cheeky glass of wine and Sex and the City?”


“Sounds good. I love how you still call here home even though you now live in London”


“Don’t judge, no matter how much of a shithole Dover is it will always be my home.”


“Well I`m glad your hearts still here even if you’re not” I laughed. “Oh, before I go did I leave my review of The Hollow Crown at yours?”


“Erm, I don’t think so, I’ll check tomorrow. How come?”


“I’ve seemed to misplaced it. I went to go and add my review of Now is Good to my portfolio and it that review had seemed to have disappeared. Hmm ok never mind.”


“I’ll text you tomorrow if it’s here.”


“Thanks. I’ll speak to you tomorrow and see you next weekend. Looking forward to it.”


“Me too. I’ll see you next week. Love you”


“Love you too Amz”


After I hung up I went upstairs and got ready for bed snuggling up with Eeyore and the love letters of Scott and Zelda.


My phone lit up a few minutes later with a text from Tom


Hope you enjoyed Downton and your chat with Amy darling. I’ll give you a call tomorrow. I love you Xxxxxxx


Downton left me feeling empty, I needed you hear to comfort me but I guess I can wait for a few weeks. A great episode though. Amy’s fine, she’s coming down next weekend for a girly few days. Cuddled up in bed with my Eeyore and the love letters of Scott and Zelda, the closest I’m going to get to you being here. I love you Xxxxxxx


I`m sorry to hear that my love I’ll see you soon. In the meantime I shall send your regards to Michelle and the rest of the cast on a fine job. I should have sent you off with one of my shirts for you to wear, remind me when I come and see you to leave one there for you. I wish I was there with you too, darling. Imagine my voice reading the letters to you, just like I read to you on the Embankment. Sweet dreams my love I love you Xxxxxxx


Sleep well, dearest. Speak to you tomorrow. I love you Xxxxxxx


With dearest love, Your Thomas xxxxxxxxxxx


I finished a few more of the letters before falling into a restless sleep, for my alarm would wake me at six am and take me back to reality. 

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