Moving House- A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction.

Emily and Amy have been friends forever, growing up around the corner from each other. You can imagine Emily’s dismay when recently engaged Amy moves to London to open up her own art gallery and live with her fiancée. Even more so when she finds out that her favourite actor, Tom Hiddleston is there to help them.


17. Chapter 16

Chapter 16:


A/N: Another appearance from Carey Mulligan eeep! <3


I awoke in the familiar arms of Tom. Somehow in the night we had switched positions so I was now spooning him, my leg over his and my face resting on his back.


I kissed a trail up his back past his shoulder and up his neck, resting my chin in the crook where his neck and shoulder met, listening to his breathing. He was so peaceful.


I sat and watched him sleep for a little while until I felt blue eyes boring into the side of my head. He kissed my cheek.


“Good Morning, darling” he turned over so my head was against his chest like it was when I first went to sleep.


“Good morning yourself”


“Did you sleep well?”


“I did. I didn’t want this morning to come though.” I replied sadly.


“Why not, love? You’re meeting Carey for lunch today”


“I know, that I’m excited about, but later today I have to leave London. I have to leave Amy. I have to leave you.”


“Oh darling. It’s ok. Just because we’re a few hours away it doesn’t mean we won’t see each other. I’ll come and see you and presides the wedding is in a few months”


“Two months without not being near you is too much to bare. Not waking up next to you. It was hard enough yesterday.”


“I know, love but we’ll get through it. I love you”


“I love you too”


“Well then, that’s all that matters. Let’s make the most of the day we have together ok?”




“Now then I’m going to go downstairs and make my girlfriend breakfast and we’re going to laze about for a bit before we get up.”


“Someone’s bossy this morning” I joked


“I just don’t like seeing you upset darling.”


“I know, I don’t like being upset. Let’s make the most of it. I’m sorry”


“It’s ok darling, now relax, I’ll be back in a few minutes.”


“Yes sir.” I gave him a salute. He chuckled giving me a quick kiss before putting on his jeans and going downstairs. He didn’t want a repeat of the other morning by the looks of things.


Tom returned a few moments later carrying a tray with a single red rose, two cups containing a cup of tea for me and coffee for him and two plates with two slices of toast and poached eggs.


“Mmm smells good.”


“I`m glad you think so, love”


“I could get used to this. And you even bought me a rose, you’re so sweet” I kissed him on the cheek as he put the tray down on the floor.


“This was left by the kettle for you” he then handed me a note in Amy’s hand. I went to pick the tray up from the floor but Tom stopped me telling me to get up off the bed so we don’t get crumbs in it.


“Good thinking, Batman”


“Actually, I prefer Loki” he laughed at his own joke throwing his head back.


I settled back on the bed crossed legged. Tom joined me a few minutes later sitting with his legs open, the tray in between them. I took a sip of my tea and read the note that Amy had left me:


Morning Em,


I trust you and Tom slept well. I’m so sorry about last night. I hope I wasn’t too bad. I don’t think I’ve ever drunk that much. To say I woke up with a headache this morning is an understatement. I feel like my heads been trodden on by an elephant.


Anyway I’m sorry and I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much. Went off to work at 10. Sorry I can’t be there to spend the morning with you or take you to the train station.


Thankyou for helping me pick out my dress and being there for me.


Enjoy your lunch with Carey.


I hope you enjoyed your time in London.


I’ll give you a call in a few days after you’ve arrived back to check in.


Keep the key as it may come in handy.


Love you lots






I smiled at the note sending her a quick text letting her know that everything was ok, that she was bad but I’d fill her in when I spoke to her next before tucking in to my poached eggs on toast prepared by my boyfriend.


“I think you’re in the wrong profession, these are absolutely delicious. You can make me breakfast anytime you like”


He chucked. “I’m glad you think so, love. If acting ever lets me down I’ll remember that. And I hope to be able to make your breakfast a lot more in the future. Everyday infact”


I smiled leaning across my empty plate to give him a kiss. Tom took both of our plates putting them back on the tray on the floor before cuddling back up under the covers.


“You know, something Amy said last night has been on my mind all morning”


“Oh, what’s that?”


“About Amy saying you want to marry me” I choked on my tea. Now I really did want to strangle her. Why did she have to say that? Keep quiet.


Tom patted me on the back rubbing it until my choking had subsided.


“So is it true?” he asked looking me in the eyes. I looked away. Tom put his hand under my chin so I could look into his eyes.


Quick, think of some excuse.


“Well, doesn’t everybody?”


“Think about marrying me? I don’t think so, darling”


“I meant aren’t all girls supposed to think about their wedding once in a while. Don’t all girls imagine what it would be like to pick out their wedding dress, about the flowers they want, who they want as their bridesmaids and marrying their prince charming?”


“Do you?”




“So what do you see at our wedding?” Our wedding oh my god, was he serious? We’re really going to talk about this?


“Tom, are you asking me to marry you?”


“Not yet, but in the future you never know” he replied with a wink leaning down to kiss my forehead.


“My lady shall have whatever she desires”


“I desire you.”


“Well, I’m glad darling because I desire you too”


We stayed like this for a while in our own little bubble discussing nothing. But we could tell by the comfortable silence that we were both thinking about what it would be like to marry the other.


A few minutes later we decided we better get up so Tom could go and get ready for his interview while I could get ready for my lunch with Carey.


“What do I wear for my lunch, Tom?”


“You look good in anything, sweetheart. Don’t forget you’ve got to travel home in it too.”


“Fair point” I finally decided on my jeans and the plum jumper I wore to the V&A. Tom smiled when I came downstairs dressed in that outfit.


“Reliving memories are we, darling?”


“More like the best day of my life”


“Was it really?”


I nodded walking over to kiss him. He kissed me back, a sweet gentle kiss at first. Then it began to get heated. One of his hands went to my waist whilst the other went inside my back jean pocket pulling me closer to him. Our bodies would be flush against each other if it wasn’t for our clothes.


My hands found their way to his chest and the back of his head running my hands through his hair and tugging a little. He moaned in the back of his throat. I nipped at his bottom lip trailing kisses down his neck.


His hand that was on my waist worked his way down to the bottom of my jumper pulling it up slightly so he could run his hand over the bottom of my back. It was my turn to moan now. I could get used to being this close to him, kissing him, touching him, being in the same house as him. I was going to miss him. My Tom.


We were pulled out of our trance by Tom’s phone alarm beeping reminding him of his interview. He cursed under his breath resting his forehead against mine.


“God woman, what do you do to me?” he breathed. “You’re lucky my alarm went off when it did, otherwise I would have taken you back up to bed and had my way with you.”


“Take me” I challenged. I knew fairly well he wouldn’t when he had any interview. He wasn’t one to be late. That was proved the first night he took me out.


Tom moaned leaning down to bite my earlobe. “Don’t tempt me, love. I need to go”


He began to pull away but I grabbed his hand whilst the other went to his shirt collar giving him a passionate kiss. “I love you” I breathed.


“And I you, my love”


He laced his fingers with mine giving me another kiss. “Have fun with Carey. I’ll text you once I’m done ok?”


I nodded. “I’ll leave my bag by the door so you can just come and pick it up.” I pulled the spare key Amy had given me out of my pocket and handed it to him.


“Oh, you may need this” he smiled taking the key from my hand and kissing my palm.


“Now, I really need to go.  I love you”


“I love you, too, Tom”


With that he was out the door.


* * *


After Tom had left I went upstairs to pack my bag. I didn’t want to leave. I’d had such a great time here; so many memories were made these past two weeks. My camera proved it.


I flicked through them smiling like a loon.


With all my bags packed and ready to go I had some time on my hands before I had to meet Carey so I decided to take a walk into town.


As Tom had the spare key I made sure I had everything I needed from the flat before making my way out to find the local Boots. There I bought two photo albums and a few copies of each of the photos I’d taken over the past two weeks to put in the albums to give to Amy and Tom.


Once all the photos were done I went and sat in a café near Southbank so I wouldn’t have to walk far to meet Carey for lunch. I ordered myself a cup of tea whilst I sat and arranged the photos.


Amy’s photo album contained pictures from the minute she met me at St Pancras, throughout our many shopping trips and our few trips to the theatre along with a few pictures of her and Jay and the four of us when we went and had dinner at The Ivy and the pictures taken yesterday at Singin in the Rain to the drunken ones last night.  


Everything had been captured in picture form, just like Tom’s had been. Tom’s photo album included photos of me and him over the past two weeks. From the first day we spent together in London, the photos in the Disney store to the many photos we took at the V&A, photos of me and him over dinner at The Ivy including the four of us that was included in Amy’s. Pictures of us when he took me dancing, the night that almost ruined everything but was made up when he stayed the night. The pictures we took in bed the morning after. The most recent pictures taken a couple of days ago of our morning on the Embankment and then the evening at Mumford and Sons right up to the ones I took this morning of him asleep and the breakfast he made me.


I put a message at the front of each album explaining how much they both meant to me and how much fun I had had on my trip to London. I then wrapped Amy’s in some pink wrapping paper and Tom’s in moustache paper to represent Wendy. Hopefully he would laugh at it.


I looked at my watch. 12:50. Just enough time for me to go and meet Carey.


* * *


I was looking forward to having lunch at the Giraffe. The amount of times I’d wondered past it and been intrigued as to what food they sold. It was always busy.  Now it was my turn to see what all the fuss was about.


Carey arrived a few minutes after me dressed in a pair of brown brogues, dark blue skinny jeans, a simple black top with a browny green cardigan thrown over the top, her big brown bag slung over her shoulder. Her hair had been dyed blonde and cut back into a pixie cut. Even though it looked like she’d just thrown it on she looked absolutely gorgeous.


She walked up to me a huge smile on her face drawing me in for a hug.


“Im so sorry I’m late. Traffic was manic.”


“No problem. How are you?”


“I’m great. Excited to go to Sydney. You wouldn’t believe the amount of research I’ve done into the 20s and Zelda Fitzgerald.” I smiled.


“I’d love to have a look over lunch. The 20s fascinate me.”


“Ofcourse. Shall we go in?”




We walked into The Giraffe and found a table near the back of the restaurant away from the many tourists.


I felt like I’d known Carey for ages but that was probably because I’d been up with her filmography since 2005 when I first saw her in Pride and Prejudice.


A lovely waitress came over and took our orders, we both ordered a burger, myself a Classic Burger whilst Carey ordered the Rodeo Chicken Burger. Once our orders had been taken conversation began.


I didn’t want to come across as a fangirl but seeing as this may be the only chance I may get to talk to her I couldn’t not ask her about working with the likes of Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice, Dominic Cooper in An Education and Michael Fassbender in Shame.


She spoke openly about how great each of them were to work with, how lovely they all were and how privileged she felt. It was fascinating to listen to someone talk about people you have looked up to for ages by someone you admire. Nothing can beat that feeling.


Conversation flowed quite easily. We discussed our love the 1920s. She talked me through her research process going through her favourite quotes from Zelda Fitzgerald’s biography.


It was whilst on the topic of the 20s where she asked


“So how did you discover Tom?”


“It’s funny you should mention that actually as it kind of ties in with this conversation. I went and saw Midnight in Paris at my local cinema back in July and completely fell in love with the film. I was particularly fascinated with Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, they were only names I had purely heard of and knew nothing about but after that film I fell in love with Paris and the 20s even more. I went home and done my research and found that Tom played Scott and from then I was hooked. Never in a million years did I think I would meet him, just like I never thought I would meet you.” she smiled.


“That’s very sweet of you. So how exactly did you meet?”


“That’s a funny story. I was helping my best friend, Amy move out from her old house and Tom was there. She `forgot` to tell me that her fiancée, Jay was friends with him and we hit it off straight away, the rest, they say is history. Although that was only a few months ago I’ve felt like I’ve known him forever”  


“I know that feeling. I feel like I’ve known Marcus forever too. I can’t believe I’m 26 and now married! I move in to my grown up house when I come back from Sydney”


“Oh wow, that sounds exciting”


The rest of our lunch consisted of everyday subjects, our favourite movies, books and films.


“How do you feel about working with Baz Lurhmann? He’s one of my favourite directors.”


“Honestly, I’m so excited. I’ve never been to Sydney either so it should be a great few months”


“I can’t wait for it to be released. I read The Great Gatsby because of Tom and then when I found out that you were starring in it I was even more excited. You’re going to make a great Daisy.” 


“Aww thanks, Em”


“You’re welcome. What times your flight?”


“3. I need to get going soon. Sorry it’s so short.”


The waitress came and collected our plates as we put our coats back on. We paid before going outside to continue our chat to wait for her taxi.


“Honestly, its no problem at all just to meet you was beyond my wildest dreams so to meet you and have lunch with you is just an honour”


“We’ll have to meet up when I’m back from Sydney, you and Tom will have to come round for dinner once me and Marcus are all moved in”


“That would be great”  


“Have a great time in Sydney”


“I will do. Hope you get home safe. Look after Tom and keep up the writing. I expect to see your name under an interview with me soon” she chuckled.


Carey`s taxi pulled up at that moment. She thanked and hugged me goodbye before getting in the taxi. I watched as it pulled away.


I found a text from Tom saying that he had finished asking where he should meet me. I told him I was in Foyle’s.


He came and found me a few minutes later as I was browsing the classics section looking at the works of Fitzgerald and the love letters of Scott and Zelda. He smiled when he saw what I was looking at.


“Did my portrayal of Scott fascinate you that much, love?” he chuckled giving me a kiss on my cheek taking both books from me walking up to the till to pay for them.


I ran after him. “Tom, I can pay for them.” He had handed over the cash before I could even think about compromising. I went to protest but he silenced me with his lips before handing me my bag containing my new purchases.


“Thankyou and to answer your remark earlier, it did in some form. We were talking about Carey’s research for Gatsby and you may have came up” I told him with a wink.


Tom laced his hand through mine walking along The Embankment one last time. We went and sat on the grass near the eye like we had done a few days ago.


I handed him his present and he laughed at the wrapping paper throwing his head back and sticking his tongue out before doing his impression of Steve. “This is Wendy, my pride and joy Ohhhhh im the bad guy. Loki’d!!”


He then opened it and smiled reading the message and flicking through the many photos we took.


Even I couldn’t believe how many photos we took.


“Thankyou darling, it’s beautiful. You’re beautiful. Thankyou for such an incredible few months. It’s been an honour getting to know you and I look forward to getting to know more about you and spending more time with you. I love you”


“I love you too. I’m glad you like it. Can we stay here forever?”


“I wish we could, love. More than anything. I would like nothing more than to stay here with you, in my arms, forever but I think reality and real life calls you back. Away from me”


I put my hand on his cheek rubbing his cheekbone with my thumb.


“I wish it didn’t. I wish I could just go home and collect my stuff and move here. Be here, in London. With you.”


“Soon, love” I nodded placing my forehead against his rubbing my nose against his.


“I guess we better getting going” I told him sadly. I went to stand up by he caught me by my wrist making me sit back down.


He then looked at me with a serious look on his face.


“Tom, what is it?” it was his turn to rub my cheekbone now before he said


“Love doesn’t end just because we don’t see each other.” I knew the reference so I replied with the next line.


“Doesn’t it?”


“People go on loving God, don’t they? All their lives. Without seeing him.”


“That's not my kind of love.”


“Maybe there is no other kind.”


We smiled at each other. The End of the Affair. How very true the quote was.


“I love you”


“I love you, too”


“The stocking quote doesn’t work because you’re not wearing any” he commented.


“I know but the shoe and button ones do though”


“I'm jealous of this button.”


“Poor, innocent button.”


“It's not innocent at all. It's with you all day. I'm not.”


“I suppose you're jealous of my shoes?”






“Because they'll take you away from me.” he pulled me into an embrace.


“What times your train?” he muffled against my hair. I pulled away and answered him.


“They go at quarter past every hour”


“Stay with me. I’ll cook you dinner and then I can walk you to the station” I nodded. I needed to spend a few more hours with him.


“I also have that film so I can cook and we can watch it”


We made our way back to Tom’s flat and spent the evening in each others company. He cooked me a delicious Spaghetti Bolognese and we sat and watched The End of the Affair quoting the scenes back and fourth to each other.


With every moment that passed in the film, the quicker the evening and my time with Tom was drawing to an end.


I’d gotten so used to seeing and waking up next to Tom for the past few mornings that it was going to be weird going back home and having to get back into my routine again. On the upside I had quite a few films to review when I got back.


We finished our dinner half way through the film and spent the rest of it cuddled up on the couch.


When the credits rolled I wiped my tears before going to use the bathroom. I came out a few minutes later and saw Tom in the kitchen washing up the dishes. I walked up behind him placing my hands around his waist leaning my cheek into his shirt.


“I forgot to ask you. How was your interview?”


“It was good” I reached up to kiss his cheek. He turned his head at the last minute so he caught my lips. I was going to savour this moment, savour this kiss because I wasn’t going to be able to do it again for a few months.


Tom broke the kiss first. “This is already so hard to let you go. The longer I leave it the harder it’s getting but the more the time goes on you’re missing another train therefore getting closer to staying here the night”


“Tom, we both know I need to go. This is your last day free for a while anyway isn’t it?” he nodded.


“Well then”


“I just like you being here. I like seeing you in my house, stretched out on my couch.”


“And trust me, I like being her, in your house, on your couch but if I don’t go now, I never will.”


“Then don’t. Stay. Stay with me. Stay forever.”


“Tom, don’t tempt me because you know I will”


“I wont complain.” He bit my earlobe.


“Nor would I but somehow I don’t think my boss would be very happy to know that I quite my job because I met my favourite actor, now boyfriend in London, do you?” he chuckled.


“Probably not.”


“Exactly. Come on, the quicker you let me go the quicker you’ll see me again. Think of it that way.” I wasn’t sure who I was trying to convince most, me or Tom.


I grabbed my bag from by the door. Tom grabbed it back. I thought he was going to drop it back on the floor and throw a fit until I agreed to stay. I laughed at the image but he didn’t. He took it from me to carry it.


We walked a little of the way before hailing a cab. I wanted to make the most of my last few moments in the city. St Pancras was a little further out than Charing Cross unfortunately.


We hopped in a cab Tom sitting across from me and linking my hand with his running his thumb over my knuckles.


The taxi arrived at the station far too soon for my liking. Tom asked the driver to wait whilst he walked me into the station and to my platform.


We arrived five minutes before the train was due to leave so we could have a proper goodbye at the station.


I got teary eyed as soon as he hugged me as I knew this was going to be our last embrace for a while. He stroked my hair before pulling back and wiping my tears.


“Come on, darling no more crying I’ve seen you cry far too much since i`ve known you” he joked.


“Oh god, I know im such a sad case”


“Oh, love ofcourse you’re not. What did I say to you at the V&A?”


“That you would take things slow and would I do you the honour of becoming your girlfriend” I smiled at the memory.


He chuckled “Yes, darling. That and what else?” I shrugged my shoulders “That you shouldn’t apologise for getting upset, it just proves you’re human and its one of the reasons I do what I do”


“I’m not ready to say goodbye yet”


“Then don’t. Don’t think of it as goodbye. Think of it as see you later. I love you” I nodded.


“I love you, too. So much. I need to go” he nodded.


“Text me when you get home so I know your safe” I nodded giving him one quick embrace and a final passionate kiss before putting my ticket through the barrier and boarding the train. I waited till the train had left the station before I let my tears fall. 

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