Moving House- A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction.

Emily and Amy have been friends forever, growing up around the corner from each other. You can imagine Emily’s dismay when recently engaged Amy moves to London to open up her own art gallery and live with her fiancée. Even more so when she finds out that her favourite actor, Tom Hiddleston is there to help them.


16. Chapter 15

Chapter 15:


Singin in the Rain was absolutely amazing, way beyond my expectations.


We made our way out of the theatre and had a walk around Leicester Square before going to the gallery as I hadn’t seen it in all of the two weeks I’d been here.


It was beautiful. So Amy. Her photographs decorated the walls. It was all split into sections with her random photographs she’d taken, pictures from her time in Italy and our holiday in New York, pictures of her and Jay and ones with friends including some beautiful shots of us growing up. I loved how much she’d included me in her gallery.


“These are all absolutely beautiful. I’m so honoured that you’ve included me so much in the exhibition.”


“Well, if it wasn’t for you then I would never have made it a reality.” I smiled running my hand over one of the pictures of me outside Tiffany’s in New York having my Audrey Hepburn moment.


I suddenly felt guilty for not spending as much time with her as I should of. The whole idea of these two weeks was to spend time with her.


“Are you ok with me spending my last night in London with Tom? Are you sure you and Jay don’t want to come with us? I feel like I haven’t seen you all that much” I suddenly asked her.


“It’s fine hun, honestly. You spent enough time with me, enough so I could find my wedding dress and we went for a few meals and had a huge gossip so it’s fine. I’m just glad you’ve found someone that makes you happy rather than spending all your time moping around”


“I do not mope around but thanks for the vote of confidence and for everything”


We made our way out of the gallery and hopped on the tube to go back to Amy’s. it didn’t take long before we arrived back.


“I’ve still got some time before Tom comes and picks me up do you want to sit and watch a film or something?”




We sat and watched Brief Encounter for a while. I loved this film. I hadn’t watched it in years. I wrote a play based on it at college. Amy done one of the voices which ended up being quite funny.


Amy’s phone rang half way through the movie. It turned out it was a client who wanted to have a meeting tomorrow about showcasing their paintings at her gallery.


“Looks like I’ve got to work tomorrow now” she came back and slouched on the sofa.


“Ah, that’s ok. I can go to the station myself it’s no problem.”


“I know I just wanted to come and see you off properly.”


“I know, I wanted you to too but its ok. We’ve got tonight. Do you want me to cancel with Tom? I feel bad now.”


“No, no it’s fine, you go. Jay will be back from work soon anyway.”


“That’s it, I’m texting Tom to get him to come over here, and we can have an evening in, order take away and just chill out.”


“Em, come on, it’s your last night in London”


“Yeah and? What better way to spend it with the people I care about most?”


I sent Tom a quick text apologising for the change of plan so late in the day. He replied saying that it was ok and that as long as he was spending the evening with me it didn’t matter.


* * *


Not long later the four of us were sat on the two separate sofas, me and Tom on one and Amy and Jay on the other watching the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise with a bottle of wine and Chinese.


It was nice for us all to be together. I would miss this come tomorrow.  I didn’t want to leave.


The evening was going fine to begin with but then as soon as the wine starting to sink into Amy’s body she started talking. Embarrassing me infront of Tom on more than one occasion throughout the night.


First she started by telling stories from our childhood, one in particular about the celebrity crushes I had on my wall growing up including Danny from Hearsay and Orlando Bloom. She then went on to say about a trip to one of the school pantomimes where I got stuck in the toilet cubicle. And then to finish she told him the most recent one about our conversation that morning about wanting to marry Tom.


By the end of the evening I wanted to strangle her. She was the truthful drunk. I usually had great fun laughing at her when she was drunk, but tonight, not so much. Jay ended up having to carry upstairs to bed. The last thing we heard from her was saying `not to be too loud when we had sex`.


As soon as they were gone my head went to my hands. Oh my god I was so embarrassed!


We sat in silence for a while. Tom then removed my hands from my head making me look at him.


“If it’s any consolation my posters on my wall weren’t much better” a small smile formed on my lips.

“Who did you have on yours?”


“Jurassic Park”


I laughed. “Tom somehow I don’t think your love of Jurassic Park is embarrassing”


“I used to get picked on for at school though”


“I couldn’t possibly think why, it’s cute”


“Well I think you having pictures of Orlando Bloom on your wall is cute too. I would have preferred it to be me however.”


“What makes you think you aren’t now?” shit shit shit. Keep your mouth shut!


“Oh I am, am I, Miss Pontin?”


“Pfft you wish”


Before he could reply he already had me over his shoulder carrying me up the stairs.


“No, no Tom stop. Put me down.  I can walk. Put me down”


“Admit that I’m now on your wall and I will”


I kept my mouth shut. He didn’t let me go.


“Admit it.”


I shook my head no.


“Well then, I won’t put you down”


We were at the top of the stairs by now.


“Fine, I have your calendar in my room ok?”


He chucked his ehehe. “Darling I’m flattered”


Tom held onto me until we got into my room placing me carefully on the bed leaning over me, his weight on his hands. He leaned up to kiss me. A chaste kiss which soon turned into a full make out session.


I unbuttoned his shirt slinging it on the floor, my dress was soon discarded and I was left in just my leggings, black vest and pink bra.


Tom moaned in the back of his throat taking in the view of me. He looked at me as if I was the most beautiful girl in the world. I raised my hips so he could pull my leggings off. I was now just in my knickers. I moved to undo his belt buckle, undoing his jeans and pulling them off so he too was just left in his boxers. My mouth watered.


His hand worked his way into my hair whilst the other rested on my waist. His kisses moved from my lips, down my neck to my shoulder, where he bit and kissed it before taking the strap of my vest in his mouth and pulling it down past my body. He then moved over to the other side,kissing the hollow of my throat in the process. I moaned.


He then done the same with the other using his hands to slide it down my body, taking his time to feel ever inch of skin that he could.


“I know you’re not ready for me to make love to you but would you mind so terribly if you slept in just your bra and knickers tonight so I can feel you skin on skin?”


“I’d like nothing more.” He smiled before getting under the covers and beckoning for me to follow. I layed next to him resting my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat.


“I’m glad you’re here. The bed was empty without you last night”


“I missed having you in my arms too, darling” I snuggled closer to his embrace. It was nice being able to feel him, skin on skin. It was as though he had been made out of marble. I couldn’t help but run my foot up and down the inside of his leg.


He flinched moving his leg between mine so he was spooning me.


“Carey called me today. I’m meeting her for lunch tomorrow.”


“That sounds nice, Carey is really lovely, a great friend of mine”


“She seems really nice. I’m excited about spending some time with her. Let’s just hope I’m not as bad as I was when I met you” Tom chuckled.


“You weren’t that bad, darling. It was sweet”


“I’m glad you think so. Amy was going to take me to the station late tomorrow afternoon but she has a meeting with a client.”


“I’ll take you if you like?”


“But aren’t you busy with interviews and presides it will be so hard to say goodbye to you.”


“I have one at twelve but if you pack your stuff in the morning I can come back and collect it after I’m done then I can come and meet you after your lunch and take you to the station.”




“You’re welcome, darling and it isn’t goodbye, its just see you later.”


“I love you Thomas”


“I love you too, always will. Now, sleep my love” 

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