Moving House- A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction.

Emily and Amy have been friends forever, growing up around the corner from each other. You can imagine Emily’s dismay when recently engaged Amy moves to London to open up her own art gallery and live with her fiancée. Even more so when she finds out that her favourite actor, Tom Hiddleston is there to help them.


13. Chapter 12

Chapter 12:


A/N: Sorry for not updating for a while I’m working on four chapter fics at once. Here’s Chapter 12 of Moving House. Decided to incorporate Tom’s POV into this chapter of the story for a future reference. Hope you enjoy. Lots of love <3


Tom’s POV:


I woke up to the sound of my alarm playing `Friday I’m in Love` by The Cure. I wasn’t really a morning person but Friday I’m in Love is one of my favourite songs and one that seems to put me in a good mood no matter what time of the morning it is. I must have forgotten to turn it off from my interviews yesterday.


I hummed along to it before untangling myself from Emily and reaching across to her bedside table to grab it and turn it off. She didn’t stir. She looked so peaceful, her chest rising and falling. I tried not to wake her as I got up to use the loo.


I crept out the door running straight into Amy in the landing. In my boxers. Brilliant. I quickly covered that area as quickly as possible.


Amy jumped when she saw me. “Tom. What are you doing here? I wasn’t expecting to see you this morning and erm definitely not dressed like that” I let out an embarrassed laugh.

“Er...yeah. Morning Amy. Sorry about that... erm me and Emily were up talking late last night and she asked me to stay. She said she would deal with it if you asked but seeing as she isn’t up erm. Can we forget this ever happened?”

“Oh my god, Tom. Your face. You’re like a teenager who’s just been caught stealing. The best thing I’ve seen all morning. Ofcourse it’s ok you stayed. It’s none of my business anyway. You know you’re welcome in this house anytime, even like that.” she laughed.

“Thanks Amy. Have a nice day”

“Yeah, you too, Tom”


I walked past her to the loo before I could feel any more uncomfortable.


When I returned to Emily’s room she was still fast asleep. I walked back into the room as quietly as possible tripping over her bag at the foot of the bed in the process, spilling the contents out with it. Nice one, Tom. Someone’s clumsy this morning. I looked over at the sleeping form on the bed. She stirred but just rolled over to face her bedside. Even that didn’t wake her. She must have been in a really deep sleep.


Whilst picking up the contents of her bag I came across her portfolio of articles. I knew it was wrong of me to look at things that weren’t mine but her talking so much about her writing and her love of The Hollow Crown in particular got the best of me.


I put her bag back and got back into bed, her portfolio in hand. After getting comfortable, sitting up against the headboard, the sheets loosely over my legs I opened it up and began to flick through it.


These were really good. Reviews of different films including Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Great Expectations and What to Expect When You’re Expecting, I smiled when I read that one as I knew she had to rewatch it a second time to write that review as I was there at the time. I could tell that she was barely paying attention.


I continued to flick through it, looking at her articles on Keira Knightley and Audrey Hepburn before getting to the review I was most curious about reading. Her review of The Hollow Crown.


A picture of myself, Jeremy Irons and Ben Whishaw was at the top of the page, the DVD cover with The Hollow Crown.


I read her review slowly taking in every last word. She was such an amazing writer that I was so surprised she wasn’t published.


At school everyone moaned when they got told they had to study Shakespeare because they didn’t understand the language or found it boring, I was unfortunately one of them.


I smiled whenever my name got mentioned. I didn’t have to wait long, the third line to be exact. She admitted in that sentence that she was a fan. Bless her heart.


“However back in the summer of this year when I found out that the BBC was airing remakes of some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays featuring Tom Hiddleston, I done a little bit more than jumping for joy. Being a fan of his and finding Shakespeare easier to understand when he portrays such roles I was excited.”


I looked over at her removing a stray of hair that had gotten stuck to her face behind her ear. She rolled back into my touch then, her face pressed against my bare chest. I changed my position so my hand was around her shoulder before I continued reading.


The Hollow Crown is a series of feature length films of some of Shakespeare’s famous plays including Richard II, Henry IV Part 1 & 2 and Henry V plays of politics, family and power.


The series was aired as part of The Cultural Olympiad for London 2012 Fest and featured some of Britain’s most famous Shakespearean actors of all time including Ben Whishaw, Jeremy Irons and Tom Hiddleston  with supporting roles from Maxine Peake Julie Walters and Rory Kinnear.


I don’t know why I smiled everytime I read my name, I guess it was because I grew up with Shakespeare and to be a part of something so amazing as The Hollow Crown was just a complete honour. It will forever be the role I am most proud of, Loki coming in a very close second.


And now from 1st October it’s your chance to relieve some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays of power, corruption and greed from the comfort of your own home.


The series began with Richard II portrayed by Ben Whishaw as the self indulgent man who reigns with no care as to his peoples welfare and who gets overthrown by his cousin Bolingbroke(Rory Kinnear) who later becomes King Henry IV(Jeremy Irons).


When he becomes king however, he feels guilty over the Civil War and Richard’s death and it doesn’t help that his son Prince Hal (Tom Hiddleston) who later portrays Henry V is a constant trouble maker who couldn’t care less about becoming king and who cares more about getting drunk and having fun.


She had written this completely to the T. How did I get so lucky to have such an amazing writer as a girlfriend? Someone really needed to snap her up before it was too late. She deserved this more than anyone.


I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the next passage; you could tell she was trying to keep it professional.


Tom Hiddleston does a superb job as the cheeky care free Prince Hal doing a brilliant impression of Henry IV. There is also a scene in which Hal has a conversation with his friend Falstaff in a sauna with them both topless which is bound to make all the women swoon!


After a telling off from his father and being told he will become King when his father dies, he starts to get his act together. When he later becomes Henry V he is left to bury his fathers past whilst fighting his own battles.


Henry V is probably the most famous Shakespeare play and features the `Once Under the Breach` monologue, one of the most famous monologues to date aswell as the scene in which Henry woos Catherine. As both Prince Hal and Henry V Tom Hiddleston does a superb job making every woman wish it was them he was wooing.


Directed by Rupert Goold, Richard Eyre and Thea Sharrock, The Hollow Crown is definitely worth a watch for the superb acting of some of the most famous British Shakespearean actors of all time alone, if not for the acting for the beautiful cinematography, costume, language and getting to see Tom Hiddleston in both leather and topless.


I couldn’t help but laugh at the last sentence she was so sweet. I wonder if me shirtless lived up to her expectations.


After I read her review I couldn’t stop smiling, she thinks I could make all the women swoon. I don’t really see myself as a style icon or even sexiest male of the year but to know that people think I am, gives me a sense of enormous pride. I used to be the boy with the curly hair, with what my sister described as

and now to think all these years later I’m now considered swoon worthy is just insane and generous.


There was no way I could let her just work for a blog anymore, I need to get her out there. Show the world her talent. All of her writing, not just that review is just superb. Before I could even think about it, I did the inevitable and went back to the review of The Hollow Crown and took it out of its plastic folder, making a mental note to send it to Jane Crowther, editor of Total Film when I had a spare moment.


I continued to flick through the rest of her articles, more film reviews, reviews of a few books and her columns from her local paper. I heard the faint sound of the front door closing and then Emily stirred beside me.


Emily`s POV:


I was cuddled up to Tom’s chest when I was awoken by the sound of the front door closing. Amy or Jay must have just gone to work. I looked at the clock on my bedside, 9am before looking up at Tom. His eyes were fixated to a book of some kind. I looked down at his hands to realise it wasn’t a book atall but my portfolio.


Tom looked down at me when I shifted in the bed.


“Morning, darling”


“Hmm, Morning Tom” he looked so beautiful in the morning. I snuggled up to him closer my eyes closing again. I opened them quickly a few minutes later and shot up in the bed.


Tom looked up at me confused.


“What is it love?”


He looked down at the portfolio realising that I just spotted what he was reading.


“Why are you reading my portfolio, Tom?” I asked a smirk on my lips.


“Well… err” he stuttered. I raised my eyebrows as if in an I’m waiting manner, the smirk still playing at the end of my lips.


“I got up to use the loo and then when I went to come to bed I knocked the contents of your bag on the floor, including your portfolio and I guess curiously got the best of me.  I’m so sorry darling. These are really good; I don’t understand why you haven’t been published”


I smiled at his comment and reached to get it back from him. He moved it higher so I couldn’t reach.


“Tom, give it back”


He shook his head smiling.






“Give it back damn it, it’s mine”


He chuckled at me trying to reach it. He was a good foot taller than me, even in bed.


“Tom Hiddleston does a superb job as the cheeky care free Prince Hal doing a brilliant impression of Henry IV. There is also a scene in which Hal has a conversation with his friend Falstaff in a sauna with them both topless which is bound to make all the women swoon!” he repeated in his best woman accent.


Crap. Out of all those reviews he read that one.


“Oh, god” I groaned. “Really, you read that one?” he nodded smirking.


“I read them all. Do I make you swoon, darling?” he asked.


“That’s it, give it back”


I stood up on the bed still trying to reach it. He stood up too. Damn he was even taller.




I jumped and grabbed his wrist, kissing it in order to make him drop it. He didn’t, his grip on the folder tightened. Damn it!


I leaned in to kiss him, hoping that would distract him, he kissed me back tangling one hand around my waist whilst the other still continued to hold up the portfolio.


Our tongues danced with each other. His right hand around my waist soon began to tickle my side.


“Tom… Tom… stop”


“Aww, are you ticklish darling” he replied. I went to break away from him but his grip tightened on my waist. We were soon both on the bed in fits of giggles.


I went to grab the portfolio again. His grip had loosed on it but I still couldn’t reach it.

He kissed me again biting on my bottom lip, trailing kisses down my neck and shoulder whilst tickling me.


“Tom, ahhaa Tom, please stop”


“Do I make you swoon? Answer the question, love and then I’ll drop the portfolio”


“Yes, Tom, you make me swoon. Happy now?”


He began to torture my mouth, our tongues invading the other, fighting for dominance. We groaned in unison.


“Tom” it came out in a breathy whisper.


The portfolio in his hand suddenly dropped to the floor with a thud.  The hand that was holding it went to my hair whilst the other went to the bottom of my pink t shirt, pulling up the fabric and drawing patterns on my stomach.


We spent the morning kissing in bed before going downstairs to make breakfast.


I went downstairs to find a note from Amy on the counter:


Morning lovebirds,


Gone to work, have fun today, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


Tell Tom to atleast be a bit more decent when I come home.


Lots of Love






“Tell Tom to atleast be a bit more decent when I come home?” I read aloud. I burst out laughing. Tom is there something you’re not telling me?”


He laughed too. “Oh, yeah about that. I erm may have run into Amy in the hallway this morning in just my boxers” he looked embarrassed.


I burst out laughing again.


He came up behind me putting his hands on my waist growling in my ear.


“It’s not funny, love. The only person I want to see me in my boxers is you.” I moaned. He licked the base of ear before biting the earlobe.


I turned around in his arms giving him a hungry kiss. In that moment I wanted him. He kissed me back with as much passion as he could muster, pushing me back against the counter. My hands travelled up his shirt running my hands up and down his chest. He shivered at the contact lifting me up onto the counter top. He stepped in between my legs trailing kisses up and down my neck pulling the top of my jumper down to mark my shoulder. I groaned starting to grind against him, I needed more contact.


He met each of my thrusts as we moaned and groaned in unison. I went to lift his shirt off his head when a key turned in the lock. Jay walked in a grey suit and red tie.


“Urgh, guys, there’s a room upstairs, use it” my cheeks flushed red. Now I could understand how Tom felt this morning running into Amy.


“I forgot my laptop.”


He grabbed it off the kitchen table and made a run for it back out the door.


Before he could close it he peeked his head back through the door.


“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”


Oh god, why do they both keep saying that?


We both burst out into fits of giggles.


“Why do we keep getting interrupted?”


“Maybe because it isn’t the right time, love, maybe you’re not ready”


“I feel ready; I want you more than you’ll ever know.”


“I know, darling, I want you too but it’ll happen when it happens, we cant force it”


“Hmm, I guess”


“I`ll wait however long it takes ok? I don’t plan on going anywhere for a while.” I smiled hugging him.




“So, what’s the plan for today?” Tom asked kissing the top of my head.


“Hmm, I don’t mind as long as I’m with you.”


“I’ve got an idea. Do you fancy spending the day wondering around London. Going to the eye and Shakespeare’s globe. Have a picnic and then coming with me to a concert later?”


“Sounds perfect. Which concert?”


“Mumford and Sons.”


“Oh my god! I love Mumford and Sons! They’re amazing!”


“They are that I will most certainly agree with.”


We had a quick breakfast of tea and toast before making our way out the door. Today was going to be a lovely day, I could feel it. 

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