Moving House- A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction.

Emily and Amy have been friends forever, growing up around the corner from each other. You can imagine Emily’s dismay when recently engaged Amy moves to London to open up her own art gallery and live with her fiancée. Even more so when she finds out that her favourite actor, Tom Hiddleston is there to help them.


11. Chapter 10

I was awoken around nine by a knock on my door. Amy came in with a cup of tea and brown toast with lots of butter and marmite, just how I liked it.

“Rise and shine sleep head” Amy said coming over and sitting next to me on the bed.

“Morning” I replied sitting up in bed as she passed me my breakfast. I took a sip of tea and a bite of my toast. “Thanks, just how I like it” I smiled. “What time do you want to go shopping?” I asked her in between sips of tea.

“Whenever you’re ready. I thought Id wake you so we could go at a reasonable hour.”

“Okay then, I’ll finish this, get dressed and meet you downstairs then we can decide where you want to go” she smiled saying to take my time and that she`d see me downstairs when I was ready before closing the door behind her.

I checked my phone whilst I ate my breakfast. 1 new text and 1 new email.

The text message was from Tom:

Good morning my love. I trust you slept well? Up bright and early for a day of interviews! Would rather be with you watching you try on those gorgeous dresses. Looking forward to seeing you this evening, darling, I will pick you up at 8. Have a great day darling. T xxx

I smiled typing a quick reply:

Morning, Tom. I did Thankyou, I trust you did too? Hope today goes quickly for you as it does for me so I can be back in your arms, you guiding me round the dance floor, I may have to buy a new dress especially for the occasion. See you this evening my love. E xxx

I then checked my email. 1 new email: Paul The Peoples Movies.

Hey Emily,

Just to let you know you’re review of What to Expect when you’re expecting is up. Also look through the list attached and see if there are any more films you wish to review and I’ll send them to you. Let me know. Paul.

I read the email and looked through the list looking at the previews available. There were some good ones coming out. I typed a reply:

Hey Paul,

Thanks for putting it up. Just looked through the list and wouldn’t mind reviewing Anna Karenina, Now is Good, The Perks of being a Wallflower and Beasts of the Southern Wild.



Once Id replied back to my text and email and finished my breakfast I got up and had a quick shower getting dressed in my jeans and Armani t shirt paired with my grey cardigan jusr incase it was chilly outside and black boots before going downstairs.

Amy stood by the kitchen counter dressed in jeans, a white striped t shirt and black cardigan a mug of coffee in her hand.

“Morning” I said walking down the stairs empty cup and plate in hand.

“Morning” she replied. “You ready to go?” I looked at my watch. 10.45.

“Yeah, sure, let me just get my bag and we can go. Where do you want to go?”

“Oxford Street,Camden? Just take a look around see what we can find?”

“Yeah, sounds good. I’ll be right back.”

Amy went and rinsed our cups and plates from breakfast whilst I went upstairs to gather my things. I checked my phone seeing I had a new text message from Tom which said he couldn’t wait to see what I picked out and that he was looking forward to having me back on his arm this evening. I typed a quickly reply saying I couldn’t want to see him either before grabbing my purse, camera and iPod from my nightstand and putting them in my bag before running back downstairs.

Amy was outside waiting for me. I soon joined her and we began walking to the nearest tube station to spend the afternoon shopping.

We arrived at Oxford Street around half an hour later and spent the rest of the morning shopping. We were meant to be looking for wedding dresses but we ended up spending most of our time in Selfridges just trying on dresses like we used to do when we came to London.Oxford street was a common shopping destination for us and we always seemed to loose track of the time whilst in Selfridges dreaming and trying on clothes neither of us could afford.

I may be wearing an Armani t shirt but it doesn’t mean I can afford expensive clothing; I treated myself to it when I got my first wage packet from work, that and a new blue blazer. I treated myself every few months on a new bag or pair of shoes or a dress. This month would be spent on a new dress for tonight’s occasion, going dancing with Tom.

Whilst shopping in Selfridges I saw and fell in love with a gorgeous 1950s dress, it was baby blue with red and green flowers covering it with quite a prominate neckline to show enough cleavage but not too much and still feel secure at the same time. It had a small red belt around it to bring in my waist and spun out if I was to spin in it which seemed appropriate as I was going dancing. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. I felt like a princess. I’d always been inclined to wear dresses that spun when I danced and now was no exception. I bought a new pair of red flats and a red cardigan to go with it, thinking I could use the 50s style brown bag I used when Tom first took me out to dinner last month.

It was hard to believe that I’d only known him a month and I was already going out with him. Some people may say it seemed rushed but it just felt right.

Once we’d spent more than a few hours in Selfridges and id bought the dress we went and had some lunch at Garfunkel’s, our favourite restaurant we came to when we were in London. I ordered my usual hamburger and chips whilst Amy ordered the chicken sandwich sharing some of my chips.

We discussed more of the wedding over lunch. Amy said she wanted to get married in London as it was a new start and seeing as she didn’t have any family around anymore it seemed appropriate.

Her mum had died of breast cancer when she was a teenager and her dad had fled the country when he found out her mum was ill. She hadn’t spoken to him since and I didn’t blame her. She figured it would be nicer to get married in London because that was where her new life was and she had nothing in Dover that she cared enough about to get married there, there was only me and I would be in London with her anyway.

Even though it was tradition for the bride to get married where she grew up I could understand her decision. It would be better for her to get married where she felt happy plus she got along well with Jay’s parents and younger sister and older brother who would be giving her away as Amy had no siblings of her own.

Her mother’s death was hard on her. It was hard on me too, her mum was like my second mum as I spent so much time there as a child. We both missed her and spent quite a lot of time talking about her over lunch.

Amy also decided that she wanted a red colour scheme so she could have roses as her flowers that would contrast her cream white dress. We would wear red dresses to match the red ties and grey Armani suits Jay and Tom would wear.

She asked me to explain fully about my day spent with Tom yesterday and to not leave out any details. I told her everything including about him asking me to be his girlfriend at which she freaked, in a good way. She seemed really happy for me and said that I deserved to be happy, especially after what happened with Jack, my ex. She all of a sudden went quite and looked down at her empty plate when she mentioned him. Was there something she wasn’t telling me?

“Amy, what is it?” I asked her concerned. She stayed silent. “Amy” I said again.

“I’m inviting him to the wedding” she blurted out.

“What? Who?”

“Jack” she said an apologetic look on her face. This cant be happening. This cant be happening. No no no no!

“What? You’re inviting Jack? My ex Jack? Jack Mills?” she nodded. “Why?”

“I don’t want to invite him. Jay does, they were friends at Eton remember? I’ve tried to talk to him but he doesn’t understand. He probably wont even come and if he does you don’t have to talk to him.” I gave her daggers. I wasn’t happy in the slightest. “I`m sorry” she said

“Yeah, its okay. I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and hope he doesn’t show, even though he likely will.” Urgh why is this happening. I hadn’t seen him for atleast ten years.

Myself and Jack had met during secondary school. We had drama together; he wanted to be an actor. He did the first two years of secondary school before pulling out to go to Eton.

We began dating just before he left and continued to whilst he was at Eton and later whilst he was at the Guildhall School of Music. He was my first love. I was smitten from the moment I first saw him in drama when he began reciting Shakespeare. He had short blonde hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes you could imagine. He looked a lot like a young Gary Barlow when he first joined Take That.

Jack was one of the popular boys at school always hanging around with the pretty girls or the bars of chocolate as me and Amy liked to call them. He acted all cool around the other girls and barely took two looks at me, but in drama he was a completely different person. We spoke often and we were friends, we used to laugh a lot and have great fun, especially when we watched all the boys gawking at our teacher, Miss Wood. She was so pretty, fairly young with long blonde hair and was one of the loveliest teachers I had had. I later became close to her when I was in my final years of secondary as she was my dance teacher.

With every drama class myself and Jack got closer and closer and sometimes saw each other after school, going to the cinema or just hanging out getting to know each other.

He asked me out at the end of year eight after our performance of West Side Story. At the beginning of year 9 however he told me had gotten accepted at Eton and that he would be leaving. I was heartbroken. He promised we wouldn’t stop seeing or going out with each other-which we didn’t, I just saw him less which was really hard.

We continued dating and I saw him at the weekends. We continued like this for the next few years and he finished Eton the same time I left secondary school. He took me out for a meal for my sixteenth birthday and that night I gave myself to him completely. He was my first. My first kiss, my first love, first everything and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I began college the same time Jack began the Guildhall School of Music. We continued our relationship but began to see less and less of each other as the months went on. One of us always seemed to be busy, Jack with auditions and myself with coursework. Our relationship had changed and we both knew it, it was just neither of us wanted to admit it. We had each become a security blanket for the other.

In Jack’s last year at the Guildhall he got the role that started his career, the role that got his name out there and from there he didn’t look back. I was left behind, we just didn’t speak anymore. I was absolutely heartbroken, I felt as though my heart had been shattered into a million little pieces. I cried for days but I guess that was to have been expected. I was eighteen at the time.

I hadn’t dated or had a relationship since, well not since now, not since I met Tom. I just didn’t find anyone I liked. I instead concentrated on my career and even now, more than ten years later I still wasn’t where I wanted to be. Yes, I was writing for an online film blog but it wasn’t what I really wanted to do, I didn’t get paid to do it, I just done it because I enjoyed it. I was hoping that my hobby would someday turn itself into a career so I could move away from Dover and here, to London, with Amy and hopefully Tom too if we kept dating.

I was pulled out of my daydream by the waitress asking if we were finished, Amy asking if I was ok and what id been thinking about.

“Tom” I lied. It wasn’t entirely a lie I mean I had been thinking about him in some respect just not as much as I should have. Tom wouldn’t leave me the same way Jack had done all those years ago, would he? Ofcourse he wouldn’t, he cares about you. Yeah but I thought Jack cared about me too and look how that turned out.

Once we had paid the bill we continued the shopping spree looking for the perfect wedding dress for Amy. At the back of my mind I couldn’t help but wonder if I should tell Tom or not. I didn’t want to lie to him but I didn’t want to upset him either.

Amy tried on countless dresses throughout the rest of the afternoon but she insisted that none of them were right or `her`. We did however find the perfect shade of dark red material for the bridesmaid’s dresses and the lady at the shop told Amy to bring all of us back to the shop in a few days time to get out measurements and fitted.

Although we didn’t find her wedding dress Amy was still happy knowing that she had made a start and found the material she wanted.

It was just after 7 by the time we arrived back at the flat. I had a quick shower before getting dressed into my new blue floral dress. It was really beautiful and I couldn’t wait for Tom to see me in it. I left my hair down and put on a bit more make up than usual, foundation, blusher, lipstick and mascara. I wanted to make an effort because I felt pretty.

I came down the stairs just before 8 and done a twirl around the kitchen. Amy was at the counter making a cup of tea and toast. She smiled when she saw me. “You look lovely, Em, that colour looks really great on you”

“Thanks!” I smiled. “Thanks for a helping me pick it out, I feel like a princess” Before she could reply there was a knock at the door. I couldn’t help the butterflies that formed in my stomach. “And there’s your prince charming” Amy replied laughing. “Go on, go answer the door, don’t want to keep him waiting just incase you go back to wearing your sweats at midnight” she joked. I laughed walking through the kitchen to answer the door.

I opened the door to find Tom dressed in a white shirt, three buttons undone, black trousers and black blazer. He looked absolutely gorgeous. “Hello darling, you look absolutely beautiful, as always. Very nice choice” he smiled presenting me with a single red rose before offering me his arm and leading me outside. Amy calling `Have fun` was the last thing I heard before closing the door behind us. Tom pulled me into him giving me a long passionate kiss.

“Hello” he smiled.

“Hello yourself” I smiled back giving him one last kiss before taking his hand and walking hand in hand to The Ivy club, where the night before we had met Amy and Jay for dinner.

Conversation flowed walking to the club. Tom asked me how I was. I lied saying I was fine. I couldn’t tell him what Amy had told me this afternoon about Jack going to the wedding. I put on a smile pushing it to the back of my mind wanting to enjoy the evening.

Tom told me all about the interviews he had done that day saying he got bored after a few hours having to answer the same questions over and over. He also told me he thought of me on more than one occasion that day and about our day at the museum yesterday. I smiled thinking how perfect yesterday was.

We arrived at the club a short while later and spent the evening in each others arms,Tom guiding me around the dance floor like the perfect gentleman. After long I found I had forgotten all about this afternoon’s lunch and was completely enjoying myself with Tom.

We spent most of the evening on the dance floor dancing the jive and waltz to some of my favourite songs including `Rock Around the Clock` by Bill Haley and `The Boy Does Nothing` by Aleesha Dixon.

Tom was impressed about how well I could jive. I told him Amy used to go every Tuesday to the local Railway Club down in Dover and I used to go with her. He smiled. We also danced the waltz to `You Belong to Me` by Jo Stafford. Tom smiled as soon as it came on and lead me onto the dance floor holding me tightly around the waist, nuzzling my hair, slowly swaying and singing along to the song. In that moment I was happy and didn’t have a care in the world. I couldn’t help but wonder back to the scene in The Deep Blue Sea that followed after this one, the scene where Freddie and Hester make love. I wondered what it would be like to make love to Tom. Slow and sensual, just like the song. Tom started kissing my neck. I sighed in contentment.

Listening to the words however, I couldn’t help but think how relevant they were, he belongs to me yet im leaving to go back to Dover soon. What would happen then? Suddenly all these flashbacks of Jack came back in my mind, the arguments we had before we ended it for good. It didn’t help that Take That’s A Million Love Songs started to play right at the moment. I excused myself to the ladies before I let the tears fall. Why was I thinking about this? Why did Amy have to tell me? Tom needed to know. I wiped my eyes and splashed my face with water before heading back out to the dance floor.

Tom was sat back down at our table sipping on his Guinness. I walked over to were he was sitting and saw a glass of water placed on the table. A look of concern was etched on his perfect face as I took my seat opposite him.

“Here, darling, drink this” he told me placing it infront of me. I looked up at him and smiled a small smile before taking a sip. He grabbed my hand across the table. “Are you ok, love? You had me worried”

“I’m sorry Tom. Yes, I’m fine. Take me back to Amy’s, please?” he nodded standing up and placing his blazer back over his shoulders before coming round to my side of the table and holding out my cardigan for me. I slipped my arms through and grabbed his outstretched hand as he led me out of the Ivy and back to Amy’s flat.

It was a bit chilly outside, the moon shining brightly in the dim lit sky. We walked back to the flat in silence. In my head I was trying to find the right words to tell him about my past but nothing seemed right.

We arrived back at the flat around ten minutes later. A silence broke over us. It wasn’t a content silence, far from it, it was an awkward silence. It was weird to think yesterday that everything was so perfect then you find out one thing you don’t want to hear and that puts a dampers on everything else. I was bought out of my daydream by Tom who broke the silence.

“Darling, are you sure you’re okay? You haven’t been yourself all evening, especially when you went to the loo. If I’ve done something wrong or if something’s bothering you, I need you to tell me, or know that you can tell me anything.” Here it is, now or never, you need to be able to tell him everything, have no secrets before this goes any further. I looked down at my feet.

“I received some news today” I blurted out.

“What type of news? Good or bad?”

“Bad, well for me anyway, not so much for Jay I guess”. Why even bring Jay into the conversation? Silly girl.

Tom looked confused. “How come it involves Jay? Darling, you’re worrying me here. Just tell me, please”

“Because…because he took the liberty of inviting..him”

“Love, you’ve lost me. Invited who?”

“My ex boyfriend, Jack.” I looked at my feet again. I felt better for getting it out there and telling him but now I had to face his reaction. Tom`s hand came under my chin making me look him in the eyes. I didn’t see his normal blue shiny eyes of happiness and love, instead I saw jealousy, hatred, anger. We stood in silence for a while. Tom broke it. “Jack as in Jack Mills?” I nodded. At the mention of his name Tom`s hands turned into fists at his sides. I was shocked about how he knew him. But before I could even ask the question I knew the answer.

“How do you know him, Tom?” Tom went to Eton with Jay and that was where Jack went.

“We met at Eton” Tom sighed. “We never really saw eye to eye but even more so when he got the lead part in the school play that I really wanted and we just pretty much hated each other. Now I know he went out with you and that he was with you and possibly like that. He was wasn’t he? He was your first?” I nodded the tears starting to cascade down my face. Why couldn’t I have met Tom before? Why couldn’t I have given myself to him rather than Jack? I didn’t regret it at the time but now, how I wish things would have been different.

“It makes me so upset and angry to know that he got both the part I so wanted and he had you, the most beautiful girl in the world before I even knew you.” He took a deep breath to calm down before turning to walk. “Im sorry, darling, but hearing that after a lovely evening, I need some air, some time to think, I’ll call you tomorrow.” He kissed my forehead and turned to walk away back down the street. Great one, Emily. You really should have just kept that yourself because now you’ve lost him. But I couldn’t not tell him, he had the right to know.

Before I could even process what I was doing I called after Tom. He turned around and started walking back to me. I met him half way. I placed my hands on the side of his face stroking his stubbled jaw with my thumb. “I’m so sorry, Tom. I wish I hadn’t told you but I felt like you had to know, Tom. It’s all in the past, Jack is my past. You, Tom I want you in my future. I need you in my future. You are my future, atleast I want you to be. Please come inside, have a cup of tea so we can talk about it. I’d rather we get our pasts out in the open now before this progresses and have no more secrets, wouldn’t you? He nodded placing a kiss on my forehead. I walked back to Amy’s flat, Tom following behind

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